Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Exciting debate reaction!!!

Boring. A draw as draw as can be on style. Substance, eh. Kerry is out of touch with young voters on Social Security, taxes, etc. Bush - same ol', same ol' answers.

Thank God these are over. This was excruciating. I seriously wish I would have spent my time doing something else.

Any surprising answers? No.

There was only 1 surprise and that was the "immigration" question. Were the answers to the surprising? No.

UPDATE: Everyone in the World is going to be linking to Jeff pretty soon, so I'm trying to get in early!

UPDATE: Hmmm... Allahs been gone for a couple days... I'll do a round-up.

JYB says Kerry sure has some "titanium gonads" to bring up Reagan so much. Pajama thinks Kerry should try out as the next Tree Beard. Michele wasn't paying attention, but living it up with the Coalition of the Dark Side. Glenn says Bush's hand are facing downward (that's a win).

Over at the Barber Shop, LaShawn had a buttload of comments. Right on Red says it was a Kerry win, but that's irrelevant. Cutie Pie's jaw dropped to China, but was unimpressed with the answers. It was raining in Kerryville according to JustOneMinute. Citizen Smash has a round-up, too.

Captain Ed predicts the debate will go down as a disaster for Kerry within 48 hours. Why so long? Mrs. Greyhawk is celebrating 20 years, all by herself - go say congrats. Spoons is dumbfounded that he might be elligible for Affirmative Action by being in the minority. The Hindrocket says the A** was soundly thumped, while Deacon is as relieved as I am the debates are OVER.

Bill is hoping his boring assesment is good enough for an Instalanche. My guess is Tim and Chrenkoff are sleeping. Kevin fell asleep, too.