Thursday, September 07, 2006

No photoshop required...

Um, can you hear me now?

Dead Terrorists show up on video. Is that like way creepy or what?

You choose: Rusty or Allah

UPDATE: Looks like Osama had quite the hostess back in the day.

"Hey y'all. Welcome to our humble crib."

"Dude, Osama. Is that Whitney Houston?"

"Ugh. Yeah - you should see the mess she's made in the head."

Preschool in SoCal

"You can tell the Armenian kids because they start smoking at 2."
Look, I don't know what reason more you need to be reading Doug TenNapel.

Must watch TV

Well, I wasn't that interested in the ABC miniseries "The Path To 9/11"... but I am, now.

UPDATE: Or maybe not.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Some peoples' kids

Here's my 2-bits on Steve Irwin... to add to the apparant blog swarm.

Some public personalities you just don't realize how much you appreciate until they're gone. Like Ronald Reagan. Even knowing it would be any moment for Ron did not make it any easier and my reaction was far more emotional than I had expected - even with the admiration and love I had/have for the man.

People like that are the special ones - the incredible types. Steve Irwin was one of those very few.

Cheers, mate!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunday Sun blogging

We found the sun to be blood red Friday evening on the eastern side of our state. It was spectacular.