Friday, October 15, 2004

Friday in America

Goooooooood morning Vietnam!!! Er, Americker (you know, like "idear"). It's Friday and you know what the means? I have a friggin' plan! That's right I'm going to enjoy myself and that does not include setting myself on fire. On the contrary, I'm going to set this town on fiya! And I'm going to leave all the bad news in Iraq behind and go find something to watch at the cinema that has NOTHING to do with war or terrorism or politics. So that means I'll be taking my girlfriend to see something touchy feely and girly like this film. I hear the love scenes are very touching, if you know what I mean. So, go have a good time, yourselves - leave your anxiety and tension regarding the looming elections back on Thursday and let it resume after the Sabbath.

What are some of you going to be doing? I suspect hunting or maybe backpacking. Whatever it is, make sure you don't let your arthritis get in the way. Do whatever it takes to deal with it. I find faith healing (through embryonic stem cell research) works the best, but if you like the ginned up raisins, more power to ya'! Just make sure whatever it is you do you understand the key to happiness and its importance to enjoying the next couple days.

Peace out! I might just take the rest of the day off (but not likely).

UPDATE: Dr. Shackleford's bud already went to see the touchy-feely flick and has a review.