Monday, October 11, 2004

No underestimating this last weekend, please

This last weekend marked an important turn in the WoT. Do I need to spell them out?

  1. Afghanistan held elections. After squibbling from Karzai's opponents of "disappearing ink" (I've heard conspiracy theories are the norm in the ME) and the legacy media's attempt to show turmoil and chaos, the elections have been hailed as a relatively uneventful success. That is the peoples' of Afghanistan giving a nice f**k you to the Taliban and al-Qaeda.
  2. The pro-Iraq liberation Coalition Party of Australia resoundly defeated their leftist appeaser-type opponents in the Labour Party. Here in the States the legacy media tried to down play it as not very important, you know, because this was not only a victory for John Howard, but victory for freedom loving Americans and, just as important, George W. Bush. Again, this was Australia's way of saying f**k off, to al-Qaeda. Now it's OUR turn on November 2nd to send that same message to the terrorist murdering thugs. I can't wait!
  3. Looks like Muq-fatso Sadr has finally accepted his prediciment and laid down his arms. It's not the outcome I necessarily would like to have seen, but I'm not living in Baghdad. Mohammad is and has a great commentary on it, as usual.

So what does this mean in the WoT? If you cannot recognize these as HUGE losses for the islamofacists and great victories for the coalition and freedom loving people the world over, then you need to 1) put down the joint 2) go bang your head against the wall until you pass out 3) when you wake up, flush your stash down the toilet, walk yourself to the nearest zoo and turn yourself in, volunteering to scoop up elephant dung until the election is over.

UPDATE: Typical - this page is STILL up at Kedwards's website. Who's living in a fantasy world now, John? Your fantasy of democracy failing and being marred by violence during the Afghan elections is disgusting. Senator, please do us all a favor and check yourself into the nearest mental ward. Don't forget to take your advisors with you.