Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Disappearing Acts!

"... And then like that, poof, he' gone." - Verbal Kint, Usual Suspect

Via Michelle Malkin and LGF we have stories about Borders' employees making "Unfit For Command disappear." I'm glad I don't read or write, 'cause this kind of thing might make me uspet.

But, like Ron Popeil, there's more...

Here is what O'Reilly had to say about Rathergate:

"Believe me, I know Dan Rather. In just a self-interest arena, someone like Rather or O'Reilly or Brokaw," O'Reilly insisted, "We're not going to do anything fraudulent, because our careers would just go-POOF!"

Yep - Poof, like that, he's gone! O'Reilly better becareful, 'cause he could be next.