Thursday, October 14, 2004

Some quickies, but goodies

First, I want to set the record straight before John Edwards and John Kerry decide to drag my name into the World's domain and out me as proof there are no choices: I am a heterosexual - BIG TIME!

And speaking of outting, it seemed for sure this morning that I had been outted at work as a (gasp) blogger. The first email sent out by my superior was this question:
I would appreciate if someone can educate me as to what a ""WEBB BLOGGER" is.

Man, I was sweatin' for just the slightest moment (He appears to be a loyal Dem). But, no, he sincerely wanted to know what a blogger is. I tell ya people, that's making serious progress. This was coming from a guy who wishes DOS was still the hot thing because he was just figuring out how to use DOS based programs.

Finally, RightWingDuck is filling in for Frank J. while he's on vacation and RWD started with a doozy.

UPDATE: Jim has more about the outting nonsense. Looks like Elizabeth Edwards is going to need some help when Lynne Chenney is done with her.

MORE: K-Lo had an emailer who knows something about mother bears and cubs send a her a message. It reminds me of a great C.S. Lewis observation (paraphrased):

A woman's job is to protect her family from the World. A husband's job is to protect the World from his wife.

I'm thinking Dick is going to let his duties slide a little on this issue.