Saturday, October 16, 2004

Attempting to panic Bush supporters...

The Washington Post is running with this article claiming that Rove has strayed from his original plan because it has not worked (not to mention trying to make him out to be Darth Rove). Don't believe their hype, people. Getting the folks referenced in the article to vote was part of the original plan - how could it not be? This piece is clearly an attempt to panic those of us who desperately want the President to be re-elected (and Drudge if falling for it, once again). They may hate the Cowboy President and his "bravado", but what they hate even more are those who appreciate and support him and the confidence we have in the outcome of this election.

I know many of you are not very confident. You see the polls going back and forth (and if your emotional stability sways with the polls like Kerry's views sway with his windsurfing board go here) and you dont' know what to believe. You watch the MSM run with their slanted stories and worry the truth is getting stiffled so that those not connected will not see the truth. I for one, am not buying it. Every where I turn there is a "democrat" who says, "No way, no how am I voting for Kerry. In fact, I'm voting for Bush." Many voting for a Republic for the very first time. Not to mention the young'uns who, when asked in a telephone poll, are going with say Bush 60%. That's right - 60% of 18-29 year-olds asked in a LANDLINE poll are going with Bush. I wonder how many of those without a landline are going with Bush? Well, count at least 1, 'cause I don't have a landline. Anyone else?

My point? Relax - don't let them get the best of you. Most of them know in their hearts Bush will be re-elected and at this point their only reprise is trying to get you panicked.

My, how little you've accomplished, Senator. (that's dot O-R-G) did some research into the candidates' claims about how much or little John Kerry had accomplished in 20 years as a Senator.
Kerry counted all measures he wrote that were approved by the Senate. While Bush defined “bills” in the strictest sense, Kerry included bills, joint resolutions, concurrent resolutions with no force of law, and even simple Senate resolutions that aren't even considered by the House.

Go check it out for yourself. John Kerry even passed this highly important Senate resolution:
S.Res.123: To change the name of the Committee on Small Business to the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship." (2001)

He's even looking to the future and looking out for the planet since Bushitler "pulled out of" the Kyoto agreement:
S.Con.Res.26: Calling for the United States to support a new agreement providing for a ban on commercial mining of minerals in Antarctica. (1991)

Yep - if you're thinking about heading to Antarctica and to do some mining you're going to have to think twice. It's banned for 50 years.

Don't forget about the all important subject of world population. We must be aware of it, so:
S.J.Res.158: To make the week of Oct. 22 – Oct. 28, 1989 “World Population Awareness Week.” (1989)

S.J.Res.160: To renew “World Population Awareness Week” for 1991. (1991)

That's right, 'cause the World is overpopulated, you know.

So, what was it? 5 or 56? FactCheck says 11, but that's with an "IF". Looks like John has stretched the truth again. Are you surprised?

ht: Eric Lindholm

Saturday Round-up

JYB discovered some great news in Iraq - kidnappers are captured. I am really starting to enjoy JYB - Brian keeps finding these nuggets.

Captain Ed has some more about Sen. Dayton's decision to leave Washington: Paranoia (as an aside, check out this letter sent to Senator Frist regarding Dayton's empty office).

The Governor of Tennessee is trying to use dirty tricks to accuse Republicans of dirty tricks over at Bill Hobb's place.

Rick Brady has some thoughts regarding the CNS Documents. At the same time, it appears he slightly questions Hugh's choice of symposium topic this week. I happen to agree. Yes, what Kerry did in relation to Mary Cheney was disingenous and calculated, and it will hurt him if even just slightly, but there are most certainly more important and exciting topics than this one. That is why this blog is not participating this week.

Jon Stewart says some not so nice stuff to Tucker "I'm in it to be on TV" Carlson on The DailyRecycler.

Armies of Liberation's Jane showed us pretty much why anyone who is too lazy to get involved with the voting process (becoming EDUCATED and RESEARCHING issues then VOTING) deserves whatever wrath a dictatorship would bring: Afghans prepared themselves for death before they voted.

The Draft issue is not going away because Kerry continues to lie about it (go figure). Citizen Smash and Wizbang have more spankings for Kerry. So does Bill.

Tim Blair continues to cover American issues while living Down Unda'. Go ahead, tell me the internet hasn't changed the way news is covered.

Is admitting you want Bush to win if you are a Bush supporter a difficult thing? It is for Spoons, apparently.

The Hindrocket has as much contempt for these people as I do. EARTH to 60's wannabe idiots: Ordinary Americans have been speaking with ordinary Iraqs for quite some time now, and the ordinary Iraqis are speaking back, with a grateful tone. So SHUT UP! (okay, that was the very, very, very light version of what this was supposed to be)

Froggy says Osama is dead. I happen to think he has a good 90% chance of being correct.

I am so pissed right now...

It is 12:40 AM and I just spent the last 20 minutes creating one of my best commentary posts yet on this article and when I went to publish it Blogger decided to have an "internal error" and it was lost forever! And I was ready to rip someone's head off already, after reading that article. Now...

I cannot forgive Blogger for that. So, I'll announce right now that I have been starting the process of creating a new site. I am hoping to have it up within a couple weeks, but that is all based on my ability to adapt to Movable Type and getting familier with other web tools, like an FTP, etc.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Cannot recommend this film

My girlfriend and I have just returned from viewing Team America: World Police. So let's go through the different aspects of the film and see how it fairs. Despite the title of this post, you might be surprised with the outcome of this review

To begin with, the action. Even though there were moments when anyone paying attention could clearly notice the original marionettes had been replaced with stunt marionettes the action was some of the best I have ever witnessed. Don't worry - no spoilers here. Just know that even though CGI characters are making strides in the industry, marionettes are not willing to take a back seat when it comes to putting themselves on the line - there is no substitute for real physical destruction and injury.

So, what about the acting? There is only one way to describe it and that is with a quote from the creators of the film when confronted with the question about Alec Baldwin's desire to play himself: (paraphrasing 'cause I can't find the article now)

"Yeah, he called us and wanted to play.... we found somebody who played him better."

The music would have done John Williams proud - literally. One of the best scenes is in a "terrorist" bar that parodies Star Wars, and the music is not spared. Besides that, there are some funny, yet extremely crass lyrics to the songs, which you should be expecting from the South Park boys. It does not distract from the actual quality of the music itself, but does go overboard.

Yet, the best part of the film was it's message. I certainly will not use the terms that were used, but this is the gist of it: Yo, we're America, greatest country on Earth. We have to protect ourselves because by protecting ourselves we're protecting the rest of you. Sure, we may be cocky about it and we may tell you appeaser-types to take a hike when you're trying to get in our way, but that's the way it HAS to be to take out the bungholes. 'Cause we may be cocky, but they're bungholes and bungholes are much worse than the cocky guys and the bungholes are not going to just screw with the cocky guys, but they'll crap on the appeaser-types, too. Hey, we don't even LIKE being the cocky guys (still, we'd rather be the cocky guys than the appeaser-types). And moreover, you appeaser-types better be careful since it's a fine line between being an appeaser-type and a bunghole. Don't think we haven't figured that out.

So yeah, I enjoyed the film, it's humor (for the most part), the music, the blowing up of F.A.Gs and the message. I'm glad we went and saw it.

However, I am not recommending this film. If you want to know why just do a google search on "Team America" and you can find out the controversies surrounding certain scenes. I could have especially done without the "prove your loyalty to the team" scene.

'Nuff said.

Pick Your Charity Day

There seems to be a theme around the blogosphere today: Pick Your Favorite Charity. I'll do the round-up.

We'll start with this very site. If you have yet to notice I have add this Image Hosted by to the sidebar. Click on it and help the cause.

Next, we meander on over to Stones Cry Out and find Rick Brady's pick: Jose Nicholas Abanto Alejandro of Peru through

Not to be left out, all the way on the bottom half of the Earth, Chrenkoff decides you can't have enough straight shooters and highlighted Adopt a Sniper.

And not to be left out, but the Democrat Party of Tennessee chose

All worthy causes. Pick one and be generous this weekend.

Unfit authors release a NEW chapter available online only

Get the added chapter from Human Events Online here:


John Kerry MUST NOT become president - especially when he continues, KNOWINGLY I might add, to propagate a bold faced lie:

"With George Bush, the plan for Iraq is more of the same and the great potential of a draft."
Is that right, Senator? What about the draft resolution being defeated, no, wait, being TROUNCED in the house, 402-2 and (of course this is mostly redundant for most of you) that the "2" were democrats, not to mention the bill's authors and sponsors.

Almost as telling as Kerry's willingness to continue his fabrications is this bit from the article:

He prepared to deliver the first in a series of speeches that aides
describe as the campaign's "closing arguments" in Milwaukee...

Heh. I happened to make the "closing arguments" jab at the end of live blogging the 2nd debate, but never imagined Kerry's own people would compare his campaign strategy as a court case.

Wish I could say I am shocked...

... but I can't. This, brought to our attention by Duane, is most disturbing. I wonder what one has to promise to get in the pocket of the Mullahs.

(see, told ya' it was unlikely I'd take the day off)

MORE: Here

Friday in America

Goooooooood morning Vietnam!!! Er, Americker (you know, like "idear"). It's Friday and you know what the means? I have a friggin' plan! That's right I'm going to enjoy myself and that does not include setting myself on fire. On the contrary, I'm going to set this town on fiya! And I'm going to leave all the bad news in Iraq behind and go find something to watch at the cinema that has NOTHING to do with war or terrorism or politics. So that means I'll be taking my girlfriend to see something touchy feely and girly like this film. I hear the love scenes are very touching, if you know what I mean. So, go have a good time, yourselves - leave your anxiety and tension regarding the looming elections back on Thursday and let it resume after the Sabbath.

What are some of you going to be doing? I suspect hunting or maybe backpacking. Whatever it is, make sure you don't let your arthritis get in the way. Do whatever it takes to deal with it. I find faith healing (through embryonic stem cell research) works the best, but if you like the ginned up raisins, more power to ya'! Just make sure whatever it is you do you understand the key to happiness and its importance to enjoying the next couple days.

Peace out! I might just take the rest of the day off (but not likely).

UPDATE: Dr. Shackleford's bud already went to see the touchy-feely flick and has a review.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Catalano doing her best to get a gig with the Yanks

I don't know what to make of this, but Michele has been on a "recruiting" tear as of late.

First, it was the VRWC.

Then it was the "Coalition of the Dark Side".

Now, as part of the Command Post, she's recruiting history makers (Actually, this is a pretty cool gig for those of you who have the time, desire and energy).

Could she be stacking her resume in an attempt to wiggle her way onto the Death Star's farm league recruiting team ? Catalano, Costazna... think about it. Hey Michele, HANDS OFF ICHIRO!

Now it's YOUR turn

The official TRUTH FOR TROOPS website is back up and accepting donations. I've done my duty - now it's time for you to help those who are helping us.

Some quickies, but goodies

First, I want to set the record straight before John Edwards and John Kerry decide to drag my name into the World's domain and out me as proof there are no choices: I am a heterosexual - BIG TIME!

And speaking of outting, it seemed for sure this morning that I had been outted at work as a (gasp) blogger. The first email sent out by my superior was this question:
I would appreciate if someone can educate me as to what a ""WEBB BLOGGER" is.

Man, I was sweatin' for just the slightest moment (He appears to be a loyal Dem). But, no, he sincerely wanted to know what a blogger is. I tell ya people, that's making serious progress. This was coming from a guy who wishes DOS was still the hot thing because he was just figuring out how to use DOS based programs.

Finally, RightWingDuck is filling in for Frank J. while he's on vacation and RWD started with a doozy.

UPDATE: Jim has more about the outting nonsense. Looks like Elizabeth Edwards is going to need some help when Lynne Chenney is done with her.

MORE: K-Lo had an emailer who knows something about mother bears and cubs send a her a message. It reminds me of a great C.S. Lewis observation (paraphrased):

A woman's job is to protect her family from the World. A husband's job is to protect the World from his wife.

I'm thinking Dick is going to let his duties slide a little on this issue.

More reason to DEFEAT THE MULLAHS!

I want to make an admission: I hate islamofacism.

ht: JYB

Psychiatric help. Heh

Via Glenn, Via Tim, Via the Australian:
The other critical conclusion to come out of this election is that it was a total vindication of John Howard over Iraq. This is very painful for the commentariat – perhaps the Government should set up special psychiatric triage clinics for commentators unable to cope with their grief over the electorate's decision on Iraq.

I've heard of many conservative charities springing up to help mitigate the costs of all the lefties who promise to leave the country, but what about psychiatric help? Hmmm.

Now accepting full disclosures

JustOneMinute is covering the mysterious 56 individuals bills that Kerry personally wrote but "under another name" and is asking if there are others who want to fess up on the secret bills they penned under an alias. Anyone?

Free Market competition

Look out Cox & Forkum, there's an up and coming comic star and he's got a new offering for us today: An Inconvenience Even

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Exciting debate reaction!!!

Boring. A draw as draw as can be on style. Substance, eh. Kerry is out of touch with young voters on Social Security, taxes, etc. Bush - same ol', same ol' answers.

Thank God these are over. This was excruciating. I seriously wish I would have spent my time doing something else.

Any surprising answers? No.

There was only 1 surprise and that was the "immigration" question. Were the answers to the surprising? No.

UPDATE: Everyone in the World is going to be linking to Jeff pretty soon, so I'm trying to get in early!

UPDATE: Hmmm... Allahs been gone for a couple days... I'll do a round-up.

JYB says Kerry sure has some "titanium gonads" to bring up Reagan so much. Pajama thinks Kerry should try out as the next Tree Beard. Michele wasn't paying attention, but living it up with the Coalition of the Dark Side. Glenn says Bush's hand are facing downward (that's a win).

Over at the Barber Shop, LaShawn had a buttload of comments. Right on Red says it was a Kerry win, but that's irrelevant. Cutie Pie's jaw dropped to China, but was unimpressed with the answers. It was raining in Kerryville according to JustOneMinute. Citizen Smash has a round-up, too.

Captain Ed predicts the debate will go down as a disaster for Kerry within 48 hours. Why so long? Mrs. Greyhawk is celebrating 20 years, all by herself - go say congrats. Spoons is dumbfounded that he might be elligible for Affirmative Action by being in the minority. The Hindrocket says the A** was soundly thumped, while Deacon is as relieved as I am the debates are OVER.

Bill is hoping his boring assesment is good enough for an Instalanche. My guess is Tim and Chrenkoff are sleeping. Kevin fell asleep, too.

The final Swifties ad...


UPDATE: This one was released today as well. It might be even more damaging.

Teaser for you

From EiP's DC source:

The new Swift Boat Veterans for Truth anti-Kerry ad will be made available tonight. It's a doozy. The Swiftees are making a $3.1 million ad buy in Colorado, New Mexico, and Ohio, as well as a nation-wide cable buy.

That's right - so come back here sometime this evening to find it, Infidels!

“Probably an 8-pointer... Nothing terribly big.”

Raise your hand if you like hunting deer on your belly with a shotgun? I don't see any hands.

Okay, now raise your hand if an 8-point buck would not be terribly big in comparison to the other bucks you have downed? You know, like that 16-pointer you got last year.


You want volcano bloggin? Here! Here's your volcano blogging!

After my interview with the Lava Dome, then the experience I had live blogging the first "hazardous event" from the crater itself and finally having been overloaded with local Seattle volcano coverage you have not heard much about Saint Helens (or should it be renamed Mount St. Kerry) here. So go get your volcano blogging from someone who is actually still excited about this - Dr. Shackleford.

Road Rage

I like to ride my bike as much as the next guy (actually, probably a lot more so than the next guy), but these are the type of riders in my dreams at night that get run over - they give the rest of us roadies a BAD name!

Image Hosted by
"Why yes, dah-ling, we do have Grey Poupon on the jet."

Next on Fox: When Rats attack each other

Looks like the elections in Afghanistan have had somewhat of an effect on the local fighters in Fallujah. They decided it was best that they put down their arms and go to the booth, instead. But that's not acceptable to the foreigners who have taken up Jihad in Iraq. So, now the onetime allies are killing each other. Hmm... this certainly couldn't be a bad thing.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Compassionate Liberals

You're not going to believe this one... well, actually, anything is believable, anymore. I guess that means this guy was right.

Zombies can giggle, too

So, he's not quite a true Zombie voter, but he might as well be. The DailyRecyler found this gem of a video of this/these registered Democrat voter(s). 35 votes for 35 personalities. Hey, don't laugh - multiple personalities have rights, TOO!

It's a complicated plan, mind you.

While we all were paying attention to John F'ing Krist's Pony-disciple proselytize about their healing powers the Bush camp quietly released a new ad in regards to how difficult it will be to have the healing hands of Kerry's plan be laid upon your head:

Complicated Plan

Iraqis exercising new found freedoms

Omar reports that Iraqis took to the streets to protest today - 400,000 possibly? What were they protesting? Sorry, Fatso, it wasn't the American presence. It was the criminal presence and the kidnappings they were perpetrating. Looks like this weekend WAS the most critical so far in the WoT. Bugger off, scum!

"Truth for Troops" UPDATE!

Go. Read. Now!

Beaten to it...

I was going to do something of this sort, but Matt beat me to it... How do you feel being treated like a jury member or a Benny Hinn follower? I guess they're going for the Trinity Broadcasting Network vote.

Image Hosted by

Even MORE reasons to see puppet intimacy

Bill over at INDC has scanned the Dem. Underground for their comments about "Team America: World Police." Here is a sampling:

Those guys (South Park creators) lost me years ago, when they trashed rain forest preservation & biodiversity. Call me touchy and humorless but I can't get any chuckles out of human caused mass extinction.

Actually, that was pretty friggin' hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.

UPDATE: This is in NOT an endorsement of the film or a recommendation to see it. As I have warned in the past, they still have not decided whether it passes the NC-17 rating. I think, however, I'll just close my eyes and wait for the bad noises to stop - I can't miss scenes like this:

"In the opening scene, they take out half of Paris, including all of its cultural icons, in order to kill three terrorists with an WMD." - Daily Kos

JF'inK Finally!

Shameless Stem Cell shenanigans

So we've all heard the Superman is gone, that he wasn't immortal. And more than likely you've come across Kerry's shameless exploitation of Reeve's death. Well, we should have known considering the debate from Friday. Kerry, in true form, spent yesterday talking about his good friend. Now, I'm not going to doubt Kerry and Reeves were good friends - I have no reason, too. What I am going to doubt is how much John Kerry knows about stem cells and his authentic concern about SC research. Of course, Kerry is not genuine in any way, shape or form.

What you need to know about stem cell research:

Wesly J. Smith of the Discovery Institute... A Consumer's Guide to A Brave New World

UPDATE: American Warmonger, Jeremy Bol, has some thoughts about it, as well.

It's only a matter of time...

...before they revoke his Nobel. In the meantime, lets enjoy it while we can.

Nobel winner says tax breaks not LARGE ENOUGH!

Monday, October 11, 2004

Viewing problems

Is anyone else having viewing problems with this page, i.e, the sidebar has moved to the bottom of the page? I have NO idea how this might have happened except that blogger sucks!

UPDATE: It wasn't Blogger at all - IT WAS THE PAYPAL BUTTON!! Paypal has been pulling crap all day long and now they went and did whatever with the button dimensions. I have taken it down for the moment. Maybe if they get their act together I'll put it back up.

In new strategy, Kerry unveils partial plan

Nevada - As the New York Times went to the print presses late Saturday night with what would become the most comprehensive outline of how a Kerry presidency would better not only the United States, but the World, too, the Kerry campaign went into full half-way disclosure mode.

Kerry's advisers were quietly chit-chatting amongst themselves about the substance of the New York Times piece. Soon, the press core could see it was more than chatting, but out right giddiness. When asked about their apparent good nature one adviser said, "We're not going to talk about the specifics, but we will share with you that we are more excited about how we expect the Republicans react to the piece. We've set a trap for them." Reporters continued hounding the bunch for details, but after 30 minutes of teasing the group of advisers huddled together in the women's bathroom of the hotel Kerry's entourage was staying.

Then yesterday the New York Times article was released. It was less than 24-hours before the Bush/Cheney Campaign released an ad quoting and attacking Kerry for his comments made in the article.

“We have to get back to the place we were, where terrorists are not the focus of our lives, but they’re a nuisance,” Kerry was quoted in the piece. ''As a former law-enforcement person, I know we're never going to end prostitution." Almost immediately Kerry was being hammered by internet gossip and conspiracy websites, what most people know as Karl Rove's subordinates, about these comments. One commenter on the ultra-rightwing hate site Little Green Footballs was inclined to write, "This moron is actually equating a terrorist car-bomb attack to a $20 bl*wj*b. Is there any more proof necessary that he simply doesn't get it?"

Yet, this might have only been a diversion, buying time for the attack the official Bush Campaign was to release early this morning. "How can he protect us when he doesn't even understand the threat?" The new Bush ad asks voters.

But as much as this might seem upsetting to the Kerry campaign the reality was sheer joy on the trail when confronted with the new ad. "This is EXACTLY what we were going for," said an unnamed source. "They've played right into our hands!" When asked what exactly she meant her response was, "Just wait and see. John will be addressing his plan for the defense of the nation during a speech, today. He'll talk about Homeland security and defending against terrorism on our OWN shores."

Because reporters had hounded the Kerry campaign for months to release details of his many plans the core was a buzz. Some reporters actually decided to attend the speech instead of paraphrasing the story coming off the AP wires. Others quietly competed against each other to see who's story would hit the world wide web first.

When we first arrived at the rally we spoke with many people who were highly anticipating Kerry's appearance. Said one woman holding a sign that read, "My bush is working for Kerry", "I've seen the quotes where he equates terrorism to prostitutes. It doesn't bother me. Prostitution is the oldest profession and it of course originated in the Middle East. There probably is a connection between prostitution and terrorism. If you deal with one in one manner you should be able to deal with the other in the same way. It only makes sense."

Clearly the crowd was not phased by the recent comments Kerry had made to the New York Times. Everyone was happy and joyous. There was a sense of euphoria and a state of one-mindedness.

Eventually, Kerry arrived on stage. He first talked about the gloomy economic stats including the extremely high unemployment rate of 5.4%. But it did not take long for the predicted focus on defense of the homeland.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Kerry addressed his uber-supporters in his usual confident and exciting tone, "you may have heard about the new expose of yours truly in the New York Times. And you may have heard about our opponents reaction to that article..." The crowd began to boo, but Kerry quickly reassured them. "Wait... wait a minute. They may be making fun of my insistence that terrorism can be scaled back to a nuisance, but I'm here to tell you I have a plan." The crowd became very quiet in anticipation.

"And part of that plan includes fighting that nuisance right here at home. That is why I want to announce part of my plan to the people right here in Nevada, because you are part of that home I am speaking of. When we talk about terrorism being a nuisance we're don't mean we will do nothing about it. No, we will take a strong stance and fight that nuisance. I have talked about shutting down development of nuclear buster bunkers, and I'm here to tell you we're going to take those funds and put it towards my new plan of securing the homeland against the nuisance of terrorism. Starting immediately after I take the oath of office as President of the United States we will begin dispersing equipment around the country that will first attract this nuisance and then vaporize it." With that John Kerry unveiled an easel holding an image of the newly developed equipment. It resembled a bug zapper, one that would attract mosquitoes. "I know this is not a life size image, but these units will be about as tall as I am, or maybe even a little taller. Once a terrorist sees this he will unwittingly walk right into it and be zapped. That will be the end of that nuisance."

The crowd was dumbfounded. Nobody knew whether to laugh or cry, but one thing everyone knew was that if the was a joke or for real it was the end of the Kerry Campaign.

UPDATE: Scrappleface found out MORE about Kerry's stratergy... er, plan.

What to do when Jihadis become a "nuisance"

Dr. Shackleford has a nuisance in a jihadi, a jihadi in training or a wannabe jihadi. I know, I know - you think the only reason I'm posting about this is to abuse this, again. Well, you might be half right, but Rusty needs your creative advice - go help.

Rasmussen update

The "who would you vote for" numbers didn't change much after the debate, but this is a telling paragraph:

The debate didn't change many minds, but it had a measurable impact on voter perceptions of Bush and Kerry. Fifty-five percent (55%) of voters now believe that Senator Kerry is politically liberal. That's up six points from before the debate and the highest level of the year. The number viewing President Bush as politically conservative increased to 65%. That's similar to his numbers coming out of the Republican Convention.

Very intersting, indeed. The new strategy seems to be hitting its mark.

Swifties to launch final assault

I received my copy of Unfit for Command a little over a month ago, but had lent it to my father, so had not yet been able to read it. I finally got my hands on it (since, because of a very nice gesture by EiP's DC contact, Dad had received a copy personally noted and signed by John O'Neill) yesterday and began reading it very late. I only made it to page 42, but so far it is very damning.

Well, the NYT finally decided to review it and I'll bet you'll be surprised to find out they were not very complimentary to it.

Cutie Pie has the round-up of reactions here, including more here. These "reviewers" are shameless and even worse, desperate.

Look what was ripped off. I'll interpret it right here, right now for you without even reading it... click for interpretation..

I'll bet they're not forged

Just a guess, but how much you wanna bet CNS did a little more authenticating on these documents than CBS did on theirs? Pssst, don't tell the DNC. It might put a damper on their take-over plans.

No underestimating this last weekend, please

This last weekend marked an important turn in the WoT. Do I need to spell them out?

  1. Afghanistan held elections. After squibbling from Karzai's opponents of "disappearing ink" (I've heard conspiracy theories are the norm in the ME) and the legacy media's attempt to show turmoil and chaos, the elections have been hailed as a relatively uneventful success. That is the peoples' of Afghanistan giving a nice f**k you to the Taliban and al-Qaeda.
  2. The pro-Iraq liberation Coalition Party of Australia resoundly defeated their leftist appeaser-type opponents in the Labour Party. Here in the States the legacy media tried to down play it as not very important, you know, because this was not only a victory for John Howard, but victory for freedom loving Americans and, just as important, George W. Bush. Again, this was Australia's way of saying f**k off, to al-Qaeda. Now it's OUR turn on November 2nd to send that same message to the terrorist murdering thugs. I can't wait!
  3. Looks like Muq-fatso Sadr has finally accepted his prediciment and laid down his arms. It's not the outcome I necessarily would like to have seen, but I'm not living in Baghdad. Mohammad is and has a great commentary on it, as usual.

So what does this mean in the WoT? If you cannot recognize these as HUGE losses for the islamofacists and great victories for the coalition and freedom loving people the world over, then you need to 1) put down the joint 2) go bang your head against the wall until you pass out 3) when you wake up, flush your stash down the toilet, walk yourself to the nearest zoo and turn yourself in, volunteering to scoop up elephant dung until the election is over.

UPDATE: Typical - this page is STILL up at Kedwards's website. Who's living in a fantasy world now, John? Your fantasy of democracy failing and being marred by violence during the Afghan elections is disgusting. Senator, please do us all a favor and check yourself into the nearest mental ward. Don't forget to take your advisors with you.

"...overall this is a Freepers wet dream."

Frank J., you might now from such appearances on Republican Radio, reports there is more reason to set out for the theaters this weekend - the DUmmies are not happy with it. Follow Frank's link to the Dem. Underground.

I'm still debating, as they still have not decided on whether it passes the NC-17 rating due to an o***l intimatcy scene with the puppets. That just sound WRONG!

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Precision thunder

Greyhawk reports the skies are clear in Iraq, but he can still hear "thunder" in the distance. Hmm... I wonder if these guys know what he's talking about? (Yeah, I know - that link to the dying jihadis is getting played quite a bit. The only excuse I have is that dead jihadis are the best kind).

Kerry Campaigning in Church here and there

First, there. Wow, imagine that - a Democratic Presidential candidate going to a black church and pandering to them. Oh, and having Jesse Hi-Jackson in tow. Of course, he continues to lie and lie again with statments like this gem:

"Never again will a million African Americans be denied the right to exercise their vote in the United States of America..."
Raise your hand if you are of color and were denied the right to vote... anyone? You sir, in the back? Yeah, that's what I thought. Zero, million - same thing.

But John, don't worry. Pastor Jerry at my place of worship had your back with some good advice this morning. What was that advice you might ask. Well, while preaching on Matthew 5:33-37, where Jesus was calling the elaborate system of vows evil, a system which gave wiggle room to lie and break a vow without consequence (sound familier, anyone?), he came out with the funniest unintentional line yet. "Don' lie. Don't flip-flop!" Immediately, the congregation began to chuckle to themselves. For the slightest moment Jerry looked puzzled because the last thing he expected from that specific paraphrase was a chuckle. Of course, Jerry is a bright and informed man, a Doctorate in theology, and it took but a split second to understand the congregation's reaction. He stood up straight, turned around while turning red and trying not to burst out in laughter himself. That's when the congregation lost it. It was nice to see that the vast majority of the congregation in the second service is well informed.

Take it easy, John. Things are not looking well for you.

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"Jesse, could you do something? I'm losin' the feelin' in my hand.
Senator - my hand. Senator? SENATOR?!"

"Shut up, woman. You don't know what he's like after he's been
woken from a prayer."

UPDATE: Rick Brady broke his own rule to bring us more inspiration from Church. What I failed to mention was that in the first service today Pastor Jerry had taken a moment to recognize a Marine who had just returned from Iraq. The congregation gave him a standing ovation that almost did not end. Saddly, I was not in the first service to witness this, BUT it was recorded and I have ordered the CD of both services today. I will do my best to bring you the audio.

UPDATE 10/11: Powerline discusses Kerry's political rally at church and covers the hypocracy angle I failed to. It seemed kinda obvious to me, but the Hindrocket still makes some great points.

I like happy endings

Even if they are only halfway happy endings, like this one at MooreWatch. See, even professors can be reached. If they can be reached there's hope for everyone... well, except dead jihadis.

Serenity now. Serenity now. Serenity now.

Serenity now. Serentity now. (expletive) Holmgren! Serentity now.

Symposium topic already?

I think we've found Hugh's next topic for a symposium - and it's so early in the week.

I would have linked directly to the NYT article but you need a subscription and bugmenot seems to be having some glitches, so you can just get the gist from the LGF link above.

Let me just remind you of this photo:

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