Saturday, September 25, 2004

The cracks in the dam are growing

Remember this post?

Guess what? Powerline brings something interesting to our attention.

Hey, CBS, take some lessons from Dan's past reporting on hurricanes in Florida - EVACUATE NOW!

Featured Items of the Week updated

This weeks items are as follows:

Spotlight on Freedom Fighters: The Evangelical Outpost

Artist(s) of the week: Jeff Buckley - what I consider the most impressive voice to have graced the genre of rock 'n roll.

Film of the week: Limbo, directed by John Sayles. It could quite possibly be my favorite ending of all time. One that leaves you in... Well, you know. And there's not even a sequel, either.

Ali hits the mark

Ali stays clear of criticizing Kerry directly, and instead uses Riverbend as a surrogate for Kerry's deserved spanking.

But the most insightful and telling paragraph of his post is this:

Allawi’s speech was articulate, impressive and honest and most
Iraqis I talked to lately share the same opinion with me, but much more
impressive was the reaction of all members of the congress who were there. That
was the American people there, the whole American nation not just republicans,
standing and cheering not Allawi but what he stood for; IRAQ. They were showing
support and friendship to Iraq not Allawi and that was a rare moment in history
where the two nations Iraq and America stood as equal friends, no actually it
was more like family as one American friend described. Insulting Allawi and Bush
and the whole speech, speaking so harshly of that unique moment is an insult not
to Bush or Allawi but to both the Iraqi and American nations, and yes that goes
for everyone did that.

Ali can say this with great confidence because of the comments his readers have left for months indicating their steadfast alliance with the NEW Iraq and more importantly with its citizens. The ovations Allawi received was not only indicative of what SHOULD have been conveyed, but what the majority of Americans have wanted to give Iraq - a warm welcome into the community of civilization. I suppose the reason it had not been done is directly linked to the absence of Allawi's "thank you" speech prior to Thursday, but now that much needed assurance of gratitude has demolished the doubt left in many confused minds.

Yes, Ali, that is exactly what took place in joint congress on Thursday morning - thank you for recognizing it.

Oh, and we know who you refer to when you say "that goes for everyone [who] did that." The person knows who he is and Ann Althouse knows who he is, too. A fatal mistake it WILL prove to be.

Am I living in Bizzarro World?

From this story:

"Women are different than men, not only psychologically (but)
physiologically, and I think we need to understand those differences," says Dr. Catherine DeAngelis, editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Someone please tell me they didn't spend more than $10 on this study. I know - wishful thinking.

Next week's stoooopid study headling: Staring at the sun hurts eyes

Truth for Troops update

Bryan over at Junkyardblog has an update on THE cause of the year (you know, other than giving free cars to a bunch of people and then sticking them with the tax bill).

Go. Read. Now.

Kerry attacks Bush on Hurricanes; says National Hurricane Center "contradicts itself"

PHILADELPHIA - In front of a crowd very accepting of his message Presidential Candidate John Kerry went on the offensive against President Bush. In what he calls a blatant attempt to mislead the American people, Kerry said he knew of a secret plan that could stop hurricanes in it's tracks, and in the very least divert them out to sea. Yet he says the Bush administration refuses to implement or even talk about the plan and instead is willing to send Florida's sons and daughters "running for their lives towards other states."

Said Kerry, "Just today three million Floridians are being told to evacuate. Evacuate to where, Mr. President? How can you ask someone to be the last person to leave Palm Beach County?" Later he added, "I remember in Vietnam just about the time I was leading my men in what should have been the decisive battle to win the war a typhoon came right up behind us, caught us off guard and wiped out over half of our men. Some of us found ourselves blown 5 miles into Cambodia. I even picked up a hat that was washed up on the shore of the river. It was devastating. That's when we were forced to start committing war crimes."

Not to let the subject drop, Kerry continued to pound Bush over what he calls "the quagmire in Florida". He cited the administration's pure lack of concern over Florida as proof they would prefer Florida never got to vote, again. When asked to expand he said, "Clearly this administration has no family in Florida. What would they care if the entire state was taken out to sea by a succession of hurricanes?" When it was pointed out the President's own brother was the governor of Florida Kerry stated, "That doesn't mean he LIVES there. I'm Senator and my post is in Washington, DC, but I haven't been to Washington in over 8 years. There's nothing important going on there."

A reporter asked if he put the blame for the brutal hurricane season squarely on the shoulders of the President. "I don't know what you mean by squarely," he said. "Whenever I look at the satellite shots of a hurricane they always seem spirally, to me. But if you mean do I blame the President, I think you answered your own question. Ask my wife what she thinks about that."

His wife, Teresa Heinz-Kerry, was none too shy to speak to the press. Upon having the question repeated to her 7 times and finally in French she answered, "Yes, clearly the hurricane season should be blamed on Bush. In fact, don't be surprised if in October another hurricane makes its way towards Florida. I personally am anticipating an 'October Surprise'. This administration would do anything to get re-elected. That includes creating hurricanes so naked, starving children are running around Bush can show he is compassionate by feeding AND clothing them at the same time. My husband's administration would be far more realistic about this. The children would be fed first and clothed later - let them go naked. That's what we did with our servants' children while I grew up in Mozambique."

Responding to the National Hurricane Center's press conference about the anticipated arrival of Jeanne in Florida Kerry said they were contradicting themselves from last week when they said they were hoping for just a "tropical storm". "They're lying because they are just puppets of the Bush administration. When I am President, I will make the restoration of our alliances with foreign weather services a top priority. I have seen Fidel Castro's weather reports. They're quite nice and I think they appeal to the 'people' because of their modest sets."

Tomorrow, Kerry plans to flying to Sun Valley Idaho to spend a few days at his wife's vacation home.

UPDATE: Frank J. says "Mean" Jeanne has been cancelled. If you have tickets please hold on to them until we find out whether there will be a new date or a refund.

Uh, Professor...

A fellow newbie takes us to school.

Truth be told, the initial reason I started blogging here was to forfeit sending emails to my "blast" list 5 times a day, or so, to inform them of the horrible, wonderful, comical and entertaining stuff I had come across and what I thought about it. It seemed as though it probably became monotonous for some of them to open up (or delete without opening) the email, even though a couple had requested being added to the list (and yes, a lefty friend asked to be left off the list). So I sent one last "blast" to inform them there was no longer going to be email and if they enjoyed what they received they should visit this blog (consequently, I just found out tonight that one of them STILL did not realize he knew the author of this site. He just assumed it was another "forwarded" link). They, and possibly some of their acquaintances, are still the only ones who know who I am (anonymous it is).

As well, for a number of months I had done my best to stress the importance of blogs and the new media - to those on the blast list - that it was about to bust out of its cocoon and a media revolution would follow. Dan Rather proved that correct, and Jonathan Klein was just that last bit of motivation I needed to join the 'sphere.

But just the other day I was given another, more important reason to blog - because I CAN, because guys like this are spending nights at 9,000 ft. altitude 9,000 miles away protecting my unalienable rights to tell it like I see it while sitting in a heated room in front of a computer. What kind of ungrateful moron would I be if I did not? That's not to say those who don't blog are ungrateful morons - they have better things to do, like take care of their families and read MY blog - it is just to say that now I am blogging and and have read the Warrior's note home I "should know my roll": Not let their sacrifices be in vain (exercise those rights, privileges and values they have fought for)? I am grateful that dispatch from the Warrior made it my way. I know (knew) that guy - lived with him for 8 months or so - and that letter was from a completely different person than I knew. It was a serious reality check. Sure, I'll continue with the dry wit, the non-serious, smart a** attitude (most of the time) - it's one of the blogosphere's most endearing traits - but I'll be blogging with the understanding that I CAN, and that's what my role is (along with those Rick Brady spectacularly explained).

Friday, September 24, 2004

10,000 Bloggers: Because tonight belongs to laborers

From this chilling story:

"At any given time, some 10,000 people in the United States are forced to work against their will under threat of violence, a new report found."

Looks like Karl Rove's "24/7 anti-news network" has finally been outted. Now bloggers can be FREE!!!!

(p.s. Is blogging about blogging and bloggers like the "legacy" media reporting about itself)

Retractions galore

Retrations here and here by major "legacy" media newspapers (not to mention Jim's own retraction from yesterday). Yes, newspapers are forced to run retractions all the time, but both of these happen to be related to the biggest story going.

I'm not going to say "I told you so".

And thinking about it, maybe they're not doing it so stoooooopidly, after all.

Watch out, new media. Watch out.

UPDATE 9/25 (late): Wizbang has a minor run in with my "Ah hah! We've got you" prediction. As Kevin says, it's just a sign of desperation. This time it was done stooopidly.

RETRATION 9/26: It has been brought to my attention that it was not Kevin @ Wizbang, but PAUL. I apologize for whatever harm this might have caused Kevin's reputation, and Paul you should be so lucky!

Hollywood gets invaded by conservatives

What: Liberty Film Festival
When: This weekend, infidel! Geeze.
Where: Didn't you read the friggin' title?
Wear: This, this, this, this, this or any of these or these.
Why: Because if you live anywhere near this and you don't go I'll hunt you down and shove a copy of F********* 9/11 down your throat (because I live far away and will have to miss it)

What are you waiting for? Go buy you ticket!

Then come back here on Monday and tell me how it was.

Goldstein raises the stakes...

"I love it when a photoshop comes together" - SarahW comments on the main course.

Giuliani shows CBS how it's done

From Charles at LGF comes this find:

Former New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani told President Bush this week that he is sorry.
“I owe you an apology,” Mr. Giuliani began. “I made a mistake during my [Republican National Convention] speech ... I said that with 64 days to go, John Kerry could change his mind five or six times about what to do in Iraq. Well, he’s already changed his mind four or five times and I’m going to be proven wrong again because I think we’re looking more like eight or nine times.”

See Dan, it's not that hard.

Allah the merciful collects zakats, then gives free advertising

Allah never sleeps, and is always working, apparently. He never ever quits. And so since, as he says, "...Allah is nothing if not mericful" after receiving zakats (muslim tithes) from the faithful he showers free advertisement upon the Democrat Presidential nominee, that says with photoshop what this said with word:

Stronger at home, respected in the World.


First - I have secured tickets for the Seahawks' game this Sunday - very important.

But more importantly and proof of the power of the blogoshpere...

The guys at MoorWatch have some awesome news for the "Truth for Troops" campaign - they have just secured 5000 FREE copies of FahrenHype 9/11 to disiminate to our troops who were inudated with Fatso's fictious piece of dung.

Developing... more later...

Blogroll welcomes

Want to welcome "Showcase" and "Dummer 'n' Dirt", to the blogroll. Check them OUT!

"Going down Hard"

This morning, Allah directs us to the latest comments by Kerry's own biographer. And after Terry McAuliffe's "Iceberg? What Iceberg?" moment, Allah reminds us of a past masterpiece.

"Truth for Troops"

The latest fatwa, in the post below, now has a name: TRUTH FOR TROOPS

I'll add a new section to the sidebar on the right called "Truth for Troops" with links to those sites we find supporting the effort.


UPDATE: There are many bloggers joining the cause. LT-Smash is the latest! It's great to have him on board.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

A call for those on the home front - HELP OUR WARRIORS!!!


This might possibly be the most important fatwa for the Pajamahadeen issued on this blog yet... No, it IS the most important, especially after this post.

And come back here regularly to see updates. This is where the blogosphere SHOULD use its clout. You will not hear a call like this from the "legacy media", including FOX News, for a number of reasons, but the blogosphere, free of editors and numerous levels of "fact-checking" can act without hesitation.

There is no option to purchase this film yet, but Bryan @ Junkyardblog will keep us appraised. I'll keep you appraised and EXPECT YOU TO DO YOUR PART!!!

UPDATE: My mistake - there is an option at the top right corner. Or go here... Doooo it! And then when you receive it come here to get the address to send it to. Or we'll try to get the address up ASAP so you can just have it shipped there.

UPDATE II: I just put my money where my mouth is. Now it's YOUR TURN.

UPDATE III: I have changed the links on the above links because it has come to our attention that it is $9 on Deep Discount.

UPDATE IV: That means buy 2 copies for the WARRIORS.

(I have got to stop blogging so hastily this late at night)

Dialogue of the Day: "You're Bald!" (UPDATED)

Do you remember that Seinfeld episode (The Beard) where George decided to go with the toupee, and Kramer sets him up on a date with a woman who ends up being... bald?

Kramer enters
George: You fixed me up with a bald woman.
Yeah, that's right.
Elaine: Do you see the irony here? You're rejecting somebody
because they're bald.
George: So?
Elaine: You're bald!

Well here is how it would go if it was a Deaniac, Hillary, and a Blogger:

Hillary enters
Dan Rather: Hey!
Hillary: Hey!
Deaniac: You fixed us up with a surrender monkey.
Hillary: A surrender monkey?
Deaniac: Yeah, that's right.
Blogger: Do you see the irony here? You're depressed about your candidate because he's a surrender monkey.
Deaniac: So?
Blogger: You're a surrender monkey!

UPDATE: Wizbang has their quote of the day.


We hit the fatwa mark about 2:33pm PST - almost 2 1/2 hours early! Thanks for comin' by.

Religion of Animal Worship takes on people smarter then themselves - Children

Our DC Source brings to our attention this disgusting news. I have nothing to say that would be appropriate. Their organizations must be destroyed.

Have WMD stockpiles been located... by Zarqawi?

We've all heard about the latest round of beheadings served up by the savages and a number of us probably know that they are demanding the release of "muslim women" from prison as their ransome. But who are the women (all TWO of them) they want released? Dr. Germ and Mrs. Antrax.

Why have they gone to such great lengths to get these 2 women released? Could it be that they have their hands on chemical or biological ingredients and they need some help to mix them? I don't want to be an alarmist, but something smells very fishy, to me.

John Kerry is an IDIOT!

Iraqi PM Allawi addressed the U.S. Congress today and gave a much needed and very well executed speech about democracy arriving and thriving in Iraq, focusing on elections in January. (see it here or read it here, NOW!).

John Kerry responds like the VVAW A**hat that he is.

I wouldn't want to be John Kerry meeting Ali at Iraq the Model face to face if his response to Bob Novak's article is any indication.

The Readers vs. The Commentators

K-Lo gets slapped down by a reader from Tacoma over her criticisms of this ad. I'm with the reader, that's for sure.

Pajamahadeen, spread the fatwa!

Okay, loyal infidels, Editors in Pajamas has a goal to reach today - to hit the 3000 visitor mark within the first 9 days by 5:00pm PST (8:00pm EST), today. That is only 133 more visitors (at the time of blogging this), so go spread the fatwa world wide!!!


In what officials call one of the greatest journalistic coups of all time, CBS producer, Mary Mapes of Dallas, Texas, has contacted the White House on behalf of the World's most wanted man, Osama Bin Laden. In a call to White House spokesman, Dan Bartlett, Mapes indicated Bin Laden was willing to negotiate peace with the United States. Said Mapes, "Really, his demands are very reasonable. He simply would like for our government to hand over two-million American citizens for extermination and for the remaining infidels to convert to Islam." There was no word on where such a meeting would take place, but Mapes speculated somewhere in Europe to insure neutrality. "Paris seems reasonable to me. Starbucks has opened up a number of locations. We could all sit down and discuss the details over lattes," Mapes said.

Mapes first got her hands on the story when one of Bin Laden's associates in the U.S. approached her at the filming of PBS's "Antique Roadshow" in Savannah, Georgia. She had been working on contacting Bin Laden nearly 3 years, but when it just "fell in her lap" it seemed too good to be true. "I have dreamed of a lead like this for 3 years, now. And the dreams are even more vivid when I've forgotten to take my Zoloft," said Mapes, formerly of Seattle, Washington.

When contacted for comment, Dan Bartlett said he remembered taking a call from Mapes, but passed it onto his secretary to take down the details. "She said she had made contact with Bin Laden and that the end of the evil empire created by the President was coming to an end. I thought maybe she had just returned home after attending a screening of 'Fahrenheit 9/11' and smoking dope and just needed to blow off some steam." He said she was never taken seriously because the White House had asked the FBI to investigate her history.

In related news, after reporting on Mapes's story on CBS Nightly News, Dan Rather immediately stormed off the set and did not return for 7 minutes. CBS crewmembers who witnessed the incident said he was ranting and raving about offering the same sort of deal to Saddam Hussein's before America invaded Iraq, but that Saddam just laughed at him and CBS executives simply did not feel he had the time to work on a project that size because he was busy with other more important stories. One CBS executive said, "Hurricane season was coming quick. We couldn't risk having Dan kidnapped while visiting Iraq to broker such a deal."

(yes, folks, that satire - deal with it)

And in this morning's CBS/Rather/Mapes roundup there are these to consider:

From Powerline: Rove Speaks and The Spreading Stain
From Rathergate: Jayson Blair Speaks Out
From Hugh Hewitt: Hugh Writes a speech for Les Moonves

I'm sure there is lots more, but I have work to do. Later!

UPDATE: Yeah, I was right, there is MUCH, MUCH more including this satire much better than Editors in Pajamas'.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

And you thought the reviews of Jayson Blair's career were big...

It was only a matter of time before Dan Rather's and Mary Mapes's entire journalistic careers were focused in the crosshairs. Of course, Ratherbiased has been all over Danny Boy for quite some time, but now the archives of CBS are going to be put under scrutiny from every direction. Tonight Bill and Allah bring us some of the first tricklings from the cracks of a weak dam. CBS is the town at the mercy of the dam's structual integrity - if they don't evacuate (fire Rather, Mapes and Hayward) VERY, VERY soon there will be nothing left of the CBS news division.

On second thought, lets not sound the sirens just quite yet.

1971 all over again, again

The guys at Powerline have a treasure trove of archived information - THEIR READERS, demonstrated during these last two weeks of Rathergate. Now, one of them comes up with this relevant cartoon from 33 years ago. Some things never change.

Security Mom Must See TV

Michele (no, not that Michelle, this Michele) is going to be on the telly to talk about her "security guilt", via the propaganda machine, BBC. Give 'em Zell, Michele!

Commies beware!

K-Lo over at the Corner brings In the Face of Evil to our attetion. Watch the long trailer - I WANT IT IN MY CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ever heard of urban legends, Sen. Kerry?

Somebody over at the Kerry camp better discover Snopes REAL fast.

Kerry falls for Internet hoax about draft. Tomorrow he's going to be calling for the ban of styrofoam cups because they contain dihydrogen monoxide (DHMO, or better known as... water).

Quote of the day

"John Kerry has more positions on Iraq than the Kamasutra."

-- Michael Medved

UPDATE: Cutie Pie has her own "Quote of the day", but it has little more tinge of "Dumb A** Quote of the Day".

"Why I Blog"... continued

Yesterday we had this post. Today comes the 1st person recount. It's powerful! I feel safer and am in awe. Thank you to the Wife of this Warrior for permission of reproducing here, and thank you to the author for keeping us appraised of reality. God Speed!

Hello all,

It has been a rough week for (deleted) company. We lost two of our friends in an ambush on (deleted). Four more were wounded, including one of my good friends from
the Q course, who had to undergo surgery to have a bullet removed from his arm. One of the guys died of his wounds after an RPG round struck the side of his vehicle, blowing off his arm and most of his leg. That same RPG round disabled the vehicle he was riding in, forcing the team (deleted) to stay in the killzone while trying to recover the wounded from the destroyed truck. The other man was shot in the head after driving his truck forward to help. My team (deleted), and (deleted) were called in to secure the area and prevent any further engagement by the enemy still in the area. It is amazing that one minute I am reading a book and
ten minutes later I am on a helicopter flying in to a hot LZ. Upon arrival we began sending out defensive patrols and called in airstikes on every enemy we could find. We watched with grim satisfaction as the attack helicopters and A-10's ran the Al Qaida fighters down without mercy. They would run into houses, abandoned once the fighting began, and the A-10 would drop 500lb bombs on them, and strafe them with their 30mm chain guns. There were bodies in the hills, along with cartridge casings from every weapon imaginable, and lingering fires from the incendiary rounds that the Huey Cobras shoot. We wound up having to spend the night at almost 9000ft alt. Without any cold weather clothing at all. All we brought to the fight was Food, water and ammo. Later that night we were awakened by the wild dogs fighting
over their the corpses. We stayed in the area until midmorning. On the way down the mountain I went over to see one of the bodies left over from the fighting of the previous day, and despite the horrible condition it was in, I felt nothing. This same man, blackened where a grenade had hit the tree next to him, killing him and then setting him on fire, had killed my comrades. I could only look at him and see the blood stained wreckage of the Humvee - blood everywhere in the seats and dash and
down the side. I decided I didn't care about him, and went to sit down to wait for the chopper to come get us. We sent one representative from our team to the memorial service in Bagram today, because we still have a job to do,training the Afghan military to fight for their own freedom without us. The mission doesn't stop, even when people die. I can only hope that God can give some measure of peace to their families and children. I know he can. I am proud that I am a part of something bigger than myself, and that even though I will be nameless to these people, my hard work will enable them to live rich and fulfilling lives. I miss my family tremendously and want nothing more than to hold my daughter. That time is coming,

I wrote this letter in as much detail as I can because I don't want your imaginations to run wild with rumors and speculation. I would rather you just know the facts. And besides sometimes I feel better after I write my feelings out. If this letter causes you to be more worried than you were before, I apologize -
Just pray in a way that is proportional to your concern. I love what I do, and will continue to, as long as I feel I am serving a purpose that is good and just. As
long as there is an enemy out there who wants to kill me and my family with a hijacked airliner, or anthrax, or dirty bombs, I will do everything my country asks
me to in order to keep the war anywhere but home.
Love, (deleted)

Sherpas - everyone needs one

Wanting to keep a mixure between "politics and pop culture" as Medved would have it, I'll continue to bring you the lighter side.

Today I present to you the Hertz "Sherpa" (Quicktime) commercial. I think it's funny, anyway.

Pajama's latest communique comes across the wires

The struggle continues... Don't let your guard down, Killian's family deserves an apology (so does the President),contact affiliates, etc. He's writing with Zellian like righteous anger and resolve. I think he might have an agenda - EXPOSE THE PARTISAN MEDIA FOR WHAT IT IS AND FORCE THEM TO ADMIT THEIR BIASES. Then, and only then, will there be a fair playing field between the NEW MEDIA (talk Radio, bloggers, maybe FOX News) and the OLD MEDIA (dinosaurs ABC, NBC, CBS, NYT, CNN, WaPo, LAT - the list goes on and on)

And he even has permalinks on his front page, now. I guess enough Pajamahadeen "demanded" it. How merciful he is.

Iranian women making inroads

Here is a heartening story right out of Iran how a woman felt strong enough to ask the court to order her husband to only beat her once a week:

"Just tell him to beat me once a week ... Beating is part of his nature and he cannot stop it."

Wow - that guy is one lucky SOB to have such an understanding wife.

UPDATE: Today, Frank J. posed a good question in relation to the above story, one that was on my mind, but I just could not get it worded correctly. Frank more than adequately makes my point.

No longer the "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy"

Now it's the "24/7 anti-news network"? Someone get me some Tylenol.

UPDATE: Goldstein has some fun with the Newsweek article, if you call ripping Danny Schechter a new one fun, and I suspect some of you do.


Democrat infighting is kinda getting to be the norm, I guess. This* comes after Tom Daschle made an appearance with his opponent John Thune this last Sunday on Meet the Press where Daschle openly and willingly threw John Kerry under the bus to save his own re-election bid:

MR. THUNE: Didn't Senator Kerry vote against $87 billion for aid to the troops?

SEN. DASCHLE: He did. I disagree with that. And when I was over there, that was one of the most important things we could do is to send the message, I think, that these members of the Guard and reserves, our active duty personnel, need the support need the equipment they've got to have.

Hmm... seems to me that if you were confident your Presidential Candidate had any chances of winning you'd stray from comments like that. But hey, it's Tom Daschle, par for the course.

*Props for the HILL article go to DC Source.

Insomnia blogging

No, I don't really have insomnia. In fact I'm just about falling asleep here at the monitor, but I figure if I'm here you might as well get some production out of me. (I suppose that title should be ammended to "Sleep blogging".)

Anyway, Heminator over at Rathergate finds a Press Release by the DNC quoting Terry McAuliffe: "
Iceberg? What Iceberg?" Kevin calls it desperation. I just think when it is all said and done the old lady* narrating the movie will be throwing her hat into the ring circa September 2007 and everyone will be asking, "Wow, how did she survive that shipwreck?"

*I'll have you know that I googled only the word "hillary" and that site was number 1 on the list. Would she stand for anything less?

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

New Swift Boat Ad here


UPDATE: Yeah, that's right, before Matt.

UPDATE II: Not to "pile on", but just for good measure, here are the first 5 ads:

One, Two, Three, Four and Five

Now that's what I call "diversity".

6:15 Pacific

Check in here aproximately 6:15 PM Pacific (9:15 for you Northeasterners) and we might just have something very special for you. Think Mekong Delta.


John Kerry just had his "I'm my own man" moment. If you have to say you have one position on Iraq this late in the game it's too late.

Pajamahadeen take it to "M" Street

Via Instapundit(or course), If only this blogger had a camera:

"The protesters held up signs with Dan Rather's mug and the slogan, 'Unfit to Report', which is clever, and another with Osama Bin Laden's face and the words, 'The American Press is My Best Friend', which is slapworthy.

But the protest is notable because all of them were dressed in pajamas."

Pajamahadeen fight the guerilla war at CBS HQ - it doesn't get any better than that!

Metaphor of the Day

Right Click and "Save target as..." - goes much faster that way.

Turn your speakers up. In the beginning you can hear Mary Mapes screaming for her professional career and then you can hear the Pajamahadeen yelling, "Woohoo!"

What the blogosphere should look out for

A highly "respected" media outlet publishing a high profile article that gets the blogosphere a buzz with quotes and using it as reference, and have the authors turn around and say (in their best Bobby Byrd voice), "Ah ha! We fabricated the whole thing. The blogosphere FELL for it! See, they have no checks and balances."

This, of course, would be incredibly stoooopid for the dinosaurs, but I'm not putting anything past the 12-to-1 crowd, anymore.

Why I blog

I just received the following email about an old roomy of mine who is serving in Afghanistan:

"Hey all,
I just got a call from (deleted)'s wife, (deleted). Last night (deleted) had a
pretty rough day, I would love for you to all be praying for him. In the
papers you will see that two special forces guys were killed in Afganastan.
There was a fire fight and (deleted)'s Squad (unit?) was called in, they flew 45
min to the sight and finished a 4 hour fire fight. One of the guys that was
killed was the Medic for the team. Which from (deleted) understanding made
the fire fight that much more stressfull. (deleted)'s buddy got shot in the arm
and the reality of death is quite close to (deleted) and (deleted). Please pray
for courage for (deleted) as he fights these evil men. Pray for (deleted) as a
wife of a worrior is not an easy life. (deleted) is planning on being off the
front line Oct 31st. If you are able and willing I would like some of us to
pray and fast for him.
Thank you so much and if my writing is poor or I didn't explain it well
please call me...I'm a still a little choked up after talking
with (deleted).
Gods Peace to you,

How could I not exercise the first amendment when these guys are putting their lives on the line so I can? Hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of individuals have sacraficed their lives over the centuries so the Constitution survives, preserving the Bill of Rights. I for one, will make sure it is not in vain.

Accepted with "unholy glee"!

Via Instapundit, Frederick Turner writes this over at Tech Central Station:

"Just at that moment one of the CBS apparatchiks, one Jonathan Klein, chose to coin a woefully contagious phrase. He attacked the blogosphere as guys sitting in their living rooms in their pajamas. The Web picked this up with unholy glee. Pajama cartoons spread across the airwaves. Somebody coined the term "the Pajamaheddin" for the bloggers, who had accepted the insult as joyfully as the rebel Impressionists had accepted their own (originally hostile) sobriquet. The blogosphere had identified itself, and named itself, and provided itself with a new Trickster identity; and its apostles would have to live up to their chosen character as the gadflies of the truth, the guerrillas of the ugly fact."

Read it!

DON'T drop the anchor? Hmm...

Kevin over at Wizbang brings to our attention Podhoretz's newest article which has a different take on the "anchor" analogy than we did yesterday.

New terms being added to the Blogsary on a daily basis

First, Jonah said he'd been "Rathered"!

Then this reader over at Lizard HQ says he screwed up and needs to find his "Lucy Ramirez".

Webster better look out, 'cause we could soon have the "Reynolds Blogsary".

Closer to WHO!

USA Today squeals and then Burkett squeals, too.

Guess who's
Allah over it?

Who is Lucy Ramirez? Is she real or fake-but-accurate?

This is how we are rewarded for staying up past our bed times.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Pajamahadeen appeased?

Frank J. thinks so???? Maybe it's the large check* he's receiving from the DNC.

But PBB says the fight continues.

*Frank J. is not receiving a large check from the DNC... he's receiving one from CBS. He thought throwing out the DNC name would distract us from finding out WHO is really paying him.

Another new Pajamahadeen term: Pajamaphobia or pajamaphobe

As in, Glenn says Jeff Jarvis exposes the reasons behind the "old media's" pajamaphobia.

Or, Jonathan Klein is a pajamaphobe.

Broadcasters in Pajamas


There was a HUGE admission on the radio waves this evening. Radio talk show host, Michael Savage, admitted to broadcasting in pajamas. He did have some issues with identifying the Pajamahadeen, calling them "nobodies in pajamas", but we're happy to welcome him to the club, nonetheless. Cheers, Michael! If anyone hears of other broadcasters making the same admission let us know - we'll highlight them.

Jonathan Klein might be pleased to know that at least Savage doesn't sign books in pajamas.

Now I step away from the Editor's desk and all Hades breaks loose

So go check it out here, here and of course here and here.

Kind looks like we're getting closer to this.

Got 'em scared...

Glenn says Jeff Jarvis nails down what has the "old media" shaking in their collective boots.

No pulling punches - it's CRUSADE time!

Perhaps this is just an emotional reaction to seeing stills from the latest "ministry outreach" from the religion of piss (the beheading of Eugene Armstrong), but this is where I'm not at all worried about blurring the lines between emotions and rationality.

I will not post any links here - you can find them easy enough if you look.

They must be pretty confident...

The RNC released this statement today. They must be confident there are ties to the Kerry Campaign to assert an investigation should take place into WHO created and provided the documents and name names as well as mention Kerry's campaign. That's a HUGE step to take if you're not, 'cause if the Kerry Campaign had nothing to do with it they would come out and say, "See, they're trying to blame US for this! That is outrageous!" Of course, they'll come out and say it even if they do have something to do with it.

this is not far from the truth.

Good, but faaaaarrrr from good ENOUGH

Editor Friend says this:

"Of course, CBS' rivals at ABC and NBC have been all over this Dan Rather story: they could smell the blood of their competition in the water.

But they too have yet to give John O'Neill and the rest of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and their book Unfit for Command the honest coverage they deserve.

You see, their journalistic integrity goes only so far."

Of course, that's at the very end of the article, so (and all the bloggers say) go read the whole thing.

Beep! Beep!

Kevin brings us his analogy. I have a feeling that "anvil" Kerry is holding right now will end up falling on his head. Of course, that's what Kevin's point is - I just thought it was necessary to explain that I understood it because... nevermind - go visit.

Allah leaves his Holy Shrine...

... And all Hades breaks loose. Allah IS BACK In The House.

We're coming to port...

Yesterday it was "Talk Like a Pirate Day" at IMAO. So, in the same great maritime tradition, I have a suggestiong for SEE-BS:

Drop the anchor!

New Pajamahadeen term: "Security Guilt"

So, the Democrats and their lackeys first tried to project "white guilt" on us crackers. Now comes word from the tanking Democratic ticket of Kerry-Edwards they don't like it when someone happens to assert America would be safer under one administration than the other. Except, there is a problem - it is precisely the reason the majority of Americans are going to vote for a candidate in the climate we live in.

"The Kerry-Edwards campaign says House Speaker Dennis Hastert was out of line when he suggested over the weekend that al Qaeda would be better off with Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry in the White House."

That right there means you and I should have "security guilt" for thinking one candidate is better suited to protect our nation.

Someone better rush over to Cutie Pie and tell her about the guilt she should have.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Cliff Notes by Michelle

Oh, thank God! I thought if I would see another analysis of the WaPo article about Rathergate I'd go crazy, until passing by Cutie Pie's explanation.

Could the "Re-Defeat" bumper stickers be covered up by "Dump Kerry" stickers?

Pajama weighs in on the subject.

(And he also sends a coded message to the Pajamahadeen, here. So, from this, I gather it it time to redouble our efforts - drink twice as much - then continue the battle with Danron.)

"This is Pajama. God be praised, I am still alive. Take 12 of these and continue blogging the infidels when they are at their weakest - during their weekends in the Hamptons."

UPDATE: Pajama brings attention to this photoshop.

UPDATE II: The INSTAWIFE sees alot of Kerry bumper stickers and wonders.

Go 'Hawks!

As I type I am aware there is an "Oil-for-food-for-Osama" report taking place on Fox News. Since I do not have cable I searched for someone who was live blogging it. Maybe I didn't look hard enough - could not find anyone. However, I am sure there will be more, later...

But with that said, it's Sunday in September and time to prepare for NFL coverage.

OMG - Where did THAT come from?

Yeah, there it is, right over there (look to the right). It's the dreaded "Donation Button". Well, why did it show up? For a couple of reasons:

1.) It makes this site look more "official" (Yeah, that's the ticket... official).
2.) Because I'm showing off my new found blogging skills.
3.) I'm curious to see the reaction from visitors.
4.) As I mentioned here, I recently procured a new 'puta, mainly for maintaining this beast. If
people continue showing up like they do maybe it's because they find it entertaining
(certainly could not be for the information). If that is the case, I'll definitely continue to
entertain and try to be informative at the same time. And if there are donations to help
mitigate the costs of the hardware and the time spent keeping the blog relevant, so be it.

Here is my pledge: Unless, for some reason, this site starts to get hundreds-of-thousands visitors that will require some bandwidth, you will not hear another peep out of me asking for donations. IN FACT, I'm not even asking for them right now. It is just an attempt to address the appearing act of the "Donation" button.

(mouth zipped)