Friday, October 08, 2004


There is only one thing the President owes the American people tonight - to b***hslap John Kerry. John Kerry is now very dangerous to this nation, with his disingenuous arguments undermining the war effort. Kerry cares about one thing and one thing only - winning on Nov. 3rd, and he has made it very clear he's willing to do WHATEVER it takes. Because of it, his arguments are very shallow and are backed by zero substance. Like Joe Scarborough did with CBS's poll regarding the VP debate, President Bush must take Kerry's arguments tonight, crumple them up, toss them on the floor and crush them under his foot. Kerry must NOT survive after tonight. Kerry must be put on notice that the President will defend this country against enemies foreign and domestic. Kerry's words this last week have made him into an "Enemy Within". Go ahead - deride me for that. You can walk softly if you want, but I'm taking the gloves off. John Kerry has been and is an enemy of the American way of life, its values and its survival.

President Bush, we'll be watching. You owe us a knockout - bring Wilkes-Barre with you, tonight.