Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Marxist Land Grab coming to a County near... Me.

Taken from CARP website:

If the CAO (Critical Areas Ordinance) is enacted without substantial changes property owners in rural unincorporated King County can look forward to:

  • In order to make any new use of your property that would require a permit (what doesn’t require a permit these days?) you automatically give up any use of 65% of your property.
  • The only allowable use of that 65% is growing native plants.
  • If you have any “critical areas” such as wetlands or streams or steep slopes or nest trees you would give up additional buffers that range up to 300 feet wide. In order to make the claim that they are being flexible, the bureaucrats amended their first draft to allow some reduction in buffer sizes in exchange for extensive “farm plans” or “stewardship plans” that would delineate what other steps you will perform to make up for the reduced buffers. I guess that is the same concept as giving capital felons the choice of hanging or lethal injection.

You see, it's all in the name of the environment, the goddess "Mother Earth". I am not too keen on pagan idol worship. And I am just about as unamused with restricting property rights, even less amused with land grabbing.

On top of that, the new adventure will require land and many of the eligible and desireable lots are in this "unicorporated" King County.

Make no mistake about what this is - Marxism in it's rawest form. Oh, and the "If the CAO is enacted" part is not longer an IF - it past on October 26th. Let's hope the judge(s) have their heads on straight (not holding my breath).

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