Sunday, September 19, 2004

OMG - Where did THAT come from?

Yeah, there it is, right over there (look to the right). It's the dreaded "Donation Button". Well, why did it show up? For a couple of reasons:

1.) It makes this site look more "official" (Yeah, that's the ticket... official).
2.) Because I'm showing off my new found blogging skills.
3.) I'm curious to see the reaction from visitors.
4.) As I mentioned here, I recently procured a new 'puta, mainly for maintaining this beast. If
people continue showing up like they do maybe it's because they find it entertaining
(certainly could not be for the information). If that is the case, I'll definitely continue to
entertain and try to be informative at the same time. And if there are donations to help
mitigate the costs of the hardware and the time spent keeping the blog relevant, so be it.

Here is my pledge: Unless, for some reason, this site starts to get hundreds-of-thousands visitors that will require some bandwidth, you will not hear another peep out of me asking for donations. IN FACT, I'm not even asking for them right now. It is just an attempt to address the appearing act of the "Donation" button.

(mouth zipped)