Friday, October 08, 2004

John Kerry: Whatever it takes

Symposium - take two! (updated: before you read, go follow the instructions here so you feeeeeel better. Trust me, you will.)

So, you want to know what John Kerry's world view is? Hey, beats me. If you figure it out, let me know, 'cause this guy is all over the world view map. What I do know is that which his message TELLS us his world view is: I'm smarter than you. I'm even smarter than myself, and that's why you should vote for me.

That's right. He's even smarter than himself or plainly put, he contradicts himself over and over and over... you get the point. He's willing to do WHATEVER it takes... to win the Presidency. Oh, you thought I meant to win the WoT? Sorry, not a chance from Kerry to do whatever it takes. Truman did whatever it took, but Sir, I never knew Harry Truman, yet I still know you're no Harry Truman. And that's all we need to know about John Kerry.

John Kerry's message is that Saddam Hussein was a threat before he wasn't a threat before he was a threat again, but that Saddam Hussein was a threat was not the issue. Did you follow that? That's essentially what John Kerry said a week ago yesterday during the first debate. So, can you decifer it? John Kerry claims to know what he says, but that's because he's smart enough to see the meaning behind it. Senator, I see the meaning behind it too - it's just another example of your willingness to do whatever it takes... to win the Presidency. Like that Saturday Night Live skit - you're not flip-flopping. You've been consistent. When you are in front of an anti-war audience you are anti-war. When you are in front of a pro-war audience you are pro-war.

His other message is this: YOU'RE STUPID! or in his words, "I've had one position, one consistent position..." That's all I need to know about John Kerry. He thinks I'm stupid. He thinks I might just buy into that line. Mr. Senator, you failed.

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Yesterday, before Hugh changed the Symposium topic I answered one of his question here. Perhaps the best indication of John Kerry's world view is that we are starting to come to the conclusion that John Kerry KNOWS what he is doing to the war effort. His WHOLE purpose at this point of the campaign is to undermine President Bush's plan to win the WoT and the progress that we have made. Have things been perfect? Have there been mistakes? If you are asking those questions reality is not an issue for you and whatever is written here more than likely will make no dent in you. Asking questions like those should be a clear sign that you need to put down the doobie and flush that THC out of your head, ASAP. WE. ARE. AT. WAR. The word "perfect" and the question "did we make mistakes" do not APPLY? And we are talking POST invasion here. John Kerry's arguement that President Bush made a mistake going to war has been eviscerated here, so that's not even a topic for discussion.

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If you say to me, "But we didn't have to go to war" you would be correct - we didn't. However, we were ATTACKED on 9-11-2004. Have you forgotten, Senator? Do you even care? John Kerry is not stupid. John Kerry knows Saddam had ties to terrorism. John Kerry knows Saddam was probably the weakest link in the "axis of evil", and John Kerry knows that you go after the achilles heel - or, at least if he's trying to be President, I hope he knows - when attacking an enemy. Oh, but John Kerry wants SO bad for you to believe Iraq had nothing to do with al-Qaeda. Make no mistake - John Kerry is the lyingest b*****d to have run for President. He knows it, most of you reading this post knows it, and it will eat him alive. The only good John Kerry can do now is 1) Cease and dissist his attacks against President Bush and stand steadfastly behind him, making it very clear to the terrorists this country is united in one goal and that is 100% victory 2) come to terms with the moral superiority of the United States over those we are at war with 3) after he is smacked down on Nov. 3, go on a national tour, visiting city after city, meeting with Vietnam Vets, taking the tongue lashing he deserves and apologize for his unjustified actions.

He won't do it, I know. That is what John Kerry's world view IS NOT. What his world view is and how it effects his character is anyone's guess. My guess is EVEN John Kerry does not have a steady enough grip on what his world view is.

Hugh, next topic, please.