Sunday, October 10, 2004

Kerry Campaigning in Church here and there

First, there. Wow, imagine that - a Democratic Presidential candidate going to a black church and pandering to them. Oh, and having Jesse Hi-Jackson in tow. Of course, he continues to lie and lie again with statments like this gem:

"Never again will a million African Americans be denied the right to exercise their vote in the United States of America..."
Raise your hand if you are of color and were denied the right to vote... anyone? You sir, in the back? Yeah, that's what I thought. Zero, million - same thing.

But John, don't worry. Pastor Jerry at my place of worship had your back with some good advice this morning. What was that advice you might ask. Well, while preaching on Matthew 5:33-37, where Jesus was calling the elaborate system of vows evil, a system which gave wiggle room to lie and break a vow without consequence (sound familier, anyone?), he came out with the funniest unintentional line yet. "Don' lie. Don't flip-flop!" Immediately, the congregation began to chuckle to themselves. For the slightest moment Jerry looked puzzled because the last thing he expected from that specific paraphrase was a chuckle. Of course, Jerry is a bright and informed man, a Doctorate in theology, and it took but a split second to understand the congregation's reaction. He stood up straight, turned around while turning red and trying not to burst out in laughter himself. That's when the congregation lost it. It was nice to see that the vast majority of the congregation in the second service is well informed.

Take it easy, John. Things are not looking well for you.

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"Jesse, could you do something? I'm losin' the feelin' in my hand.
Senator - my hand. Senator? SENATOR?!"

"Shut up, woman. You don't know what he's like after he's been
woken from a prayer."

UPDATE: Rick Brady broke his own rule to bring us more inspiration from Church. What I failed to mention was that in the first service today Pastor Jerry had taken a moment to recognize a Marine who had just returned from Iraq. The congregation gave him a standing ovation that almost did not end. Saddly, I was not in the first service to witness this, BUT it was recorded and I have ordered the CD of both services today. I will do my best to bring you the audio.

UPDATE 10/11: Powerline discusses Kerry's political rally at church and covers the hypocracy angle I failed to. It seemed kinda obvious to me, but the Hindrocket still makes some great points.