Thursday, December 09, 2004

Soon, I wirr rure aw da' woo'd

Ha! I'm scoring big time, NOW, you friggin' Warmonger! You think you can outrank me in the end?! Not a chance!

Editors in Pajamas: #144
American Warmonger: #149 (sucker!)
Pusillanimous Wanker II: 6000 and somethin'... (don't worry Charlie, I'll help make sure things get better for you ***snicker***)

But that's not the best part...

Hot Abercrombie Chick: #145

Yeah, Baby, I'm hotter than you! Thank you TTLB restructuring.

Of course, this would all only mean something if I cared, and if I cared it would mean I'd have to put a whole lot more work and thought into this, and I'm just not down wi'dat.

It's like building a house on ground that's shifting or settling

If somebody says, 'My boyfriend likes big boobs,' (bugmenot)that's not the right answer.

Okay, then what's the right answer?
Nicole paid for the procedure. Using money she had saved since she was 15, she made a down payment of $2,850 and financed the last $1,500.
I can see it now: "Bad credit?! No credit?! Filed for bankruptcy?! Divorced and want to get hitched again?!"
''Some things just happen, one could pop, I know,'' she says. ``But it's like life: Whatever happens happens. At least I have them at a time when I can enjoy them.''
Yeah, just like life.

And for those of you out there that are asking yourselves, "Does it matter if they are real?" Yeah, ALWAYS. I don't like false advertising. And speaking of false advertising, whuz up with the headline: More teens see implants as a right... I didn't read any quotes that support this. I was ready to tear into someone - what a let down.

Anyway, you should go read it - there are some choice quotes in there, anyway, like:
It's becoming quite the graduation gift: It's cheaper than a car and better than a fountain pen.


... for the blind F*RTS.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Is there any better use of the internet...

... than SPAMMING terrorists?


Going inside to use the restroom?

Isn't that like crossing the picket line? If it is, I sure hope nobody orders a truck load of manure to be delivered to their front yard. Those union people can be pretty ruthless.

Signs that it's Christmas...

When UPS delivers more packages from Amazon than packages for the factory.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Model update...

EiP bringing down the establishment

I don't know how this happened (well, I do - it's called having a good reference) but the Editor is now a contributor over at... a lefty blog ***gasp*** (at least until I"m booted off). It's true. You can go visit my first post over at the Pusillanimous Wanker here.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Mount Saint Helens gets caught in recount mire

OLYMPIA, Washington (State, not D.C. or Greece you geographic numbskull) - Today in a state already bogged down in a quaqmire of gubernatorial election recounts, Democratic candidate Christine Gregoire filled a lawsuit against one of Washington's most notable landmarks and tourist attractions, Mount St. Helens.

Citing recent scientific findings indicating St. Helens is the states top polluter, Gregoire and her allies claim many thousands of voters who would have cast their ballots for her were forced to stay home on election night because of physical ailments linked directly to the volcanoes recent activity.

"Clearly, if St. Helens would have waited until after November second to blow off steam we would not be in this current situation," said state Democratic Party Chair Paul Berendt. "I'm not saying St. Helens was involved with any sort of conspiracy to corrupt the voting process, but there's no doubt the irresponsible venting practices displayed leading up to and beyond the election are partially at fault."

Even if it was proved the volcano's activity might have played a role in preventing otherwise committed voters from getting to the polls it seems logical, then to conclude it would effect Rossi voters as well. When presented with this logic, Former Governor Booth Gardner (D) offered an explanation.

"No, no, no. That's not right. Rossi's voters don't believe in environmental hazards. If you don't believe in them they don't effect you. Christine's voters are those committed to ending environmental disasters, thus are far more sensitive to and in tune with environmental irregularities."

Some have said they believe Gardner's motivations are nothing more than a personal vendetta against St. Helens. In 1980 when St. Helens erupted, it wiped out thousands of square miles of forests that could have been logged by Weyerhauser, a company Gardner had married into.

Rossi headquarters released the following statement upon receiving the news of the latest legal tactic by the Democrats:

Are they serious?

Also named in the lawsuit as defendants are the National Forest Service for their lack of proper management of the Volcano's eruption and venting cycle, the University of Washington's Department of Earth and Space Sciences, specifically the Pacific Northwest Siesmographic Network, for not supplying adequate forewarning to the National Forest Service and the family of Harry S. Truman (non-President) for not convincing him to leave the mountain in 1980, saying if he were alive today he would have been able to curse at the mountain until it receded it's activity.

Mount St. Helens was not immediately available for comment.

Related articles: Interview with the Lava Dome

You islamofacist FREAKS...

... What's wrong with you? Can't you see this man is giving his ALL and the only thing you're doing is ignoring him? Issue the friggin' fatwa, would you already. There isn't a more deserving blogger.

Thank God I'm outta Seattle, now (uh, resident wise, anyway)

I can see it now: The Seattle City council today passed what they are calling the "Buy it and it will hurt" bill that will fine anyone who purchases or sells any goods contained in packaging that does not grow into an organic plant(s) when disposed of.

This is going to take their false religion of worshipping "Mother Earth" to a whole new level, if you didn't think it was possible.

The category is Constitutional amendments

I'd like to buy a vowel.
Is it time to look at The Second Amendment through 21st-Century eyes? Maybe. But maybe it's time to look at The First Amendment, too.
Whoa! Hold on there now, Pat.

Actually, I can't tell if Mr. Sajak is serious with that statement or is just trying to get the lefties in a tizzy - they certainly won't find the irony amusing. Who cares? This is the second time (here's the first) in a week he's released an editorial. I'm not a Wheel fan (or a Jeopardy fan), but I find the fact he is openly writing opinion pieces for a steeply right leaning publication fascinating.

What does it have to do with screenwriting?

Jane says it's World Population Day. So you're asking, "What does that have to do with screenwriting?" Yeah, yeah - so the question would have never come to your mind if I never tied to two with each other. I'll explain, but first, let me use a line here that I came up with and have been waiting to use for some time:

Blogs are like screenplays - everyone's got one.

Profound, huh?

Anyway, so you still want to know what that has to do with screenplays? Okay.

Here is something I've never shared on this blog. I have tried my hand at screenwriting. Oh, you have, too? You don't say. I don't speak of it simply because the blogosphere already has it's resident screenwriter. Of course, Roger actually counts since he actually has some screen credits, too (I do too, but not for screenwriting and for very small productions).

Anyway, World Pop. Day and screenwriting have still not been tied together yet. This one should be obvious - one of my own screenplays actually deals with the subject as a side note. The main pretext of the film is in regards to the premise the devil clearly cannot create, he can only deceive (or we'd be in a whole lot more trouble than we are now). It deals with his one desire to become equal with (or greater than) his Creator. The way he attempts this is by deceiving himself he can direct human beings into creating human life from scratch, from the dust of the Earth as God did, thus deceiving man into believing they can be creators.

So that screenplay started in 1998 and many things have happened since then. Such as a culture "brain" taught itself how to fly an F-22 fighter jet simulator.

I'm thinking about starting work on it again, with updates, of course. In my screenplay, the character styled after Al Gore actually won and his number one cause was World Population.

Don't ask about my other stories. Some of them are way too sappy, some are way far out there, and only one of them I think actually has a compelling story. The first one I ever finished was 150 pages long. When a screenwriting buddy saw it, without opening up the first page he laughed at its size. "90 pages. 120 tops. They won't even read this."

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Building update

In an amazing developement in just the last 2 hours, four partial outside walls of the log home project have already been erected. I didn't load a picture into this post for the simple reason you'd just pass over all my wonderful words and stare jealously at my handywork, instead. So, now that you've come this far you can click here to see a photo of the progress made.

And before you say, "Hey, there's no notching." I'm using what is called the butt & pass method. It's quicker, easier and stronger than notching. You don't have to season the logs and there is not shrinking of the walls during curing.