Saturday, October 16, 2004

Attempting to panic Bush supporters...

The Washington Post is running with this article claiming that Rove has strayed from his original plan because it has not worked (not to mention trying to make him out to be Darth Rove). Don't believe their hype, people. Getting the folks referenced in the article to vote was part of the original plan - how could it not be? This piece is clearly an attempt to panic those of us who desperately want the President to be re-elected (and Drudge if falling for it, once again). They may hate the Cowboy President and his "bravado", but what they hate even more are those who appreciate and support him and the confidence we have in the outcome of this election.

I know many of you are not very confident. You see the polls going back and forth (and if your emotional stability sways with the polls like Kerry's views sway with his windsurfing board go here) and you dont' know what to believe. You watch the MSM run with their slanted stories and worry the truth is getting stiffled so that those not connected will not see the truth. I for one, am not buying it. Every where I turn there is a "democrat" who says, "No way, no how am I voting for Kerry. In fact, I'm voting for Bush." Many voting for a Republic for the very first time. Not to mention the young'uns who, when asked in a telephone poll, are going with say Bush 60%. That's right - 60% of 18-29 year-olds asked in a LANDLINE poll are going with Bush. I wonder how many of those without a landline are going with Bush? Well, count at least 1, 'cause I don't have a landline. Anyone else?

My point? Relax - don't let them get the best of you. Most of them know in their hearts Bush will be re-elected and at this point their only reprise is trying to get you panicked.