Saturday, October 16, 2004

Saturday Round-up

JYB discovered some great news in Iraq - kidnappers are captured. I am really starting to enjoy JYB - Brian keeps finding these nuggets.

Captain Ed has some more about Sen. Dayton's decision to leave Washington: Paranoia (as an aside, check out this letter sent to Senator Frist regarding Dayton's empty office).

The Governor of Tennessee is trying to use dirty tricks to accuse Republicans of dirty tricks over at Bill Hobb's place.

Rick Brady has some thoughts regarding the CNS Documents. At the same time, it appears he slightly questions Hugh's choice of symposium topic this week. I happen to agree. Yes, what Kerry did in relation to Mary Cheney was disingenous and calculated, and it will hurt him if even just slightly, but there are most certainly more important and exciting topics than this one. That is why this blog is not participating this week.

Jon Stewart says some not so nice stuff to Tucker "I'm in it to be on TV" Carlson on The DailyRecycler.

Armies of Liberation's Jane showed us pretty much why anyone who is too lazy to get involved with the voting process (becoming EDUCATED and RESEARCHING issues then VOTING) deserves whatever wrath a dictatorship would bring: Afghans prepared themselves for death before they voted.

The Draft issue is not going away because Kerry continues to lie about it (go figure). Citizen Smash and Wizbang have more spankings for Kerry. So does Bill.

Tim Blair continues to cover American issues while living Down Unda'. Go ahead, tell me the internet hasn't changed the way news is covered.

Is admitting you want Bush to win if you are a Bush supporter a difficult thing? It is for Spoons, apparently.

The Hindrocket has as much contempt for these people as I do. EARTH to 60's wannabe idiots: Ordinary Americans have been speaking with ordinary Iraqs for quite some time now, and the ordinary Iraqis are speaking back, with a grateful tone. So SHUT UP! (okay, that was the very, very, very light version of what this was supposed to be)

Froggy says Osama is dead. I happen to think he has a good 90% chance of being correct.