Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Previously recorded blogging

So, tonight is the VP debate, but I'm not going to be live blogging the event. I'm not even going to be watching it. Instead, I had promised you a review of FahrenHYPE 9/11. You are going to get something a step farther - I'll blog it while watching it. So, if you are looking for live blogging of the debate there are a million blogs to choose from, but I suggest ASV's Michele guest blogging at the Command Post with others - that is where some of the more colorful commentary should be.

5:30 (PST): Check back in about 15 minutes...

5:36: Wait a second... what am I doing? This is insanity! I'd be giving the whole thing away. I'm an idiot. Look for review, tomorrow. I'm definitely a technical guy when it comes films so don't look for too many spoilers. I almost ruined it for you. I apologize.

UPDATE: See, this is why I didn't have to watch the VP debate - Allah rounded everyone else up.