Friday, December 03, 2004

Things that make me say, "crap!"

This is a new running serious to EiP. They will generally be short and
you can bet they probably happened to me in the last 24 hours. So on
with the show.

This thing makes me say, "crap":

When you are about to fill up the gas tank and decide to put a bottle of
Techron in first, you put the bottle in and it appears to stay put by
itself. So you turn around for a few seconds to swipe your card, then,
just as you attempt to grab the bottle it decides to slip out and fall
to the ground, while the inertia of this throws Techron all over your
pants. On top of that, you had just put those pair of pants on to wear
the next day and packed everything else to move. Then you have to run
from your girlfriend's apartment to the laundry room in your boxers to
wash the pants you just put on and then can't find 50-cents more worth
of quarters to put the pants in the dryer, so you have to hang them up
on a drying rack and point the fan at them, you get to bed, late. Thank
God for the Shout pre-wash scrubber.