Tuesday, November 30, 2004

For the "Compassionate Conservative" in you

In all wars there are guys who put EVERYTHING on the line, a whole lot of them. It's not very often, though, that one of those guys ends up putting almost everything on the line again, 30+ years later, for nothing more than the opportunity to tell it like he saw it. That's exactly what Steve Gardner of the Swifties did during this last election. Now, it appears, Steve paid a costly price for being so open with his experiences and available for the media. Now, I imagine things like this happen more often than we hear and it is an opportunity for those close to these people to do what they can to help out. Here is the kicker, though:
Gardner, the father of three, now is broke and unemployed. Nonetheless, he says he'd speak against Kerry all over again...
He'd do it all over again, simply for his country and the men and women serving in uniform right now.

Powerline has post information on how to contribute to Steve Gardner via PayPal. I'm sure offers for possible employment have flooded into Mr. Gardner and he will be doing just fine, but for the immediate future, go give him and his family a Christmas gift for his willingness to sacrafice a whole lot simply for speaking out.