Saturday, September 18, 2004

Sweatin' it out!

By the way, you may be shocked to learn that I created this entire webpage without even owning a computer. Yeah, that's right, I blog from work... what?

I had given up on computers about 4 years ago because of a late night one time almost ending with throwing a friend's notebook out into the cold, wet, horrible winter of Aberdeen, Washington (friggin' FTP software was junk). Anyway, after a trip to Fry's today there is this screaming machine sitting on my desk, now, and I have signed up for cable internet - hey, you have to feed a habit, right?

However, upon numerous attempts, the unit would not power up. I'm like, WTF?! 4 years without a 'puta and this is what I get? So I called support and they wanted to send out a replacement power supply. NO FRIGGIN' WAY am I waiting 3-4 days for a power supply, so I decided to open the thing up and poke around. Come to find out, the power switch connection to the motherboard had come a little loose. RELIEF! I was starting to get the shakes and sweat was pouring.

And about the choice to go with cable: I have no idea what is better - cable or DSL, but I chose cable for 1 simple reason. Not only had I given up on computers, but I had given up on the landline, and cable TV, too (which is why I never get called by pollsters). It was becoming agonizing thinking of having to call the phone company to hook up service, but then the sales guy, Fred, assured me I didn't even have to have cable TV to get cable internet. I WAS SOLD!!! No phone line, no phone bill, no cable TV, just high speed internet.