Friday, December 03, 2004

Kenneth, where's the humor?!

So, take an outstanding writer, give him a space to write and hilarity ensues. Take a long time news organization, install a dumba** who considers himself the last word and watch your ratings plummet once he finally fudges up WAY too big to cover up.

That's why the blogosphere is 100-fold (probably more, but I'm being conservative) better than the Dead Media (formerly known as the Old Media, and prior to that the Legacy Media) - the blogosphere does not take itself seriously, which means it can cover big stories brilliantly, with reason AND humor, while the DM takes itself ridiculously serious. Oh, sure, you're going to say, "What about the Daily Show"? What about it? Have you ever seen John Daily away from the show? He takes himself seriously? I don't know why - nobody else does. At least Dan Rather had the 75 year-old+ audience who somewhat took him seriously.

Can you imagine the fuming going on in the Dead Media these days after it was announced "blog" was the word of the year. Even Merriam-Webster, who in all seriousness should be some of the dullest people, has a sense of humor. What? Oh, they were serious? Oh well. Take that, Vice President Kenneth Burrows!

And talk about humor... why the heck doesn't Blogger's spell check recognize "blog" as a word? Common - IT'S IN MERRIAM-WEBSTER!!! Sometimes a person is forced into believing Microsoft owns Pyra.