Friday, December 03, 2004

It's all in the preparation

Gather 'round, children, and let Uncle Editor teach you a lesson in moving. It's all in the preparation. Do as I say and maybe someday your move will go as smooth as mine.

1) 5:30pm: pick-up rental truck
2) 5:45pm: begin packing truck
3) 6:30pm: finish packing truck
4) 6:45pm: arrive at your favorite fast food restaurant and send you significant other in with cash.
5) 6:46pm: receive phone call from your sister with pertinent information regarding what sort of Christmas gift you should get your nephew, forcing you to re-route (not far, though) to your high speed internet connection to place an order for a gift.
6) 6:56pm: arrive at internet connection site
7) 7:00pm: watch your significant other storm out the door on her way back to preferred restaurant because they put the sour cream on after being asked not to.
8) 7:15pm: finalize purchase (yeah, it took that long because Disney's site did not like a # sign in the address field)
9) 7:16: sig. returns.
10) 7:17pm: go make a few more comments over at American Warmonger
11) 7:30pm: hit the road
12) 8:00pm: arrive to destination and catch a half hour of '70s Show (yeah, it's pretty much one of the only situational comedies I watch)
13) 8:30pm: begin unpacking
14) 8:45pm: finish unpacking everything into the garage
15) 9:00pm: decide it's still early and you can go drop off the truck and get this thing over with.
16) 9:30pm: drop off truck
17) 9:40pm: return to high speed connection site and teach you shmoes a lesson in preparation.

Okay - any of you going to question whether I can prepare myself to build a home?