Saturday, October 30, 2004

It changes nothing...

... or so the NYT says. Which to me, means it probably changed or convinced a number of people. Should we dissect this article? Lets at least start out with some humor:
Even the undecided said the tape would not influence their decision.
Uh huh. So when they talk about the undecideds the actually mean the unconscious. I'm starting to understand this cryptic language of the spin doctors.
The snapshot of opinion is hardly scientific and could reflect what some people thought was the proper answer.
Why would they say that?
Some people, interviewed in bars and parks and downtown city
Oh, because its methodology closely resembles that of this report. I guess that's why they felt compelled to bring the unconscious into it, again:
Of the few undecided voters found by reporters roving through five cities, none said the tape had tipped the balance.
Really? What about this "undecided" in the next sentence?
Veronica Gonzalez of St. Paul said that the tape certainly scared her, but that she did not know whether Mr. bin Laden's words might influence her vote.

"He's a bad person," she said. "It's very scary. I might vote for Bush, but I haven't decided."
Sounds to me Kerry's not even in the picture for her and that this undecided is more torn between voting for Bush or staying home.
Mr. Lisenbee said he thought Mr. bin Laden would not affect the election at all, "unless if they catch him in the next few days - then I'd probably vote for Bush."
Uh oh, look for THK to be using this guys quote in Michael Moore's next flick.
Cheryl Hecksler, a teacher and Kerry supporter in Las Vegas, said she had received a call from her mother in San Marcos, Calif., saying "something about bin Laden."

While she wanted Mr. bin Laden apprehended, she said she worried about what effect that might have had on Tuesday. "I was panicked," she said. "My first reaction was that Bush would win overwhelmingly.
Panicked about OBL being caught? That's because they're not really interested in capturing or killing OBL. They're happy he's out and about so they can say, "See, Bush is bad. OBL hasn't been caught." Yet, if OBL would have been caught they would panic because W. wins in a landslide. That comment right there is just about the most telling of Democrat voters and backers - they are more interested in regaining power than winning the WoT. The NYT knows it so they had to insert "While she wanted Mr. bin Laden apprehended" instead of quoting her saying it.
"This raises people's fears, and Bush preys upon their insecurities," said Ms. Twaddell.
Uh yeah, unlike John Kerry and the imaginary draft and Bush's "January surprise" to take Social Security away from all the old people.
"For people who are on the margin, it helps Bush, because it resurrects the fear that something might happen - and I think that was the obvious intention," said Jeff Sanders, a petroleum engineer in Denver who supports Mr. Kerry. "What bin Laden is afraid of is Kerry's ability to create an international coalition that would really deal with terrorism."
Come on, NYT, you made this quote up. There are definitely people who might actually be HOPING others believe it, but there is nobody stupid enough to actually say it... well, they were interviewing in bars, so it might just be Oktoberfest talking. Bin Laden is afraid of Kerry's ability to create a coalition - that's a good one!
Scott Nelson, a real estate broker from Salt Lake City, said Mr. bin Laden was "just trying to influence the election against Bush."
Now we're getting somewhere, AT THE VERY END OF THE ARTICLE. Sure, it seems like the simplest most plausible explanation, but many Kerry supporters will try to get you to believe OBL was playing Jedi mind tricks on you to vote FOR Bush. Of course, that's if you forget he's an egomaniac with visions of ruling the World. Obi-Wan Kenobi said it best to Jim Geraghty:
"The arrogance of evil," Obi-Wan said, sounding a bit like his movie namesake. "He really thinks the American people will listen to him. Every dictator is like this, and Saddam used to do this all the time when he did interviews with Western media. He's arrogant enough to think that if he speaks to the American people, we will actually come around to his view."

Hey, the butchers of Hanoi were able to convince Kerry.

Don't give me that load of CRAP!

Hey, those aren't my words - they're some old ladies words. Rick Brady's been working the GOtV. Check it out:
"Sweet heart. I'd rather die than vote for that man!" The Kerry supporter said, "But Bush will take away your Social Security!" The old lady said curtly, "Don't give me that load of CRAP! I've been on Social Security for over 20 years and every 4 years the Democrats run around trying to scare seniors. You're the one who ought to worry about Social Security!"
She's right, you know. She's not the one who needs to worry about SS - it's us young'uns, that is for sure. I don't know how many understand it or are concerned about it, but maybe it's more than I might think. With polls showing the 18-29 crowd favoring Bush 60-40 most of the time perhaps his SS plan resonates with us, or maybe we just understand it's our turn to kick the crap out of the "arrogance of evil".

Surprise - it's October!

Amendment 14, Section 3 states: "No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-president, having previously taken an oath to support the Constitution of the United States, [who has] engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof."

Bummer for Kerry. Not that this is going to change who's running for the Dems or that the MSM will even cover it (they'll claim they just got the documents and cannot authenticate them fast enough - ironic, isn't it?).

(Via LGF)

UPDATE: Blogs for Bush found more.

Bloody American University in Cairo

This terrorist tape being broadcast by the Jihad propaganda machine known as The Daily Recycler, has made the email rounds before, but I think it is still highly relevant, so I have posted a link to it here. Not only do our British allies continue to fight hard, they report hard, too!

(side note: If only SNL was this funny)

Friday, October 29, 2004

John Kerry has... A PLAN!!!

Via Tim Blair...

I have a plan (right click and "save target as")

If this elections was about plans, John Kerry would have this thing wrapped up. Instead, this election is about killing terrorists and ninjas dead.
He may have done lots of spending, but I don't know how that affects me so I don't care.

Admit it people, you're thinking the same way.

John 11:33-36

33 Therefore, when Jesus saw her weeping, and the Jews who came with her weeping, He groaned in the spirit and was troubled. 34 And He said, "Where have you laid him?" They said to Him, "Lord, come and see." 35 Jesus wept.

Battle of the fingers...

F*** off, Osama!

What the heck?

OBL campaigns against George W. Bush?

UPDATE: Rusty's got more...

Close the hatches

If this is true then everyone needs to keep their eyes open these next few days for ANYTHING suspiscious.

Why didn't I say something?

I was going to make the suggestion yesterday regarding Explosivesgate that could it possible WE removed the explosives, but figuring this would have been an angle everyone had already persued it must not have panned out. Well, guess I should have been making that suggestion yesterday because Drudge has the African-American voter intimidation device up and this is what he's written:
FLASH 10.29.04 11:36:56 ET /// Soldier to brief reporters at Pentagon within the hour that he was tasked with removing explosives from al QaQaa and he and his unit removed 200+ tons... Officer was ordered to join the 101st airborne on April 13 -- to destroy conventional explosives at the al QaQaa complex... Developing...
I'll I have to say is, DUH!!!

"The Kerry Campaign is The Anti-Plan"

So says the Demosophist. What can you say? When a man's right he's right:
Kerry now claims that the essential failing isn't that the US lost the explosives after it had secured the country (because it now appears that they were in Syria by that time), but that the weapons facility was left unguarded at any time. So, reduced to its particulars, the Kerry argument is now that we ought to have used troops already thinned by Turkey's refusal to pass the 4th ID, to guard an empty chicken coop.
I would chalk this up to panicking, big time.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

"You're just kind of caught saying, 'What's next?' "

I've got a novel idea - GET A FRICKIN' LIFE!!!
"They're going to be heartbroken at not being heartbroken," said Mr. Epstein, a novelist who is chairman of the creative writing department at Boston University. "It's not just a joke. That's what's made us unique. We were the Boston Red Sox that never could win."
Okay, I've got another novel idea. How about the Red Sox totally forfeit those four games and give the championship to the St. Louis Cardinals - maybe their fans would appreciate it. No wonder a**holes like Kerry and Kennedy keep getting elected in Massachusetts.
"There's a crack in Calvinism now," Mr. Epstein said. "Now, we're going to have to find something else. Maybe Bostonians will be secretly wishing for a Kerry loss so they can wail about that."
You got it, another NOVEL idea: Hey all you Bostonians, cast all your ballots for Bush, then you "can wail about that." That'll really show 'em!
"Suddenly all things seem possible," said Samantha Power, a Pulitzer Prize-winning expert on genocide at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. "For ordinary people who sort of thought, 'Maybe I'll never get that promotion,' maybe they think now anything can happen," Ms. Power said.
One word: delusional. Can these quotes be real? I mean, this woman (an expert on genocide????) actually thinks "ordinary people" will be going around thinking more highly of themselves because the Red Sox won the World Series? D-E-L-U-S-I-O-N-A-L. But wait, it gets better:
But she also recognizes that she and many others will never feel quite the same about the Red Sox and about baseball.

For example, this summer, when Ms. Power traveled to Sudan to learn about the killing in Darfur, she listened to most Red Sox games on the Major League Baseball Web site in the middle of the Sudanese night.
Can you envision this in your mind? There she is, somewhere in the middle of an ongoing genocide and she's listening to the games over the internet? What, was there a lull in the genocide?
"Maybe it will just become about a baseball rivalry instead of a humiliated city," she said. "It could make baseball less about the meaning of life and more about just baseball."
Yeah, like I suggested above, get a life.

I really hate being called an idiot indirectly

Take what you want from this article: Household Survey Sees 100,000 Iraqi Deaths
I'd be shocked not to hear about it on the MSM for the next 4 days and most certainly from John Kerry. I have no doubt they are skewed numbers since the language of the article assumes a defensive posture. But that is not what really chaps my hide about the article - these exerpts are:

The report was released just days before the U.S. presidential election,and the lead researcher said he wanted it that way...Les Roberts, the lead researcher from Johns Hopkins, said the article's timing was up to him. "I emailed it in on Sept. 30 under the condition that it came out before the election," Roberts told The Associated Press. "My motivein doing that was not to skew the election. My motive was that if this came out during the campaign, both candidates would be forced to pledge to protect civilian lives in Iraq. "I was opposed to the war and I still think that the
war was a bad idea, but I think that our science has transcended our
perspectives," Roberts said. "As an American, I am really, really sorry to be reporting this."
You see, it's another wack job who thinks you and I are idiots and will bye into his double talk, and bad double talk at that. He says the timing of the release of this "report" was all up to him and that he wanted to make sure it was out BEFORE the election, but he didn't do it to effect the election, even though he was and still is opposed to the war in Iraq... blah, blah, blah. Oh, not to mention he refers to the America as "occupiers" even though Iraqis are running the show and making the decisions, now:

This appears to be a problem with the approach to occupation in Iraq," Roberts said.
Sorry Mr. Roberts but I understand completely what you're saying - I'm an idiot. Why don't you just come out and admit it? Your timing HAD a purpose. Everyone can discern the accuracy of the numbers for themselves, but don't call us all idiots, please. I'll let that other idiot, President Bush speak for me, jerk off.

UPDATE: Dr. Shackleford has more about this unbiased report.

Cast your vote by... brain scan?

What the fudge? Just when you thought focus groups could not be abused more these university idiots want to use technology to go farther:
Already, the scientists are predicting that brain scanning - known as functional magnetic resonance imaging, or fMRI - will be a campaign staple four years from now, despite ethical concerns about "neuromarketing."
Ethical standards?! How about just starting with decency standards?
Nonetheless, some differences appeared between the brain activity of Democrats and Republicans. Take empathy: One Democrat's brain lit up at an image of Kerry "with a profound sense of connection, like a beautiful sunset," Freedman said. Brain activity in a Republican shown an image of Bush was "more interpersonal, such as if you smiled at someone and they smiled back."
What does this tell mean? The Democrat lives in a "fantasy" world (like a beautiful sunset. Can you see it, the big smile and day dream the Dem was having) while the Republican had a little more depth and sincerity to his preference.
"People make tons of decisions and often they don't [know] why," Iacoboni said. "A lot of decision-making is unconscious, and brain imaging will be used in the near future to perceive and decide about politicians."
Used to decide about politicians? So, let me get this straight. You walk into your polling precinct, sit down, get hooked up to the MRI. They show you photos regarding campaign issues and the candidates, then the computer runs and algorithm and casts a vote for you? Is that what they mean when they say "decide about politicians"? I don't know, but this article is CREEPY nonetheless.

UPDATE: Welcome InstaReaders... go visit this new blog - Eros Colored Glasses. There is some wonderful writing and analysis going on there.

Eclipse blogging

Greyhawk took some photos of the moon's eclipse from Baghdad, but made it very clear the attention is ALL focused towards Fallujah:
But for now its Fallujah that draws the flies home. And from all over the country they are moving, crawling to Fallujah, joining together for an orgy of death, a result as certain as the dawn of a new day in a newly freed nation - the inevitable end of the night.
Yeah, an orgy of death. Isn't that what islamofacists live for?
...remember this: immediately after Al Qaeda castrated Spain with a few well-placed bombs the organization released a tape claiming the victory. That tape included this phrase: "You love life and we love death."

"You Love life, we love death"
The Marines will bring the love to Fallujah.

Show me the luuuuuvvv, Marines!

John Kerry: Reckless with Faith

Alright fine...

... so Jim has found something for me to do on Tuesday. If you all want to commision an aircraft I'll be willing to go stump for Bush in Hawaii on Election Day, if I have to.

EiP ripped off?

No, these guys did it much better than I did, but heh, at least I was on the ball.

Tuesday November 2, 2004

I have this date scheduled off. There is no telling what I might be doing on that day - whether I'll even pay attention to what is going on. Right now, I just feel like going home and sleeping for a few days. This stuff is hard core.

What to do on Tuesday? Vote? Nope - already voted. Blog? Ugh. Watch 24-hour cable coverage? Is there a word that's Ugh times one-million? Just surf other blogs? Maybe. Stay away from coverage completely until say 9:oopm Pacific time? How many steps does it take to get to that point? I haven't even admited I have a problem, yet. This post does not count. Maybe the PS2 and I will get to know each other a little better than we do now.

Kerry no longer a Mets fan

He was there last night, just so you know. Oh, and the Cardinals losing is all George Bush's fault.

Non-Explosivesgate News

Yeah, I know, you are all interesting in the Explosivesgate story right now. Well, go over to Wizbang then and help out.

In the meantime, Michelle has an excellent post demonstrating the utter mediocrity and/or agenda laiden nonsense spewed by professors at institutions of higher learning:
The piece they link to, authored by Georgetown Law professor David Cole for The Nation, begins with the following passage:
With the latest Detroit convictions overturned, Ashcroft has not convicted a single person of terrorism since 9/11.
Except even Michelle's' readers know better:
Johnny Walker Lindh was of course convicted by plea on charges of supporting the Taliban and carrying and explosive in the commission of a felony.
And another one adds this bit of wisdom:
Yeah, but how many terrorists has Bush killed since 9/11? That is the number that I care about.
That's the number I'm more concerned about, too.

More Admissions from EiP

So, the other day I made a couple of admissions: I hate commies and really dislike public schools and teachers unions.

Today, I'm making a little different admission. For the most part, I am lactose intollerant (yeah, I'm a lactosists. What?!), so instead of dairy products I do a lot of substituting with soy based products (which I seem to do much better on). So, during this time of year when certain products that I absolutely love begin to trickle out to the stores it can be kind of depressing. I love egg nog... a lot! And for some reason, I always forget about this eventually being distributed in the stores:

Yeah, I really do not appreciate lefty pinkos, but I do love Silk Nog!!!! It's a lot better than you might think.

That thing Drudge does

Matt has the African-American voter intimidation device up on his site right now, indicating the tape has been authenticated by the CIA and FBI.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Is it time for the 1 finger victory salute?

I think Bush can bring out the 1 finger victory salute just about now.

UDPATE: HOLY, HOLY, HOLY CRAP!!! I think that might be what the Kerry campaign might be thinking just about now.

UPDATE: Drudge has killed the WaTimes link... here is the FT link.
The Russian embassy in Washington rejected the claims as “nonsense”, saying there were no Russian military in the country at the time.
Except for the ones that WERE there.

UPDATE: Here is the video of Paul Bremmer w/Brit Hume, tonight (link fixed... my bad! BE SURE TO CHANGE THE OPTIONS TO REAL PLAYER - the Windows Media option does not seem to be working)

UPDATE: In related news, two thugs did a trial run of the "miss and run" style attack on a conservative before the NYT and CBS did.

UPDATE: And K-Lo from the Corner found the link I was REALLY looking for to include in the second update here, so let me replay that: Take two!
The Russian embassy in Washington rejected the claims as “nonsense”, saying there were no Russian military in the country at the time.
Except for the ones who WERE there.

UPDATE: I'm going to bed. Stay up to date with American Warmonger, Wizbang, Cutie Pie and LGF.

You pick!

Here is a local story of sorts regarding a native tribe's desire to resume whale hunts. Quite frankly, I don't care whether they do or don't. Seems reasonable to me they are allowed at least 1 whale a year. Seriously, what harm could that do?

But that is not what I find most fascinating about this story. What is interesting is how the Makah tribe and the Russian Chukotka tribe are intermingling and using each other for support. Why? Well, because they are very different people. You see the reference to the Chukotka dancing as a Yup'ik dance. Yup'ik is Eskimo - I know this because my girlfriend is half Yup'ik from SW Alaska. The cultures are very different. Certainly, the tribes here in the Pacific NW are much different than the tribes of the plains and even of those on the other side of this state, but the Makah are not Eskimo are not anywhere close to Eskimo or Yup'ik regions. I suppose it is the whale hunt that brings them together, but still interesting nonetheless. Obviously, there are ancestral similarities, but they are not limited to those 2 regions at all. I was watching the film "Genghis Blues" with my girlfriend, which took place in Tana Tuva right next to Mongolia, and she made the remark that the men in film all look like her uncles.

It is also interesting to see the Russian Yup'iks as they are the exact same people of the SW Alaska Yup'ik. Obviously, this is not nor should it be a surprise since we did purchase Alaska for dirt cheap from Russia. An interesting fact is that many of the older generation of Yup'iks in Alaska still speak Yup'ik as their first language and very loose English as their second. I'm sure there might even be a number of them who speak Russian, still, but don't quote me on that. As well, the overriding church presence is the Russian Orthodox, followed closely be the Moravians.

A funny story regarding the introduction of the English language by missionaries has to do with the time when they were creating official documents, etc. for the Yup'ik. Because there was a language barrier many misunderstandings took place and the official documents did not reflect their REAL last names, yet some of them stuck with them.

For instance, my girlfriend's last name was supposed to be Ayojak (eye-oh-jack), but when her grandfather was asked what his name was he misunderstood the question and thought they were asking who he was with so used the Yup'ik term for "one of the people" and that became their last name.

And now that many of them speak English, there is a running joke about where the term "Yup'ik" (which is just the Yup'ik term for Eskimo and literally translated to "real person"): When they were discussing what their peoples' name should be everyone looked at each other and said, "I don't know. You pick."

On a side note, all but one of the Yup'iks I have met have been extremely pleasant and very relaxed - even the one who was here while his mother was dying in the hospital. There is definitely a different pace, that is for sure. Even talking seems to take forever and a day, sometimes. They are never in a hurry since there is never anywhere they have to be, and even if there is anyplace they need to be it's 2 blocks away, sort of. It seems like 2 blocks to us gussaks (cracker boys... my girlfriend says it's not sensitive to say "cracker boy" and should write "non-Eskimo". What the heck kind of lefty classes has she been taking? Okay, fine, I'll use "whitey").

Compare the 2 videos

... and tell me what the real contrast is? There are quite a number (like the fact Bush spends less than a second on his hair and Edwards spends eternity on his), but what is the real underlying message?

Bush's one finger salute VS. Edward's 2 minute primping

That's right, Team America: World Police could tell you exactly what the differnce is.

Bush is a d**k, but Edwards is a p***y. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I'd rather be a d**k instead of a p***y, any day.


Remains from the Battle for Middle Earth found

Well, maybe its not folklore after all. Who holds the Ring? Is it the Haliburton cronies? Was it Saddam Hussein prior to being captured in his hole? Maybe now this guy has it - could that explain why his face is blurred out? Or, was it CBS?

New form of Political Expression: Running people over with your car

You think I'm joking? Check out what this guy tried to do to Cathrine Harris and her supporters.

And here is what the freaked out driver had to say about it his actions:
"I intimidated them with my car," Seltzer told police. "I was exercising my
political expression."

Wow - running people over with your car is now considered "political expression". Someone better call Clara Harris's lawyer pronto! She was just excercising her "marital disastisfaction expression."

As Michelle notes, it's what you call UNHINGED. BDS seems to be worse than Mad Cow Disease.

I guess we know now who they would vote for

The Viet Cong would have voted for him and now we know the peaceful islamofacists would, too.
"If the U.S. Army suffered numerous humiliating losses, [Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John] Kerry would emerge as the superman of the American people," said Mohammad Amin Bashar, a leader of the Muslim Scholars Association, a hard-line clerical group that vocally supports the resistance.
Superman? Does Mohammad Amin read EiP?
"American elections and Iraq are linked tightly together," he told a Fallujah-based Iraqi reporter. "We've got to work to change the election, and we've done so. With our strikes, we've dragged Bush into the mud."

Like Rusty said, Abu Jalal seems to understand what is going on in this election. But it does not seem he understands our soldiers and their families:
"They say there are 1,100 dead soldiers. That means 1,100 families hold grudges against Bush and hate him. There are 6,000 families whose sons were injured who hate Bush and will not re-elect him."
Yeah, you see Abu, that's not quite how it works around here. Most of those families are proud of the sacrifice their loved ones have given, and so are we. You just don't get it and that is why you will lose this war. It's NOT Vietnam, Abu, and we're NOT the Vietnam generation.
Mr. Bashar, a professor at Baghdad's Islamic University, said he and many of those who oppose the U.S. presence in Iraq were rooting for Mr. Kerry. "I think if Kerry wins, he's going to try to get world support and United Nations involvement," he said during an interview at Baghdad's Um al-Qura mosque. "You'll see a different situation in Iraq if the United Nations is involved."
You got that right, Professor Bashar. There would definitely be a different situation - much worse.


I'm not quite sure what to make of this, but I am somewhat dumbfounded. According to the TTLB Ecosystem, EiP has broken the to 500 list, ranking at #337. How did this happen? What does it mean?

It means I'm going to have to clean up my sloppy act and put some worthwhile goodies on this site, now.

Thank you to everyone who has come by and who is linking to this site.


Did you sign the FIELD TRIP release form?

You have got to be kidding me?

Yesterday I made this admission: I HATE COMMIES!!!

Today, I'm making another admission: I HATE PUBLIC SCHOOLS AND TEACHERS UNIONS!!!

I guess those admissions are kind of redundant, eh? According to this remark from Jim, it is:
Oh, and is anyone shocked that this effort to exploit children's labor for political power is run by a guy named Marx?
Not at all, Jim. Not at all.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Do you kiss with your eyes closed?

"Come on, Bill, just once. I owe you big time!"
Gawd, they make it too easy.

UPDATE: Ron from Why Are We Back made a funny remark in the comments of this post, which I'm assuming was also an attempt to shout "hypocrisy". I can understand where he is coming from and he has a point. Except, this site is in no way, shape, or form associated with the official Bush/Cheney campaign. It would certainly be "cheap and tawdry" for anyone working for the official BC'04 Campaign to use this photo in anyway and I would be disappointed if they had. However, this is just one man's blog and this photo was just TOO good to pass up, for its commical value. There was not a single thing done to this photo by this blog's author. It was not intended to insinuate any sort of preferences by either of these two... men? Well, except that John Kerry is French.

But just to make things fair & balanced let me make this statement: Dick Cheney's daughter, Mary, is a lesbian.

By the way, Ron, thanks for stopping by, again. I've tried to visit your site this morning, but Blogspot seems to be having fits... again.



How difficult could apologizing be? Apparently, hard enough.

There, there Mr. El Baradei...

... everythings gonna be alright.


Thought you might have heard the last about this? Sorry, not yet. You see, it leaves "unanswered questions". That's a phrase to put doubt in your mind. Don't worry the story is full of a non-story. Guess Operation "October Surprise" Plan A didn't work out too well, did it?

More on the 50 murdered Iraqi soldiers

Allawi had some harsh words for EVERYONE today, including the Coalition:
"It was a heinous crime where a group of National Guardsmen were targeted," Allawi said. "There was great negligence on the part of some coalition forces."
What was that negligence?
Allawi did not explain how the coalition had failed in its responsibilities to the Iraqi troops...
I can understand his frustration, but why is the coalition negligent? If it is then they should own up to it. What about this:
However, in an interview with Al-Arabiya television, Defense Minister Hazem Shaalan blamed the recruits, who in their eagerness to get home decided to leave immediately after their graduation and take an unauthorized route.

"They are to blame. They graduated at 12 p.m. and could have delayed their trip," he said. Shaalan added that neither the Defense Ministry, the Kirkush commanders nor the U.S.-run forces were to blame.

"They are the ones who chose this road that led them to this ugly result," he said of the victims. "There might have been some people who gave information about them to hostile sides."

I don't know about this "rush to get home" theory, but I do agree with the following:
The U.S. command did not respond directly to Allawi's comments, but said in a statement: "This was a cold-blooded and systematic massacre by terrorists. They and no one else, must be held fully accountable for these heinous acts."

But this is the REAL meat of the story:
Allawi has told Fallujah leaders that they must surrender extremists, chief among them Jordanian terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (search), or face attack. His comments Tuesday appeared aimed at preparing Iraqis for the eventuality of such an attack, which could inflame public opinion in Iraq and elsewhere in the Arab world.
U.S. commanders have spoken of a new offensive to clear insurgent strongholds ahead of Iraq's elections in January.
This can't come soon enough, for me.

Rush has ESP, too!

I don't get a chance to listen to Rush much during the week, but I do have a position that requires I do some traveling during the day so for those brief 30 minutes in the morning I do have him on. Today, he said NBC, Miklaszewski and Lai Ling Jew would either be pressured to tweak their stories or just do it willingly. Boy, did he call that one.

UPDATE: Jim has more from another 101st reader.

Videooooos! We have videos!

That is, the Daily Recyler has videos.

Darth Rove and his Rovetroopers

Yesterday, I received a lengthy email (as I'm sure many of you did) from reminding me the film "Bush's Brain" will be screened on the Sundance Channel the night before the election. The following is just the beginning of the email.

For Immediate Release: October 25, 2004

Bush’s Brain Screens on Sundance Channel
November 1st

Los Angeles, CA -
BUSH’S BRAIN, the acclaimed feature film documentary that introduces the country to Karl Rove, the man known as “Bush’s Brain”, the most powerful political figure America has never heard of, will run on cable’s Sundance Channel on November 1st at 10:10pm EST. The film, directed and produced by Joseph Mealey and Michael Paradies Shoob, is based on the best-selling book BUSH’S BRAIN (Wiley, 2003) by journalists James Moore and Wayne Slater.

Silly, if you would have done some research you would have know I already take my marching orders from Darth Rove.

Seriously, do I have ESP?

Geeze, my psychic powers have been working overtime, lately.


You're not going to believe this...

Then this pshop from a couple days ago to go along with this story from TODAY.

And now last night's pshop to coincide with this latest bit from Drudge.

Are you all wondering what I'm focusing on now? This.

Omar on the Soldier masacre

Here were my initial thoughts upon hearing about the 4-dozen newly trained Iraqi soldiers being masacred.

And here are Omar's thoughts. You know, he's actually IN Baghdad...
"...but we ‘chose’ to be optimistic and not allow ourselves to be discouraged because Iraq, the region and the whole world needs such attitude. It is a commitment just as it is a personal perspective. On the other side; pessimism, although understandable but very dangerous in this particular struggle and it approaches the verge of defeatism, which while not that disastrous when dealing with new projects or adventures, is catastrophic in such a crucial conflict."

...unlike John Kerry.
Kerry said a stream of bad news coming out of Iraq showed the Bush administration glossing over the reality of the situation there.
Quite the contrast, eh?

No denial anymore

I have, for the most part, done my best to keep from saying or even believing John Kerry is communist at heart, and maybe even very consciously. Of course, I broke from that tradition a couple nights ago with this pshop. Why? Because there is just too much evidence against the contrary. I had recently finished reading Unfit for Command and never in my wildest dreams had I imagined they would outright make the case for his communist sympathies and leanings, but not only did they make the case they backed it up.

Now, comes this story with more damaging evidence.

Admission time: I HATE COMMIES!!!

UPDATE: Wizbang has more, so does Right on Red, and Frank J..

UPDATE: Dr. Shackelford has the round-up.

Also, some of you might be wondering WHY I had been reluctant in the past to comment on any communist sympathies Kerry might have. Because without any conclusive evidence it would just be irresponsible rhetoric, but if these documents pan out to be true it would be just as irresponsible, if not more so, to ignore them.

Getting closer. Just a little more...

Another Zarqawi aide becomes a victim of the Rebel Alliance.

I wonder if locating the latest piece of dung had anything to do with capturing this guy.

Monday, October 25, 2004

380 tons of BS from Blather

Not SOON enough?

A senior Bush official e-mailed DRUDGE late Monday: "Let me get this straight, are Mr. Kerry and Mr. Edwards now saying we did not go into Iraq soon enough? We should have invaded and liberated Iraq sooner?"

Go read the whole thing.

UPDATE: And the NYT still runs with the story in tomorrow's edition as if it is still a black mark on the Bush team. Yeah, it's still an issue because they continue to attempt to put blame of the missing explosives on the Bush admin. This is what you call desperation mode. It might even be worse than the "DWI" try four years ago.

Wizbang has more: CBS WEARS KICK ME SIGN, AGAIN.

Another one of K***y's bogus claims

Kerry: Assault weapon ban made U.S. safer (from 9/10/2004)

Well, I'm assuming, besides saying now al-Qaeda will buy assult weapons in America (huh? What?) he also means they will kill more people.

That's funny, 'cause the ban has been in effect since 1994 and murder has gone up 6% in the last five years.

Oh, don't forget to check out how John Edwards says the problem should be combatted: Throw more money at it.

More phony faith

Duane (Radio Blogger) has an excellent piece tearing apart Kerry's phony faith:
He cited Matthew 25:40 — "Whatever you do to the least of these, you do unto me" — and said Jesus' admonition should determine the moral obligation everyone in society has to each other.

One of his favorites. He's used this on the stump before. It's also not complete. He forgot to cite two words that help explain the meaning of the verse. It should read:

And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done [it] unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done [it] unto me.

...the least of these my brethren.

Jesus wasn't talking about the government's role in solving poverty. He was talking about the upcoming judgment of all the nations on how they treated (and this is subject to debate) either fellow Jews or new Christians.

Go read the rest.

I meant I'd make them the "Coalition of the Bribed"

Chrenkoff has the details of John Kerry's plan to get allies to help out. You shouldn't be surprised. If there is any more irony to be displayed it will be within the next 8 days.

You best not leave the plantation

I have not seen the flyer, but if it is as it is described Whitfield said it best:
"I can't say what their intention was," he said of the state Democratic Central
Committee, which paid for the ad. "All I can say is it's pretty insensitive or
it's pretty intolerant."

We all know what would happen in the national MSM had this been a Republican candidate sending out the same type of flyer.

That's right, boy, best stay nearer the mas'a or you might just get knocked around a bit by some of their more determined types.

More disgraceful tactics in my neck of the woods.

UPDATE: More local nonsense found at Sound Politics.

Bush wins!!! Bush wins!!! Bush wins!!!

In early election results Bush sweeps to a decisive win in 2 mock elections in our Nation's schools:

Weekly Reader & Channel One

(via: LGF)

I know this is not the REAL election an there may not be any type of voter fraud these mocks had to deal with, but I have been saying it for a very long time that despite what you see in the polls and despite the spin you continuously see from left leaning pundits this election is NOT going to be close.

Another EiP Exclusive Photo

EiP has obtained another photo that might provide proof that John Kerry was actually telling the truth. This time in regards to attending game 6 of the 1986 World Serious at Shea Stadium in New York.

If you look closely at his hat it appears he had already switched his team preference to the Mets by the time the ball had slipped by Buckner:

30 yards? 2000 lbs, 2200 lbs... what's the difference

Jim has found a couple whoppers today, to accompany with the Washington Times piece.

Could the NYT have used American tons instead of metric tonnes in their calculations? Oh, I'd be surprised if it had crossed anyone's mind over at the NYT to have used the correct metric tonne measurement, but that's how we measure things here at work, anyway, so the 2200 lb metric tonne is kind of a natural reaction to me.

And how far is the World Trade Center in Boston from first base at Shea Stadium in NY? Could it really only be 30 yards?

UPDATE: Well, wouldn't this just be a real shame if it did end up the NYT made quite a stupid mistake.

UPDATE: Jim has some perspective on the "missing" explosives. I think the missing explosives might be from a certain Democratic Presidential candidate's cranium.

UPDATE: Yeah, bummer for Kerry.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Do I have ESP?

Maybe the pshop job below was a premonition I had. So Kerry didn't meet with U.N. Ambassadors like he said. Perhaps he has had meetings with other world "leaders" in the past.

More on it here, here, here, here, here, here and many other places, I'm sure.

Nice pick, DEMS!

UPDATE: EiP has received an exclusive copy of a photo the Kerry/Edwards Campaign says proves Kerry had a meeting with U.N. Ambassadors.

Just for fun (wink, wink)

A Call to Signs

Not only is voter fraud an issue, again, this election cycle, but more than ever so is intimidation and violence, as evident in this collection:

Here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here... you get the picture. The VAST majority (not all) of it is directed towards Bush and Republican candidates' supporters.

To this point, I have been reluctant to put up any signs in my place of residence precisely because of these tactics. Yet, I never expected it to become as pervasive as it has, so it's time to stand up.

I urge everyone of you to contact your local County campaign offices and find out where you can get your hands on a BUSH sign, ASAP. I have already done so and plan on getting a couple today. I will display them proudly as a rebellion against these rebels and thugs.

There should be an asserted effort by supporters of the President to saturate their yards and windows THIS WEEK with signs in a show of strength and resolve. To show those who would try to intimidate us their efforts ARE in vain.

DO IT!!!!

Additional: Obviously, this should not be in place of voting, rather in ADDITION. Since I have already voted I sort of took it for granted the VOTING part of a show of strength would have been an assumed FIRST priority, obviously. VOTE... DO IT!

Sermon Notes; October 24, 2004

Crossroads Bible Church; Bellevue, Washington
Rev. Jayson Turner (filling in for Dr. Jerry Mitchell)
"A Legitimate Concern"

Colossians 2:1-5

1 For I want you to know how great a struggle I have on your behalf and for those who are at Laodicea, and for all those who have not personally seen my face, 2 that their hearts may be encouraged, having been knit together in love, and attaining to all the wealth that comes from the full assurance of understanding, resulting in a true knowledge of God's mystery, that is, Christ Himself, 3 in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. 4 I say this so that no one will delude you with persuasive argument. 5 For even though I am absent in body, nevertheless I am with you in spirit, rejoicing to see your good discipline and the stability of your faith in Christ.

Hand written notes taken during sermon:
  • If the Church begins to bicker amongst itself it will forget about the common enemy (Satan)
  • We NEED to be a church committed to prayer
  • Are we laboring to call upon the powers of Heaven for help?
  • If we don't use prayer we will lack the strength for battle (with the enemy, Satan)
  • The strength of the Church depends on prayer
  • The 2nd place strength is derived is a commitment of the Church to Biblical Unity
  • The Church finds strength in Unity and a tightly woven relationship with each other
  • True Unity comes from sound doctrine of Christ; a clear understanding of who Jesus is - not a "feel good tolerance".
  • When you are confronted with persuasive, yet false arguments you can stand against it with sound doctrine
  • Unity is something costly & precious; it is paid for by the bloodshed on Christ's cross
  • Unity is refreshing, life giving; it is a place where people care & love each other unconditionally. (Psalms 133)
Referenced passages:
  1. Acts 20:28
  2. John 15:13
  3. 2 Corinthians 11:27
  4. 1 Peter 5:8
  5. Colossians 1:9
  6. Colossians 4:12
  7. Ezekiel 3:8-9
  8. James 5:16
  9. Psalm 133
  10. Exodus 30 (recipe for oil in Psalm 133)


50 Iraqi soldiers were ambushed and murdered execution style. While the murders are of course the most disturbing part of the story WHAT THE FUDGE IS THIS ABOUT:
The bodies of about 50 unarmed Iraqi soldiers - many killed execution style with gunshots to the back of the head - were found on a remote road in eastern Iraq, victims of an ambush as they were heading home on leave after basic training... (emphasis added)

Yeah, I know when our soldiers are on their way home from basic training they do not carry weapons. BUT this kind of thing is just begging for an attack in Iraq... UNARMED?! UNARMED?! Who is running this show over there? Seriously, this is a huge mistake, in my book. These soldiers are exactly the types the thugs want to murder and kill, to influence others to not join the forces. FIFTY soldiers just coming from basic training UNARMED - in IRAQ?! B**L S**T.
"There was probably collusion among the soldiers or other groups. Otherwise, the gunmen would not have gotten the information about the soldiers' departure from their training camp and that they were unarmed," he said.
"In the future we will try to be more careful when the soldiers leave their camps.
We will provide them with protected cars that can escort them home."

Oh, you think there was collusion? You don't say. Thanks for trying to calm down the fears with what will happen in the future. Does not help these 50 soldiers now or the recruitment efforts. This Whoever is in charge of this should be CANNED immediately. This statement directly recognizes these soldiers would most certainly still be alive had them been armed. IDIOTS!