Thursday, December 02, 2004


There is just something about relocating that makes everyone cringe, am I right? Let me tell you, though, you should take that lemon and make it into a nice "lemonade & whiskey" (lemonade in Australia is just generic 7-UP). How, you might ask.

Here is my remedy - season to your own taste preferences:

1) Off the bat, decide that at least 1/2 of all stuff you have acquired is junk.
2) Go through your stuff and figure out what half is junk and what half is worth considering keeping.
3) Back the pickup to a spot where you can throw things out the second window into the truckbed.
4) Start tossing
5) Drive to the dump (or transfer station depending on your location).
6) Get weighed
7) Dump (if there is anything worth having, the transfer station guys will let you know by putting it in their lockers).
8) Get weighed again
9) Pay the dude
10) Drive home with a smile because you just discovered you are not tied down to stuff (if you don't drive home with a smile you have some soul searching to do).

Trust me, I didn't figure this out by accident. When I moved to Australia I was forced to determine WHAT was really important to me. I ended up with about 1/5 of everything I owned, including selling the restored '66 Beattle (my main mode of transportation had already been sold a year prior). I never looked back. In fact, when I returned from Australia (cutting things short there) I left almost ALL of it there and started over again. Let me tell you, there cannot be too many exercises more cathartic than that.

That's why I'm beaming right now. I cooked up the exact recipe above today and it feels great! Buh-bye stuff.