Friday, October 15, 2004

Cannot recommend this film

My girlfriend and I have just returned from viewing Team America: World Police. So let's go through the different aspects of the film and see how it fairs. Despite the title of this post, you might be surprised with the outcome of this review

To begin with, the action. Even though there were moments when anyone paying attention could clearly notice the original marionettes had been replaced with stunt marionettes the action was some of the best I have ever witnessed. Don't worry - no spoilers here. Just know that even though CGI characters are making strides in the industry, marionettes are not willing to take a back seat when it comes to putting themselves on the line - there is no substitute for real physical destruction and injury.

So, what about the acting? There is only one way to describe it and that is with a quote from the creators of the film when confronted with the question about Alec Baldwin's desire to play himself: (paraphrasing 'cause I can't find the article now)

"Yeah, he called us and wanted to play.... we found somebody who played him better."

The music would have done John Williams proud - literally. One of the best scenes is in a "terrorist" bar that parodies Star Wars, and the music is not spared. Besides that, there are some funny, yet extremely crass lyrics to the songs, which you should be expecting from the South Park boys. It does not distract from the actual quality of the music itself, but does go overboard.

Yet, the best part of the film was it's message. I certainly will not use the terms that were used, but this is the gist of it: Yo, we're America, greatest country on Earth. We have to protect ourselves because by protecting ourselves we're protecting the rest of you. Sure, we may be cocky about it and we may tell you appeaser-types to take a hike when you're trying to get in our way, but that's the way it HAS to be to take out the bungholes. 'Cause we may be cocky, but they're bungholes and bungholes are much worse than the cocky guys and the bungholes are not going to just screw with the cocky guys, but they'll crap on the appeaser-types, too. Hey, we don't even LIKE being the cocky guys (still, we'd rather be the cocky guys than the appeaser-types). And moreover, you appeaser-types better be careful since it's a fine line between being an appeaser-type and a bunghole. Don't think we haven't figured that out.

So yeah, I enjoyed the film, it's humor (for the most part), the music, the blowing up of F.A.Gs and the message. I'm glad we went and saw it.

However, I am not recommending this film. If you want to know why just do a google search on "Team America" and you can find out the controversies surrounding certain scenes. I could have especially done without the "prove your loyalty to the team" scene.

'Nuff said.