Tuesday, October 05, 2004

FHype 9/11 Review cliff notes

  • Exquisitely shot! Great film stock and transfer!
  • Roughly edited - could have been fine tuned quite a bit
  • I would have done things different to create a more dramatic effect. That is this film's secret strength and greatest attribute - the creators did not fall into the same trap as MM.
  • The critics will go after Dick Morris for the most part by branding him disgruntled.
  • Zell Miller will be receiving a letter from PETA based on his comments regarding his run in with some copperheads.
  • Ann Coulter should star in MORE motion pictures - either docs or fictionall.
  • There was no pulling punches in when suggesting MM had cooperated with known terrorist groups.
  • The most damning bit for Michael Moore was the testimony from a soldier who had been featured in F9/11 - not a real happy camper w/MM.
  • A number of emotional spots during interviews with family(ies) of soldier who were killed in combat.
  • Quite a bit of rememberance of 9/11.
  • All in all, a must see, if for no other reason, to give those exploited by MM a forum to air their grievences.