Thursday, October 07, 2004

Tell me your name, chicken***t!

Yes, it's true folks, I have been called chicken***t. This is one comment I've been waiting for, but didn't expect it to come from a colmunist from the Seattle-PI (or maybe I did). You can catch his wonderful article here where he calls Karl Rove a Nazi by comparing him to Joseph Goebbels (hat tip: Jim Geraghty). That's right - if you point out a political opponent's own words you're a Nazi. Got that! Right, so you know what we're dealing with from the start.

Because this is the most widely used insult against W. and Rove and their supports I thought I would give Mr. Shapley a word of encouragement:

Mr. Shapley,
You certainly have made your point. Karl Rove = Joseph Goebbels. You do realize the Pajamahadeen feeds off this stuff, don't you? I mean, being "digital brown shirts" and all we love it when you compare our leader, Darth Rove, to a Nazi. Keep 'em coming 'cause you'll only give us more reason to mock you - that is what we live for. Oh, and putting puppies in blenders too. Don't forget to put that one in there. Oh yeah, and eating babies on stage. That'll really teach Republicans.

And I included this sound bite (hocked from LGF)

Apparently, Mr. Shapley thought I wanted to have a converstation with him. I don't know why - I was offering him some great ideas to include in his article. I mean, if you're going to call people Nazis you might as well make sure you include their feeding habbits, right?

Have the courage to tell me your name and then we'll talk.

Mr. Shapley was calling me an idiot, you see. But if he wanted to feed the monster machine I was happy to feast:

Mr. Shapley,
Like I would trust people who compare their political rivals to Nazis with my name. I know you already think I'm an idiot, but you don't have to be so blatant about it. By the way, I wasn't looking for a conversation - just offering encouragement. Keep it up! I'm hungry.

And being the classy paid columnist that he is he called me out:

So, you're a chickenshit?

Now, just so you know, I have written a few emails to PI columnists in the past, always using my real name and an email addresss that clearly paints my name. However, in Mr. Shapley's case, no friggin' way would I put a name in the hands of this hack. So, I replied with another smarta** comment, 'cause I was still a little unsatisfied with his reaction:

I'm sensing a re-occuring theme, here. Chicken***t, chickenhawk - I
even like the SeaChickens.

Again, the brilliant creativity of Mr. Shapley was at its best:

All I hear is "Cluck, cluck, cluck."

There you have it. If you don't agree with them you're a nazi, and if you don't tell them your name because you don't trust them with that information (due to their willingness to call people they don't agree with nazis) you're a chicken. I wonder if Mr. Shapley will ever figure out that trying to extract a name from someone is not most effective when you have already created a name for them and are willing to use it to try and extract a real name from them. Doubt it. Unfortunately for Mr. Shapley I am not as insecure with myself as he would like and will not fall for his "chicken" trick. I might, however, allow him to continue to fall for my trick. Everytime he replies he's fallen for it, again.