Friday, October 08, 2004

Live bloggin'

That's right - this post is reserved for live blogging tonight's debate, but I just put on a cheese sandwich, so check back when it starts...

5:44: What's this? I click on CSPAN and Gibson's prepping the audience with a baseball story. But not everyone heard it, so he has to repeat the whole story with a hand held mic.

5:50: In our pajamas? Wouldn't you like to know.

5:55: Can you feel the tension in the hall? I wonder if the questioneers are getting nervous? I'm neverous just live blogging this thing.

5:58: 2 minutes to air, Mr. President.

By the way, N.Z. Bear and Reynolds have lists of other livin' this thing up!

6:02: Here we go!

6:05: First question - are you too wishy washy, Senator? A: No WMDs, No Child Left behind, lost jobs. Hmmm... does this answer the wishy washy? Now going off on tax breaks?!
President rebuttle: He is wishy washy - I can see why they think that, because he does. Oh, bringing up position change during Dem primaries. President looks good, confident and AWAKE.
6:09: Q: President, you admitted no WMD stockpiles. Do you believe what you said yesterday was a good enough justification for going to war? DANG, he's looking MUCH, MUCH better than last week... I tried diplomacy. WHOA, big guns early - going off on the OIL-FOR-WMD program! SWEET! He came to fight!
Kerry rebuttle: The president wishes I changed my mind? Memo to Kerry here. I would have brought other allies...
Bush gets a rebuttle, he better bring up France and Germany's memos this week.
Kerry: The sanctions worked!
Kerry is going to pay for that one.

6:15: Q: Would you go with the same plan in Iraq, Senator? A: You can't hold elections today with the Chaos. Talk down the situation, talking down elections. Reach out to allies (drink) - go for the jugular, Prez. Was there an effort to bring other allies? No. Uh, Senator, there was and there are allies at the table already.
Bush rebuttle: Iraq was optimist then listened to American media and was pessimistic. Join me in the wrong war, in the wrong place, at the wrong place. I know how these people think. They're not going to follow someone who says, "Follow me into a mistake."
Kerry: Tora Bora, blah, blah. I have a better plan, but i'm not tellin'.
Bush: The war on Terror is beyond Afghanistan.

6:20: Q: Shocked at intensity of anti-americanism, what will you do to repair relations. Bush: I recognize I made unpopular decisions to take Saddam out, but I did it for American security. Now going off on Arafat. My stance on Arafat was unpopular in Europe, but it was the right decision. Gawd, he's on a tear! I'm glad you had a cup of coffee, Mr. President. You don't want to join the international criminal court because you want to be popular.
Kerry: Reverting back to 9/10 thought... uh, Shinseki. Kerry's living in a dream world, now. Delusional. President rushed to war.
Bush: I asked the generals if they had what they want. I asked if we had the right plan and they said yes.
Kerry: Shinseki, Shinseki, Shinseki. Didn't, didn't, didn't.

6:25: Q: Iran has missles to hit Israel and Europe, what will you do? Kerry: He's said nothing so far.... still nothing... North Korea.... allies... lead the world to crack down on nuclear proliferation. Kerry's forgotten about the WoT, I think. Uh oh, he's talking about abandoning nuclear development programs again.
Bush: That answer almost made me want to scowl. What Kerry is suggesting is dangerous. Now, when we are doing what he says we should he says its wrong.

6:30 Q: How you will avoid the draft? Bush: NO DRAFT, PERIOD. It's a rumor. We're replacing manpower with technology. We don't need to put lives in danger when we can have more effective troops and we can have them here in the U.S. and keep an all volunteer Army. He's got the answers fast and is nailing them.
Kerry: I have support of Clinton generals. The understand our military is over extended. BACK DOOR DRAFT (DRINK!). I'm going to make people FEEL good.
OH S**T, BUSH IS PISSED!! He took control of the debate from Gibson.
Kerry: Not a "grand" coalition. My plan does a better job (except that it doesn't, right France?)

6:35: I'm enjoying this way too much! Q: Missed it. Kerry: I think I can go after terrorists more effectively because you have to have the most effective intelligence (which I voted to cut funding for). This President underfunded Homeland Security.
Bush: That's funny to say since we trippled the Homeland Security. Funny he talked about intel since he voted to cut. KAPOW! I don't see how you can win in Iraq when you don't believe we should be there.
Gibson: If or when? Kerry: The test isn't if you've added money, it's if you've done everything possible.
Bush: The best way is to spread freedom, not withdrawl.

6:40: Q: Prescription drugs... BORING. Sorry if this is of interest to you, but I'm not covering it. I haven't take a prescription drug in years, and i'm doing my best to stay away.

Kerry: Oil companies (DRINK!)

Kerry: Prescription drug rebuttle equals balance budget? WTF?

6:45: MOST AWESOME FRIGGIN' QUESTION EVER?!! You chose a trial lawyer!!!! OH. MY. GAWD!!!!!! So SWEET!

I'M CALLING THIS FOR BUSH ALREADY just with the help of that one question. Send that woman some flowers!

Kerry: The president is just scarrying people. Yeah, tell that to all the OBGYNs going outta business, Senator.

Kerry's on a class warfare stump... you're losing the young'uns, Senator.

6:59: Kerry: Those are not the numbers... What are the numbers then, Senator? He sure didn't offer them.

7:05: Bush is holding his own on the environment... oh crap, now Kerry was in Kyoto, TOO. Was that before or after Cambodia?

7:09 "I own a timber company? That's news to me."

7:10: Looks like the DUmmies got in. Nice question, DUDE!

7:16: Kerry did not just invoke Christopher Reeves? Oh, yes, he wants to see him walk again. Kerry is bombing on this question. Some will think otherwise, but he did not answer the woman's question.
Bush: I'm the first President to fund stem cell research. But we need to be carefull. Science is important, but so are ethics.
Kerry: Trying to use it as waffling... reaching.

7:20: Bush scoring with "I'll tell you what kind of person I wouldn't pick for supreme court justice."
Looks like Prez could be getting tired.... good thing there's only 10 minutes left. Nope, not tired, just thoughtful.
Kerry: I subscribe, blah, blah, blah. Now he's lecturing us - maybe he'll be able to join Prof. Gore, next year. Equal pay for women? A judge is going to take this up? Okay. Whatever.

I have to say Gibson has done a very, very, very fine job and picked some good questions. He's not perfect, but I'll give him credit.

7:25: Kerry: I'm a catholic, etc. Not answering question about TAX DOLLARS GOING TO ABORTIONS. HOLY CRAP! He's actually saying we should pay for abortions in other countries. LOSER answer. KERRY IS DONE!
Bush: I'm trying to decipher... Hey Prez, read above - Kerry thinks my tax dollars should pay for abortions in France and Africa. Thanks Senator!
Kerry: My position is not that simple, blah, blah, blah. It's never that simple of an answer.
Bush: You can run from your vote, but you can't hide. LOVE IT!

7:28: Final question... finally. Was that an CBS reporter who asked that question... mistakes?

What's a "true global coalition"? I can't wait to hear from Poland and Italy in the morning.

Oh, great, he's using skills learned from Pony boy - "You've got to ask yourself..."

Kerry: I talked about it wrongly. so friggin' weak, Senator.

7:34: Closing statemenst, or for Kerry, argument. Kerry I will go alone, but I won't.

My final statement: Thank you everyone for coming by and checking out the live blogging and other pages. I will call this one for Bush for a number of reasons, but the President was on and always had an answer and quickly rebutted Kerry and hit him hard a number of issues. Bush looked Presidential and like a normal guy at the same time. Kerry looked like the elitist he is. Bush just turned this ship around. Congrats, Prez.

"Go Senator!" Wow - that guy became undecided and enthusiastic about Kerry REAL fast.

MORE: What Glenn said - because the expectations were low Bush wins handily.

MORE AGAIN: Also, I want to thank Glenn for my first Instalanche (that's what you get when you answer the call, eh.) and N.Z. Bear for the nod. Cheers to both of you!

MORE: Looks like LaShawn gave us some coverage, too. Cheers to you, also!

MORE: S***ivan says it was a draw (Via Instapundit... don't expect a link to Andy, here.) Interpretaion: BUSH KICKED A**.