Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Why I blog

I just received the following email about an old roomy of mine who is serving in Afghanistan:

"Hey all,
I just got a call from (deleted)'s wife, (deleted). Last night (deleted) had a
pretty rough day, I would love for you to all be praying for him. In the
papers you will see that two special forces guys were killed in Afganastan.
There was a fire fight and (deleted)'s Squad (unit?) was called in, they flew 45
min to the sight and finished a 4 hour fire fight. One of the guys that was
killed was the Medic for the team. Which from (deleted) understanding made
the fire fight that much more stressfull. (deleted)'s buddy got shot in the arm
and the reality of death is quite close to (deleted) and (deleted). Please pray
for courage for (deleted) as he fights these evil men. Pray for (deleted) as a
wife of a worrior is not an easy life. (deleted) is planning on being off the
front line Oct 31st. If you are able and willing I would like some of us to
pray and fast for him.
Thank you so much and if my writing is poor or I didn't explain it well
please call me...I'm a still a little choked up after talking
with (deleted).
Gods Peace to you,

How could I not exercise the first amendment when these guys are putting their lives on the line so I can? Hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of individuals have sacraficed their lives over the centuries so the Constitution survives, preserving the Bill of Rights. I for one, will make sure it is not in vain.