Saturday, September 18, 2004

Email boo-boo

So, I just figured out there was a problem with the "spam" safe script for my email address. I have fixed it.

AGAIN, I am sorry if you have attmepted to send an email. I more than likely have not received it.

(chalk it up to another amateur mistake)

What am I supposed to listen to, now?

From Glenn, comes this...

Now, that completely sucks 'cause tomorrow is a big day for me. My team plays on the East Coast and I'll be watching on TV. However, I usually listen to the radio broadcast instead of the television and KIRO happens to be that broadcaster. What now?

Send them a message a

"We completely abandoned the process of authenticating the documents...

...Obviously, looking back on it, that was a mistake."

No $#%$@&# KIDDING?!

Mike does his analysis at Rathergate.
Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

UPDATE: The above message was added automatically by Haloscan. HECK YES, it's been added and it's awesome. To all those blogspot bloggers who I ignorantly "reminded" to contact Blogspot... Sorry I'm an idiot.

UPDATE II: Apologies to those who had left comments prior to the upgrade... They have disappeared.

The Great UNITER...

Sweatin' it out!

By the way, you may be shocked to learn that I created this entire webpage without even owning a computer. Yeah, that's right, I blog from work... what?

I had given up on computers about 4 years ago because of a late night one time almost ending with throwing a friend's notebook out into the cold, wet, horrible winter of Aberdeen, Washington (friggin' FTP software was junk). Anyway, after a trip to Fry's today there is this screaming machine sitting on my desk, now, and I have signed up for cable internet - hey, you have to feed a habit, right?

However, upon numerous attempts, the unit would not power up. I'm like, WTF?! 4 years without a 'puta and this is what I get? So I called support and they wanted to send out a replacement power supply. NO FRIGGIN' WAY am I waiting 3-4 days for a power supply, so I decided to open the thing up and poke around. Come to find out, the power switch connection to the motherboard had come a little loose. RELIEF! I was starting to get the shakes and sweat was pouring.

And about the choice to go with cable: I have no idea what is better - cable or DSL, but I chose cable for 1 simple reason. Not only had I given up on computers, but I had given up on the landline, and cable TV, too (which is why I never get called by pollsters). It was becoming agonizing thinking of having to call the phone company to hook up service, but then the sales guy, Fred, assured me I didn't even have to have cable TV to get cable internet. I WAS SOLD!!! No phone line, no phone bill, no cable TV, just high speed internet.

Footballs Fans for the Truth...

Does this new 527 group have a longer reach than we know? I was just watching the UCLA Bruins-Washington Huskies game on SEE-BS's competitor, ABC, and I could have sworn the annoucer said something like, "... and he couldn't get past the blogger!" Okay, so you're going to say it was "blocker" not blogger. Whatever!

Keeping an EYE on Dan...

Via the guys (Powerline) who issued the fatwa for the Pajamahadeen, the Eye is everywhere, and Dan cannot hide... not even in first class.

Why Bloggers' Photoshops will out Comic the Comics...

'Cause reality is funnier than fiction.

Care of Wizbang Kevin.

Is it time for bed, yet?

Crap - I was already to get some sleep and then I had to click my big fat mouse on the Hugh Hewitt link and see a couple of priceless items...

1). A 527 after my own heart

2). The best photoshop so far of Rathergate/Danron inspired by Hugh's own quest for a LotR analogy...

Bon soir!

A Happy Ending...

And of course, the one to make it happy is... the Prez.

What am I doing awake?

Good question - trying to figure out how to manipulate html. I'm an amateur at this game, but I am pleased at the direction this is going.

Many thanks to the 1400+ who have visited in the first 4 days. It could not have been done without Jim Geraghty and Kathryn Jean Lopez.

Back to serious blogging...

Friday, September 17, 2004

Pajama to be on Hugh Hewitt momentarily

Listen! Maybe we'll get a mention or maybe there will be a new communique.

By the way, visit Hugh's place.

Oh boy, oh good - it's Wizbang's Weekend Caption contest

Go participate, lemmings!

"I'm fascinated by punk and techno! Yeah, I knew Johnny Ramone - I pulled him out of the Mekong like this."

Pojama, Pajama - what's the difference?

Praise be to Allahpundit, Pojama has recognized my legitimacy (scroll to end of linked post) and now I can enter paradise with highest honors!

He did, however, decide Pajama was better than Pojama. Hey, do I really have the option to disagree?

ATTENTION: Kerry Spot readers I'm honored you are here. If you are looking for the post Pajama Been Bloggin' was referencing it is here.

UPDATE: PBB has issued a new communique.

Medals, ribbons, forged military documents - what's the difference?

And you all thought they were never to be heard from again.

Note to HEO Editor friend: Why didn't I get the digs on this? I coulda' been a contenda'!

All the Rage on the Blogosphere

I don't have much to add to what it said here, here, here or here. It's pretty dispicable when you have to make a little girl cry.

UPDATE: Lizardoid King has more here.

UPDATE II: And the Cutie Pie says the Union has issued an appology (among other issues she writes about).

Thursday, September 16, 2004

A reminder for Blogspot bloggers re: Trackback

Please send a note (here) to the Blogspot staff letting them know you would like a "trackback" tool.

Could I be seeing that right?

Down deep in this article you might notice these numbers: 54-40. These Gallup numbers will be released tomorrow, just in time to ruin Democrats' weekend plans.

Is this a good time to ask anit-Bushers to enter bets? I personally have been predicting something of the sort, but we'll still have to wait out until the morning to see HOW they came to those numbers. It does seem clearer and clearer that this election is over.

Who's the hottie in the uniform?

The other day, my girlfiend first saw a photo of Bush from his National Guard duties while watching one of the Nightly News broadcasts. She was pretty impressed and then remarked that if they (the DNC, Kerry Camp, MoveOn, broadcast news, etc.) keep highlighting those photos it will only help him. The guys over at Powerline have done their own unofficial email poll and it's unanimous - there's no gender gap. Even the lesbians think he's cute. Where are the photos of Laura in her librarian's wear?

NEW FEATURE... Featured Film of the Week: Jengis Blues, er...

That should be Genghis Blues, the story of Paul Pena's unlikely trip to Tanu Tuva. Rent it! Buy it! Enjoy it!

Head of the Pajamahadeen to release a statement soon

Pojama Been Bloggin' (a.k.a Jim Geraghty) says he's working on some news. What else is new? This guy is on fire.

By the way, Pojama won the "Golden Drawstring Award" over at Lucianne's site, yesteday, according to K-Lo at The Corner.

UPDATE: Editors in Pajamas gets the nod from K-LO. I agree with her plead... STOP THE MADNESS, DAN!

Michelle for Blog Mom! (play on her Security Moms)

Yeah, she's cute, but she can write and all that stuff, too.

By the way, I think she needs to upgrade her kid's "Jammie Wear".

Rumblings of Gallup's latest results

People are starting to hear rumors of an upsurge in Bush's Gallup numbers here and corroborated here. Oh, they're in the same place.

Name Change...

Yes, the name of this blog has changed from "The Pajama Party Begins (in the living room)" to "Editors in Pajamas". We're in the R&D stage still, and more than likely, the name will change again. So check make soon to see what it might be.

Today's Honorary Sponsor* is...

Bringing you the best in Fax Services.

*"Honorary Sponsor" means they don't know they are Honorary Sponsors and I receive NO monies from them.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

R.I.P Johnny Cummings (Ramone)

This is going to be an extremely rare late night post, but I just received word that one of the World's most distinct musicians has left this earth and gone to meet his maker.

"Kill a Commie for Mommy"

Johnny, was a very rare conservative in his profession.

In that light, I'll announce that I was going to add a new feature called "Featured Artist(s) of the Week". It will not necessarily be of current or up-and-coming artists, but whoever I darn well feeeeeeel like. This week was going to be Mindy Smith. Of course, that has been trumped and the RAMONES have it.

But, I will leave you with some of Mindy Smith's lyrics from her title song "Come to Jesus":

Oh, my baby, when you're dying
Believe the healing of His hand
Here in Heaven we will wait for your arrival
Here in Heaven you will finally understand

That last stand of Dan Rather

"Jennings, help me. I'm stuck! Now, I'm sinking. What's happening? What's this - pajamas?"

Anyone up for Watching 60 Minutes II, tonight?

Count me out! They're going to be trotting out an 86-year-old lady who says the documents ARE fake as their key witness to support the contents are accurate. I wonder how many of these documents she happened to type for Killian. For awhile, I thought Dan Rather might have been smoking some Mexican agriculture - now it looks like just about everyone over at CBS is. CBS News division is finished and if the other "major" networks decide not to be the ones to finish them off they will suffer, too. Or maybe they're just hoping for a migration.

Tim Blair, in Australia, gets on the case of WHO?

Talk about leg work... boy, his arms must be tired (ba-da-bing).

VRWC to take on... O'Reilly?

Holy Crud! After lambasting O'Reilly yesterday on her show and sending an "E-blast" out to her listeners/readers where she says O'Reilly has begun "an extreme image makeover", talk show Goddess Laura Ingraham, , host of the most entertaining VRWC Nationally syndicated talk show, has been invited on O'Reilly to discuss if "right wing radio" is a detriment to the political process.

It's days like this I wish I had cable. Hopefully, will have this up, tomorrow.

Give 'im ZELL, Laura!

CBS is delaying - what's my theory?

Bascially that USA Today has decided to run with a headline something like, "WE WERE DUPED!" And CBS is begging them not to...

We shall see.

UPDATE: CBS is on their 3rd delay, so far. Apparently, Dan is talking to Old Woman Knox.

Disappearing Acts!

"... And then like that, poof, he' gone." - Verbal Kint, Usual Suspect

Via Michelle Malkin and LGF we have stories about Borders' employees making "Unfit For Command disappear." I'm glad I don't read or write, 'cause this kind of thing might make me uspet.

But, like Ron Popeil, there's more...

Here is what O'Reilly had to say about Rathergate:

"Believe me, I know Dan Rather. In just a self-interest arena, someone like Rather or O'Reilly or Brokaw," O'Reilly insisted, "We're not going to do anything fraudulent, because our careers would just go-POOF!"

Yep - Poof, like that, he's gone! O'Reilly better becareful, 'cause he could be next.

Sweet! First Blog mention was in less than 24 hours!

Thanks to Suzy Rice who mentioned this blog, right along side Michelle Malkin and other big whigs (mispelling an intentional reference - read next paragraph).

Speaking of Whigs, is anyone over at the DNC researching the transition the Whigs made to Republicans? Seems like that would be pertinent information, right about now.

In case you were wondering...

Yes, basically the Pajamahadeen and the Digital Brown Shirts (Thank you, Al Gore) are one in the same... I have not yet joined the Digital Brown Shirt underground (I guess you have to get an invite and then there is an initiation, which includes burning a Selectric Typewriter alive).

The Pajamahadeen given airtime by al-Fox and al-CNN did not disappoint, and so I shall not, either.

First, Powerline's Johnson makes his appearance with Brit Hume...

Then, Lizaroid King (Charles Johnson of LGF) converses with O'Reilly (more on O'Reilly, later)...

And Finally, not to be outdone, the Blogfather gets jiggy wi't Paula Zahn.

CORRECTION: Charles Johnson was NOT on with O'Reilly, it was John Podhoretz and he gave a good mention for LGF.

CRYSTAL BALL 9-15-2004

This is the part of the Blog where I will look into the crystal ball and make a prediction...


Okay, I predict that sometime between today and tomorrow John Kerry will be speaking to a crowd about something completely unrelated to Vietnam and find a way to include Vietnam in the subject.

Isn't he cute?

And for those of you with an infant in the family who you want to grow up to be honest and forthright, here is a start for you at (you can purchase one by clicking on the photo) (Brought to our attention by Instapundit).

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Should I put BREAKING NEWS on this site?

Yeah, absolutely. When the rumors start to fly they're gonna be coming here first to find out if they are true...

With that said I don't think Charles has started a rumor - sound like he's gonna be on O'Reilly soon.

This follows Powerline's Johnson on Brit Hume's show. I'll have the DailyRecycler bits on here no later than the morning, if they are available.

How the "Pajamahadeen" Got its Name!

If you're in the dark on the origins of the PAJAMA reference you can find out by visiting the Daily Recycler...

And this is where Jim Geraghty created "Pajamahadeen" from Jonathan Klein's super duper remark.

The NEW "Site Meter" and Full Disclosure: A lesson for CBS

As you can see, if you had scrolled to the bottom of the page, you would have noticed a brand new site meter added within the last hour. If you happen to click on it you will be directed to a page at displaying statistics for you. Don't be fooled! In an effort to bring slightly more integrity to this blog than CBS brings to publicly owned airwaves I must open the books and have full disclosure - I'm spiking the numbers so when I present them to potential blog advertisers things are padded nicely.

As well, I have no idea how accurate they are. In fact, I have very little knowledge on how the site meter even appeared, except that I punched in a screenname here and a password there, yada, yada, yada, it's magic.

Does Site Meter work? For Glenn's sake, I HOPE SO!!! 385,000 in one day. All hail the Blogfather!


Haaaaallelujah! Haaaaallelujah! HallelujahHallelujah! Hallayaylujaaaaaah!

Brought to you by those Caption Contest kings at Wizbang (click banner)

Frank J. Does his best Napoleon Dynamite impression

"I like a good rumor as much as the next guy..."

Yeah, that's good Dan, but you're NOT the next guy - you're an idiot, and I don't use that term lightly (unless you're driving 5 mph under the limit and I am unable to pass you).

However, in the good spirit of rumor milling I am starting one here...

Ashton Kutcher has been spotted in New York. Word has it, he's making his way to CBS News later this evening where, during Dan Rather's live report, he will jump onto the set and yell, "You've been Punk'd!"

Could it be true? Well, for some insight, let us consult Punk'd's own homepage...

"Beat an ass...literally. Give our virtual donkey a whompin' in the Punk'd PiƱata game." (ephasis mine)

Uh, isn't that enough evidence as to what their show is all about? Whompin' donkeys? Dan, boy are you going to be relieved. If only you read this blog your need to change your Depends every 5 minutes would cease.

DISCLAIMER: This is a RUMOR and only a RUMOR. I made up the whole thing. Well, except for the quote from Punk'd's own homepage, which you can visit here and see for yourself.

To be or NOT to be...

...Anonymous, that is. Please, discuss it in the comments section.

As well, I am seriously html illiterate, so if you have any suggestions on how to get Suzy's spectacular .jpg over to the sidebar I would be very greatful.


UPDATE: Okay, I'm not fooling anyone - nobody's posting comments here. It's been nearly 4 hours since I created this blog and not a single comment. It's as if I would need to have a marketing strategy, but that's not what guys in pajamas do.

Props To Suzy Rice

Proud Member of the "Jammies Brigade" since 14 September 04


I have decided it is time to join the Pajama Patrol!

Uh... I'm busy - more later. In the meantime enjoy this "monthly" update from one of our bravest.