Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Did not watching and then covering the VP debate sink my blogareer? It seems the only 2 people who did NOT have something to say about last night's debate are myself and Dude Man, and my guess is he had a good excuse - something like, "I'm six and I have better things to do, like play chess." Well, that is a good excuse, because I'm sure Dude Man already knew what the outcome of the debate was going to be... at least in the eyes of the blogosphere where just about everyone is pointing out that the only 2 who think Edwards won are Spoons and a blogger who's name dare not be spoken or his site linked to here (oh, and it looks like Spoons has found some playmates).

It probably was a mistake not to watch the debate and then give a reaction, if you're talking about traffic. BUT if you're going to be doing this blogging simply for traffic, then you're in the wrong, uh, hobby. Yes, setting goals for traffice numbers is fun and finding interesting and new ways to attract traffic can be a productive experience, but lets face it.

Paul gave some great stats from a previous debate between Clinton and 41. I can attest to you because if you read the transcript from Thursday you would have clearly believed W. had cleaned up, but that wasn't the case.

... more later.