Monday, December 06, 2004

What does it have to do with screenwriting?

Jane says it's World Population Day. So you're asking, "What does that have to do with screenwriting?" Yeah, yeah - so the question would have never come to your mind if I never tied to two with each other. I'll explain, but first, let me use a line here that I came up with and have been waiting to use for some time:

Blogs are like screenplays - everyone's got one.

Profound, huh?

Anyway, so you still want to know what that has to do with screenplays? Okay.

Here is something I've never shared on this blog. I have tried my hand at screenwriting. Oh, you have, too? You don't say. I don't speak of it simply because the blogosphere already has it's resident screenwriter. Of course, Roger actually counts since he actually has some screen credits, too (I do too, but not for screenwriting and for very small productions).

Anyway, World Pop. Day and screenwriting have still not been tied together yet. This one should be obvious - one of my own screenplays actually deals with the subject as a side note. The main pretext of the film is in regards to the premise the devil clearly cannot create, he can only deceive (or we'd be in a whole lot more trouble than we are now). It deals with his one desire to become equal with (or greater than) his Creator. The way he attempts this is by deceiving himself he can direct human beings into creating human life from scratch, from the dust of the Earth as God did, thus deceiving man into believing they can be creators.

So that screenplay started in 1998 and many things have happened since then. Such as a culture "brain" taught itself how to fly an F-22 fighter jet simulator.

I'm thinking about starting work on it again, with updates, of course. In my screenplay, the character styled after Al Gore actually won and his number one cause was World Population.

Don't ask about my other stories. Some of them are way too sappy, some are way far out there, and only one of them I think actually has a compelling story. The first one I ever finished was 150 pages long. When a screenwriting buddy saw it, without opening up the first page he laughed at its size. "90 pages. 120 tops. They won't even read this."