Friday, April 22, 2005

Ken Schram is an idiot

Seriously, this guy, Ken Schram, has been around these parts for years spewing his idiocy. But it's worse than that - he's juvenile, immature and his thought process clearly did not develope past the time his pubic hair first appeared (assuming it did).

Okay, let's take this apart bit by bit:
"It means that landlords can continue to legally deny gays and lesbians a place to live."

Yeah, SO? What's the problem? Uh, Ken, have you forgotten the landlords actually own the apartments, houses and condos? Did that ever occur to you? Tell you what, Ken, based on your logic, I think we should recommend the passing of a bill that requires you to rent out a room in your house to one of the "25 sanctimonious hypocrites". What do you say? Napoleon Dynamite says, "Ken Schram is an IDIOT!"

"It means employers still don't have to give them a job."

Right, and my employer didn't have to give me a job, either. SO? Ken, get your head outta your arse - these jobs do not BELONG to anyway except the employer. They can freely give it to whom they want (in Constitutional theory, of course. Not in Seattle surreality).
"Please, let me see the directive from God that specifies how homosexuals should be stripped of dignity and basic human consideration. "

Actually Ken, if you were to read the old Testament it's worse for queers than that, but it's old news, according to the New Testament. There's nothing - however, in the Constitution, property is property of the owner, not of the envious.
"23 Republicans and 2 Democrats: 25 spiteful demigods who see religion as a tool to socially and economically bludgeon people with."

Oh man, if I had a dollar for everytime someone told me I had used religion as a tool to socially and economically bludgeon people with I'd be a couple dollars richer. Unfortunately, I think Ken is a little confused, 'cause it's the friggin' religion of peace that's bludgeoning people.

Hey Ken, I think it's time to graduate from high school!

And then there were more... ballots.

I'd like to say "check mate," but I'm still being a little pessimistic about it. The reason we are where we are is because a large portion of Democrats and an even larger portion of Democrats involved with official positions believe the ends justify the means - they're not going to change their ways. How do I know? 'Cause if I was as Godless as these people were I'd probably have the same justifying philosophy as them.

One of the strongest reasons I've rejected the religion of atheism for my entire life is because of the innate awareness of the simple concept of right-and-wrong - course, that just too simple, right?

UPDATE: Well, my pessimism seems to have a limit. If this isn't "check mate" then it's most certainly "check your a**es, 'cause someones going to make you squeal like a pig."

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Whaaaa! Whaaaa!

This is SOOOOOO typical of European types, isn't it?

A friggin' mess is what this place is!

Monday, April 18, 2005

A new theme...

I'm in the middle of debating whether or not I'm in any position to continue bloggin in any way, shape or form for reasons completely unrelated to this blog. Don't ask 'cause I can't tell.

In the meantime, I'm going to continue with the new running theme here at EiP - WESTERN WASHINGTON SUCKS MONKEY BALLS.

Evidence Exhibits:

A - Big Brother to the rescue: I'm afraid their standards of health would be much different than mine. They suck monkey balls.

B - Protected species killing endangered species:
"So there you have your solution: Allow the nonendangered California sea lions to eat the endangered Columbia River Chinook until there are no more left. Then they won't do it anymore."

C - Tax Bill No. 1 priority for legislature:
"Lawmakers in both parties also are bracing for a vote on a big increase in the gas tax. And Democrats in the Senate still hope to force votes on two of the session's most divisive issues: gay rights and stem-cell research."