Monday, November 29, 2004

What happened to the landscape?

First, thank you to Patty-Jo for carrying the torch for a day. I was very pleased to return and find she had accepted my invitation and contributed some thoughts here. Don't make yourself a stranger to this blog, Patty. If you ever have anything you want to rant about regarding politics, policies, etc. the door is open. And remember to plug your own blog next time. That's part of the perks of guest blogging - you'd think your son would have explained that part to you, but considering he couldn't figure out HOW to accept the invitation it appears you're light years ahead of him. (Kidding, Mr. Bol - I've had problems with that invitation doohickey before, too.)

Yes, for those few loyal readers I have been away, even though I had returned from my Thanksgiving retreat. Mmm - I never get sick of venison (uh, maybe because I generally only have it a few times a year). Kudos to my 81 year old grandfather for continuing to walk out the back porch, spot a nice doe on the property and hit it from 200 yards, perfectly on the back of the neck. Breakfast is never as good as biscuits, venison backstrip and gravy.

Blogging may continue to be light for a day or so. Not only did my grandfather supply the meat, but he also supplied the head cold. I'm feeling just fine and can get around and work, but I am having difficulty concentrating on or caring about any current events, of which the situation in the Ukraine and the Guber race recounts here in Washington State are nothing to take lightly.

As well, I have geared a good amount of my attention towards the Adventure. On top of that, I will be moving this week (out of Seattle, northward, but not much) and my girlfriend will be relocating at the end of the month, too, so some time will be dedicated to those inconveniences.

Normal blogging should return in time.

Cold, Cold go away and don't come back another day.