Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Tonight's sadness

Here is a sad story (not a recent one) for you cat lovers out there. I'm not a cat lover (in fact, to me, the best kind of cat is a dead one) so it's not so sad to me.

A few years back a friend of mine was living in a basement. Just on the other side of the window next to his room a mother cat decided to give birth to a litter (and I mean that literally) of kittens. So, being the compassionate guy that he is he watched over them and named them after certain Northwest natural landmarks, specifically the kinds detached from the mainland. Anyway, he appeared pretty attached to the fellers and what not, until one day I asked him whatever came about of them. "They all died," he said. He didn't seem so attached to them then - I was proud of the guy. Still, he fibbed a bit to the people at work about the fate of the kittens, especially to the girls, I suspect. So, if you are employed by a certain Major League Baseball team and this story sounds vaguely familiar, you didn't read it here.

The End.