Friday, May 27, 2005

On this Memorial Day weekend

(This post will remain at the top through Monday)

For the entire weekend I want those of you who stop by to visit this post from September of last year so that you may remember why we have both MEMORIAL DAY and VETERANS DAY.

By the way, the author of that letter received a bronze star and has recently returned to Afghanistan.

Godspeed, soldiers.

Here, Sithy, sithy, sithy

Okay, my Sith review:

Much better than the first 2, technically. Still a little too much computer graphics and definitely some imaging "borrowed" from LOTR.

But come on Lucas spokespersons, how stupid do you think some of us are?
“Those lines were written a very long time ago, well before George W. Bush took office,” LucasFilm spokesman Lynn Fox said.
Uh, yeah. Which lines are you speaking of? "A wonderful thing has happened. I've become pregnant"????

With all due respect, Lucas freaks, there is definitely some commentary in the film. With that said, they have every right to do with their film as they wish, as paranoid and delusional as those wishes may be.

What was the most disappointing part of the evening? NO NARNIA TRAILER!
Here I am, sitting in front of the friggin' screen waiting for the golldang Fandango to confirm my purchase so I can take the girl to go see Sith (eeewwww) - it's been 7 minutes already and no confirmation. What do I do?

a) Close browser
b) Refresh even though it says not to
c) Back button, even though it says not to
d) Throw the computer
e) Just go to the theatre and hope it's done by the time I get ther

Burn Baby! Burn! Islam inferno!

The Incinolet - FLUSHING & BURNING the Hokey Koran since 2005!

Iraqi Cartoons...

This is pretty funny. Why? 'Cause it's probably true.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Because the good Doctor needs some validation...

... let's start a "trackback chain"... that means now YOU have to trackback to this post, and so on. Right? Right?

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

What the...?

Like Malkin says, "You can't make this stuff up." Home schooling it is.

Today's vocabularly lesson

Use the word polysyndactyly in a sentence. Polysyndactyly.

(disclaimer: if you are polydactyly only, please don't take offense. Apparently, there are roughly 600,000 of you in America.)

Taking a sWipe at islamofacists

Rusty's back from vacation and he didn't waste too much time in re-issuing an attempt at getting a fatwa issued against him. 'Cept this time he's trying to induce riots, too. Not to mention looking to get served with papers from some leftover facist from Mussolini's days.

Zombie vote counting

If you aren't paying close attention to the trial regarding the Washington State gubernatorial election then the following p-shop probably will not make much sense to you, but trust me, it's good.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Lefty Hero worship

This story has everything the left worships: Artist, A.D.D., mental illness, "emotional state" because of a broken relationship, person haunted by all the preceeding, the fight against "oppression of working people", bomb threats, jail time and an unexpected early death.

UPDATE: Well, there are some interesting details in this article that were left out of the one above.
Raised a Christian, he was born again in Mississippi, said his mother, Lorraine Sprinkle.

When he returned to Seattle, his art friends couldn't handle the Christianity, said Donnelly. "His Christianity was one of the big reasons he wasn't accepted back into the art community," said Donnelly. "It isn't hip to be Christian."

It certainly puts quite a bit of perspective on the story.

Recreational use

There's no word yet on whether the device — found on the side of Daniels under the northbound I-75 overpass — was designed to serve medical or recreational needs.

Hmm, don't tell the Washington State Legislature that hot lesbo entaglement is "recreational" or they might just start to charge user fees.

Die, already

I've been trying, for the last 5 minutes, to make sense of this news...

Athena has a possible theory...

(Via Michelle)
Proof that nerds are not always smart.


So, yesterday I'm hanging out at the driving range with a buddy of mine who recently returned from his tour in Baghdad. We're having a good time talking a little about his time there (not nearly as bad as CBS would like you to think) and what his plans were now. As we were finishing up and heading out I asked where he wanted to go so I could buy him a beer, since it was the least I could do for his service. He said, "Oh no, I can't drink." "What," I said, "you had to stop?"

Apparently he contracted tuberculosis in Iraq, so now he is required to take medication and NOT DRINK for 9 months. He went a year without a beer and now he's gotta add 9 months to it. Bummer.

Good thing its latent TB. I was kinda nervous at first when he told me.

Monday, May 23, 2005

EXCEPT in "extraordinary circumstances"?!

You know what "extraordinary circumstances" means, don't you?

It means you declare an emergency whenever you gosh dang feel like it.

Yeah, what a deal.

It's not Berlin before 1989...

I refuse any sympathy for them.

Deeper thoughts by Me

I just want to take a moment to address the "reality-based" community...

If you have to say it you're not it. Kinda like Al Gore telling us in 2000 that he's his own man - maybe his own psychotic nit-wit, but a man he is not, nor his own.

Guess that's why we on the right don't have a name we take other than Pajamas, rather and rather (no pun intended) or the other ones the left pin us with (digital brownshirts, etc.).

Anyway, just a word of warning - if you have to say it, maybe, JUST maybe you're on the brink.


I wonder what Far-right in France means - you think it is only prudent for the government to pay for 5 abortions per person (men can allocate their 5 to women of their choice) lifetime? Just wonderin'. I have no idea.
Well, DUH!

More comedy

I wonder if ALMOST LIVE was still around if they'd do a skit - is that wishful thinking?
"...and that completes the list of congressmen I'm pretty sure are gay," Bush read aloud before clicking to publish his new blog post.

Pure comic genius, right there.