Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Golfing with the boss

I got the nod today - playing golf with a couple members of the management here in the office for the first time, including the one I report to directly. We generally get along quite well. So, here is the question: when they approached me to join them they already started making excuses for their game. Do I go Cheney on them and make them go away saying, "He mislead us! We never knew he could hit a golf ball," or do I go Bush on them and let them win, then in the next round clobber them? Oh, yeah, there are a couple of you who have played golf with me a number of times, will use my own words against me and say, "I hope you're being confident and not cocky." You know who you are - resist sending the email, because this is not a hailing of my golf game, but rather an indictment of theirs. And even after that, if you are still contemplating sending that email think about this - of the many times we've gone head to head what percentage have you been victorious, Radio Dial boy?! Oh, don't even go there! Error! Error!

And that's where things take a turn for the worse, 'cause of the many things I learned in Improv class (lets not talk about that) an inside joke isn't funny to the outsiders, of which there are many, many more of in the audience.

(bowing, leaving the stage).