Saturday, November 06, 2004

More signs "liberalism", a.k.a "Government is God", is their religion

Here is my short philosophy regarding the 2 major parties in America: The (modern) Democrats have this distinct and inherent desire for power. They'll do anything to get it and when they do they'll use it in very unwise, selfish and irresponsible ways that will ultimately result in the destruction of personal Liberty, etc. The Republicans, with all their human faults, are simply there for us to vote for to keep the other party away from that power. You see, when you don't have faith in an almighty Creator you must compensate and modern day liberalism is the most common form of substitution for the Real Deal. That's why we get stories like this: Man Kills Self at Ground Zero

When your religion is proven wrong what else is there to live for? Trust me, I've thought about this long and hard (as I'm sure many of you have, too) and it comes down to one thing: If we are just floating out here in the middle of nowhere and came about from, well, nothing as it is told then what is the purpose for living? There is a lot of work and suffering that seems unnecessary and quite frankly, if there is no meaning or purpose or reason to that work and suffering then why do we have such an inherent drive and will to LIVE?

Apparently, Mr. Veal came to the conclusion there was NO reason to live - his religion had been shattered.

Godspeed, Marines!

US Marines of the 1st Division line up for a joined prayer at their base outside Fallujah, Iraq, Saturday, Nov. 6 , 2004. More than 10,000 U.S. troops have taken positions around the rebel-controlled city of Fallujah, bolstering the U.S. Marine units expected to lead a joint Army-Marine assault on the city. (AP Photo/Anja Niedringhaus)

More bad news for Seattle (unless you're a "red stater" at heart)

And boy, am I! Yesterday, in the Washington State Governor's race the Democrat, Christine Gregoire (who would be a total disaster for this state) had amassed an 18,000 vote advantage and seemed to gain momentum with absentee ballots continuing to be counted. This morning?

Rossi has cut it to 4000!!!!!!! With 362,000 remaining to be counted and 60% of them in counties where the absentee votes have strongly tilted his way.

This is getting EXCITING!!!

Stay tuned.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Seattle in disarray

We just returned from viewing The Incredibles at Cinerama. It was... well... incre... GO. SEE. IT! I didn't care much for Shrek, yet I absolutely loved Shrek 2. The Incredibles? I'm not quite certain yet if I liked it better than Shrek 2, Buuuut... I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE INCREDIBLES 2. Seriously, everyone once in awhile Hollywood gets it right. Almost every little aspect of this film was perfect and IT WILL DO HUGE NUMBERS!!! Fahrenheit 9/11 what? During his review of the film today Michael Medved described it in a way I never expected to hear an animated PG film to be described - sexy. He was right. If you're a "red stater" and know the difference between sexy and sleazy, you're going to love this film. Yes, there was the usual stereotyping of corporate America (funny huh, considering Disney is one of the biggest corporations in the known universe), but other than that it was perfect.

Anyway, that was the best part of the night. We started out in the lounge of a very good Japanese restaurant where it was happy hour. So the micros and the appetizers were $2.50 each. We've been there before and let me tell you, the appetizers are out of this world. And since it is Japanese their appetizers are basically entree style dishes.

So we're sitting there eating and the lounge begins to fill up with the downtown crowd and finally a couple of them start the inevitable spew about their depression. I've never heard grown ups whine like that, ever. Then, when I didn't think it could get worse, the bartender started the most predictable line of thinking from these types and they all fell in line as if there was a chance to overturn what Jesusland (that Middle America to you chumps) had perpetrated against the "reality based community" - Bush stole the election. It was rigged!

Come on sorry a**es, can't you come up with some new material? This line of thinking was even amusing at one point - but now you people should seriously start thinking about checking into the nearest psych ward.

Have a good weekend!

Just in case you don't hear from me for a couple days (doubt it) HAVE AN AWESOME WEEKEND!

Living in Paradise

A number of us have been having problems with Blogger, lately. I'm not going to bad mouth it at the moment because my two attempts at choosing a webhost has been met with serious roadblocks.

At least it's nice to see third World dictators still have relative ease in accessing their Blogspot accounts.

I guess that's the reward you get for treating deserters with dignity. Hmm - I really do not feel sorry for the guy. He made a choice and it was the wrong choice.
"I longed to leave that place every day."
As do millions of North Koreans.
"Dresnock and myself had been given a small two-room house each, and our homes were relatively close to each other..."
Hey, all you socialists who think the government should supply just about everything for you I've got a great idea. Defect to NK. They'll even locate you amongst friends.
"The North Korean army often used Dresnock to beat the other three of us when we did wrong..."
And use your friends to beat you. Sounds like paradise, to me. What are you all waiting for? Get on those boats, NOW.
"If we didn't memorize enough, or were not able to recite portions of our studies on demand, we were then forced to study 16 hours a day on Sunday, which was our only day of rest," he said.
See, they even observe the Sabbath.
"In the end, I think we quietly hoped we would get caught and it would be done with," he said.
Yep, it's a sure sign you're living in paradise when you're hoping to be euthanized.

This man, as part of his punishment, should be forced to travel to schools around the Nation to inform them of the wonderful life living in a socialist utopia is.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

A great time to be alive!!!

First, the Berlin Wall. Then the Soviet Empire. A while later, the Taliban. Now, an Iraqi with tears of joy over the re-election of a President Bush:
The second time they were tears of emotion and happiness. As I saw the American people turn out in record numbers, to say their word. And it seems to be the word of defiance and courage. Despite all the propaganda and the feverish campaign, the American people have proved something very important...
And that was before it was finalized. Check out after it was "official":
Hail the People’s Republic of the United States of America. It is you who have the right to use such a title and no one else.

The Lord's work never ends...

Well, the regularly scheduled life didn't last long... oy!

UPDATE: Or maybe the left will meltdown so much there will be no more work to do. I doubt it, but with reports like this there certainly is a disconnect between the left and decency, reality, common folk, etc. (via: Reynolds)

Back to our regularly scheduled lives...

... sort of. Oh no, this blog is not going away. If anything I'm hoping it will get better and add a contributor or two. But as you can probably tell, things have slowed down.

There is someone who is probably more relieved this election cycle is over than anyone - my girlfriend. Not because of the politics and not because we've finally come to a conclusion and Bush is the winner (although, she is extremely satisfied with the outcome). No, she's felt neglected the past couple months and has endured my anxiety willingly, even if it did not always come out simply as anxiety. She's handled me well during both the political and football seasons at the sametime. I cannot say the same for myself. Starting yesterday she had returned to her old self and I'm going to take it as a sign that I have, too (phew).

I'll admit, this has been the most stressful 3-4 months of my life. I love my country and believe it is a gift from my Creator, Yahweh, the Great I Am, and is Heaven on Earth. I would find it unbearable to see its safety put in the hands of an appeaser and global socialist in such a crucial period of our history on my watch. No, I was never really in doubt about the outcome of the election and was quick to reassure my gloomy compatriots when Drudge decided to run with those phony exit poll numbers. Even then I was never in doubt, but there was still an anxiety that would not cease. You know what it was? The constant barrage that such a good man like George W. Bush has to continually endure.

Anyway, back to my girlfriend. So, she's been neglected, somewhat - maybe not as much as she might like for me to think, but negelected all the same. Now that it's over and she has survived my obsession and focus on this election she has been rewarded: She received and surprise promotion and raise, today. God is good.

See you soon!

Danged "homo marridges"

How did the troops in Iraq mark the election? Apparently, according to the NY Times, Greyhawk has been blogging without a "innernets":
That reporter shore is a smart feller. He's rite. I'm hopin I can get me one of them innernets over here and start me a blog. Also he's rite about homo marridge, Thats the nummer one issue with troops, homo marridge.

Funny stuff. Greyhawk lets the WaTimes do the fisking. Go read it on this, the 2nd day of Armageddon for the loons.


And there, I've said it. Victory has been achieved this election cycle. Here are the key numbers:

3,554,965: Number of votes George W. is currently ahead by. ELECTED. NOT SELECTED.

59,141,898: Number of votes George W. has currently received - the MOST votes any candidate has ever received.

11-0: This is the most under reported number. Eleven states' ballots had measures on them aimed at protecting marriage from redefinition. ALL eleven passed, including in Oregon with 57%. The other states passed them in greater support - at least 6 of them over 70%. Will the message be received????

55-44-1: Senate seats held by Republicans/Democrats/Independent. The Republicans picked up four seats. This is ASTOUNDING.

This was a HUGE victory for conservatives, make not mistake about it. You can make up your own mind about why it happened, but you cannot argue the results.

I'll leave you with this quote, one of my favorites:
"The hand of Providence has been so conspicuous in all this, that he must be worse than an infidel that lacks faith, and more than wicked, that has not gratitude enough to acknowledge his obligations." - George Washington
To my Creator, that these results were your will, I am greatly appreciative. That you have chosen this way and have allowed this nation to see a changing cultural tide I praise you. May we embrace it and move forward as a free and decent nation as "the shining city upon a hill".

Out for the count (and then some)

Well, things have taken a turn south for Arafat. Some reports quote Frenchy doctors indicating there is no way he can come out of the coma he is in.

I will not celebrate here, but this is a GOOD thing. It's just too bad it couldn't have been done at the hand of an Israeli helicopter gunner.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Smoochy, smoochy

Well, one prediction has come true already. That didn't take very long:

World leaders rushed to congratulate US President George W. Bush on his re-election to a second four-year term and pledged cooperation with Washington to heal deep divisions over a host of international issues, notably Iraq and the Middle East. (emphasis mine)
Yep, those Euroweenies want to play nice, now. Americans have spoken and the Euros heard loud and clear.

Congratulatory messages also poured in from UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and leaders from Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Poland and South Africa among others.
Pucker up, mofos!

"On behalf of France, and on my personal behalf, I would like to express to you my most sincere congratulations for your re-election to the presidency of the United States of America," Chirac wrote in a letter to Bush. "I hope that your second term will provide an opportunity to reinforce the Franco-American friendship."

German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, who also clashed with Bush over Iraq, voiced hope that his country would continue its "good cooperation" with the United States.

Yes, yes - better get the chapstick, quick.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said from Bonn that he hoped the new US government "would help to bring peace to the Middle East".
EARTH TO MUBARAK: Afghanistan just held free elections and Iraq will be in January. Not bad in 3 friggin' years. I'm sure PM Allawi has something to say about the us helping to bring peach to the ME. Oh, he does, in the next paragraph:

"Whoever is the winner will be our friend. The United States has liberated us from a dictator and a very long period of war and agony," Allawi told the Italian daily La Repubblica ahead of a visit to Italy Thursday.
Yeah, not bad, eh, Allawi?

In Israel, a top foreign policy adviser said: "Israel and the free world has every reason to rejoice over this result."
Danged Zionists!

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, in hospital outside Paris, said he hoped Bush's re-election would help jumpstart the Middle East peace process, one of his aides told AFP.
Uh, check that. We KNOW the impending death of Arafat will jumpstart the "peace process" in one way or another.

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin said Wednesday he would be telephoning Bush to congratulate him but would also raise some bilateral problems.
Well, the only "bilateral problem" I can think of is the long wait the Bush-haters are going to have to get into Canada.

Now, just time to work on some of those other predictions.

UPDATE: Jeff thinks he overheard something if Fallujah.

By the way, the entire office here is totally grim. Cheer up, Seattle - there's still a chance Gregoire can pull out the Governorship (Go Rossi!)

UPDATE: Maybe it was in southern Lebanon where Jeff overheard the conversation.

Google searches can be toxic

Dr. Shackleford learns his lesson the hard way...

Oh, and he has a theme today. Go check out the homepage and see if you can finger, er... figure it out.

I'm a good Rovetrooper

"That being the case, one would expect that the blogging machine, which the White House and Bush-Kerry [sic] campaign have used to such strong advantage for any number of purposes over their four years will start, if it hasn't started already, a campaign to say Kerry and Edwards for the good of the country need to concede."

Dan Rather knows a thing or too about the collective power of blogs and the Internet but to make such a statement is preposterous. Looks like he's still stuck in 1974.

Bradley all but agreed with Dan: "I'm sure it started already."

Rather agrees with Bradley's assent: "Right."

"If we could tune in to the internet right here you'd see people were saying that. That's certainly what the White House, the drum the White House is beating..."

Like I metioned before, I repeat everything exactly as it supposed be.

Liberal, uh, buddy checks in this morning...

(UPDATE: Let me make it clear - THESE ARE NOT MY WORDS but the words from an email sent to me by a liberal. These views are not mine. My views are completely opposite of the views expressed below. They are a source of amusement for me.)

As you all know, the unthinkable happened. The evil imbecile, the man who has been a disgrace to the noble office of the presidency has won the office he stole four years ago.

I had expected more of America. But I underestimated the now obvious fact that the majority of Americans are rubes, gun nuts, religious wackos, haters - and sheep ready for the slaughter. It's only a matter of time now that the busher will appoint justices to the supreme court - then, ladies, your right to choose is in deadly peril. It's only a matter of time before our pristine wildernesses give way to the bulldozers. It's only a matter of time that our right to privacy gives way to Ashcroft and his fellow fascists. It's only a matter of time before our nation is bankrupt - sickening even more when you consider when the country was turned over to the busher, we had a
nicely balanced budget and a huge surplus.

Of course we will continue on our path as the most hated, mistrusted nation (we don't honor treaties) in the world. Isolated in our total arrogance. And the imbecile who dictates all that policy can't even form two coherent sentences back-to-back.

Of course, the idiotic, useless Iraqi war will continue for years. If we were allowed to see them, the flag draped coffins will be coming back in droves, tragically wasted lives. Mission Accomplished indeed. Osama is still out there. Are we safer? Are you kidding?

My grandson, Alex, is fourteen. Once the busher reinstates the draft (which is already in defacto effect), he will be in jeopardy of going over to the ongoing Iraqi debacle. I will not let him waste his life on the busher's folly. He will be very happy in Canada.

This nation is divided like never before. Thanks to the arrogance of the busher. If you voted for him, I will take no comfort in your ultimate remorse, which will happen.

Somewhere Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Lincoln, the Roosevelts, Truman - all the others who did honor to the office - somewhere, they have to be weeping. Look how far we have sunk.

I was born in Canada as many of you know. I only wish I could go back to the country that gives a damn about its citizens, not just the special interests and the obscenely rich. I cannot, and never will, acknowledge the busher as "my president." He isn't. He doesn't represent me - or half the nation for that matter.

I can almost hear the sounds of the jackboots now.

This is my last political missive. Hopes for a bright and exciting future are dashed. I am no longer listening to talk radio, news, or engaging in political discourse. As a gentleman once put it, "How can the two of us have an intelligent discussion when one of us is stupid?" And I ain't the stupid one. So gloat away, neocons - your triumph is hollow, and you will wonder what on earth you were thinking of. Shame. Suckers.

Sore loser? You bet. But the nation is the greatest loser. And every time that smirking little bastard appears on my t.v., or I hear that weasely little voice, I won't be able to get to the remote fast enough.

Screw it. I'm going to go read the sports section and the comics.

God bless America. God help Americans.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

What was that, Mr. Zogby?

Yeah, uh, you've got something on your face, there, John.

Quick Round-UP

Union thugs at it in Michigan...

Eros Colored Glasses has a classic one today.

And DANGIT, when is someone going to frickin' apologize, already?

Monday, November 01, 2004

The Battle for Middle Iraq (or Bush's Victory march)

So, It has come to this. I am beyond predicting tomorrow's results so don't look here for an Electoral Vote prediction. No, instead, I have moved onto Wednesday and what shall come of the World once they realize Bush has been re-elected overwhelmingly by the American people.

First, the Euro-trash who were hoping against all hopes that they may help in defeating Bush will go back to their meaningless lives knowing they are once again protected by the American people and our resolve. They may even try to play nice, again. This election is what EVERYONE has been waiting for to make their moves. Yes, even bin Laden understands in this country it is not the Candidate or the President who is his enemy, it is the electorate. For all intensive purposes, OBL IS dead (remember, this is Wednesday we are talking about). Rest in Chaos, Osama.

Fallujah, on the other hand, will become a sea of death for the "insurgents". They claim to have chemical weapons? They have been reduced to threats - they know their days are about to come to an end. Many may surrender... to shooting themselves up with that sweet, sweet Afghani poppy. At least death will almost be painless for them. As they die they will understand they have died in vain and Iraq will commence with elections in January, just as Afghanistan did this month. Al-Zarqawi will be dead within the year, either at the hand of the U.S. Marines, the hand of an aide who turns on him or by his own hand. I predict the latter. Osama? Who cares - he just had his last hurrah on Friday. Nice to meet ya! Hope you know my name! He will be captured as his followers will have witnessed his greatest defeat by directly endorsing John Kerry, falling for the lie that Michael Moore's BS was a powerful argument to the American people, and then watching as the American electorate vote for the destruction of islamofacism. Osama's followers view him as a prophet and probably believe he has supernatural powers. Once they realize his mediocrity and illegitimacy, proved by his words having no effect on the weak minded infidel Americans, SOMEONE will rat him out for $25 million and shot at becoming an American citizen.

As for Iran? So many problems, so many scenarios, so many paths, but only one acceptable outcome - ANOTHER REGIME CHANGE. Once we have swept up in Fallujah, we put troops on the borders of Syria and Iran. We call for those inside Iran to take matters into their own hands and we OPENLY supply weapons and intelligence to them. W must make a very public statement in support of the internal revolutionaries of Iran - if he does, the Mullahs will fall faster than the Berlin Wall and Syria and Lebanon will go with them.
(Is this last prediction, regarding Iran, hopeful thinking? It might be - I hope not.)

Ah, what about Saudi Arabia, you ask? Pussies. They'll do whatever the heck we tell them to do. Maybe a Wahabi uprising will proceed as the last gasp of Osama. It would be interesting to watch - there is no way we're letting some crazy islamofacists get their hands on that much oil. Oh, you say "no war for oil". Look, ignoramus, OIL = POWER, whether you like it or not (in fact, I don't like it just as much as you don't). Yeah, we need to get away from our dependency on the ME supply and develop new affordable technologies, but you tree hugging hippy types are a little sensitive to drilling in Alaska's refuge, which, as you argue, is just a short term fix. NO FRIGGIN' KIDDING! But you choose - war for power(oil) or begin the process of ridding our dependence on foreign oil, even with a short term fix.

So what becomes of the crazies on the left in America? Hey, it's only 4-years away. BRING. IT. ON.

How about China? Ugh.

And finally, Kim Jong Il. Yeah, right, like anyone can predict what he's going to do. Now that we have pulled troops from the DMZ anything is possible. Could it be that he draws his attention away from America to direct it towards South Korea in an attempt to annex them? Would we do anything about it? Yes, we could be on the brink of another World War - but remember, pinkos, we didn't start it.

Liberty, Freedom and 228 years of history

My mother just returned from a trip to NY and sent this photo. Ironic, isn't it? A gift from France 118 years ago. Go vote (for Bush) tomorrow, if you have not already.

On a side note, that photo is somewhat eerie as it appears to be as beautiful a day as 9/11/2001.

It's not Dan Rather's job this year

So, were you afraid that maybe Dan Rather might do his best to call this election to early and for the wrong guy, again? Hey don't worry - they're ALREADY trying to discourage you from going to the polls.

What, you think I'm biased? Okay, fine. Go vote and we'll see if I was right.

UPDATE: See, I'm not the only one thinking that way. I agree with Jim:
Middle Cheese reports, “Because of the debacle in 2000, the Bush folks think the networks were sufficiently embarrassed and humiliated by the way they called certain states. But the campaign has established lines of communication into all of the major networks just in case problems arise.”

I’m sorry, I don’t think “networks” and “sufficiently embarrassed and humiliated” belong in the same sentence.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Sermon Notes, October 31, 2004

This weeks sermon notes are dedicated to John, a commenter in the post directly below this one who says this:
Wow, how can someone who is supposedly so "Christian" be so filled with hate?

If anyone happens to agree with John please do a better job pointing out the hate. The type of comment John left is not very convincing. Maybe he's eluding to these posts, here and here. Or maybe John's taking me a little too seriously, or taking himself a little too seriously. In any event, If you have comments regarding "hate" on this site and Christianity, please feel free to leave them.

Today's sermon notes were taken from a recorded sermon originally given 4-25-2004.

Crossroads Bible Church, Bellevue, Washington
Rev. Jayson Turner (filling in for Dr. Jerry Mitchell)
"A Timeless Prayer"
Colossians 1:9-14
9 For this reason also, since the day we heard of it, we have not ceased to pray for you and to ask that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, 10 so that you will walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, to please Him in all respects, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God; 11 strengthened with all power, according to His glorious might, for the attaining of all steadfastness and patience; joyously 12 giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified us to share in the inheritance of the saints in Light.

Hand written notes taken while listening to sermon:
  • It would be absurd to run our lives based on false information
  • Paul focuses his prayer for the Colossians on a strategic goal - that they would be filled with the knowledge of God's will in order to maintain spiritual fitness.
  • The role of the Spirit is to magnify Christ
  • Paul prayed the Colossians would be controlled by correct knowledge/sound doctrine
  • Paul understood he wasn't always going to around to show the Church how to properly live their lives or how to maintain their strength; his reasoning this prayer was focused on a strategy and not needs or wants
  • The Colossians were already in jeopardy of wandering; the deity of Christ was being questioned within the Colossian church
  • Materialism is not determined by what you have; you could have nothing and still be controlled by the doctrine of materialism; having "stuff" does not suggest you are driven by the desire to have "stuff".
  • Paul said he wanted the Colossians to focus on correct doctrine
  • There is a needed balance in the Church between Truth & Love
  • The center piece of sound doctrine is Jesus
  • We have been brought from a kingdom of death to a kingdom of life by the ransom of Christ's blood
  • Who do you pay a ransom for? A hostage - in our case, a hostage to sin
  • Abba, Father, rescued us through his son, Jesus.
  • To be controlled by correct knowledge you first have to ingest it.
  • Sola Scriptura: Scripture alone; the Bible alone
  • Meditate on God's word; ingest it so we may be controlled by it
  • Right thinking is the precursor to right behavior.
  • 4 examples of a life pleasing to the Lord: 1) Bearing fruit in every good deed 2) Strength in Spirit 3) Spiritual growth 4) Giving thanks to the Father... These will naturally follow as the Spirit applies the word to our hearts
  • Be steadfast & patient to maintain an ability to endure this life
  • Do we believe that God could and would minister through his word to our ache?
Jayson ended with a story from Corrie Ten Boom regarding her smuggling of four gospels into Ravenbruk concentration camp.

Referenced passages:

The 12 minutes that could change the election

Except I'm already convinced W. is triumphant in a landslide. Still, for the large portion of the bin Laden tape not be made available to the public by news outlets is despicable.

I guess they were afraid the story in today's NYT would have to be revised.

(via LGF)

When your alarm clock is set to "automatic" update

I'm not quite sure what happened, but at the moment it is 10:35am Pacific. However, I had been operating for the last couple hours that it was an hour earlier. Well, somehow my alarm clock did an update during the night to push it an hour earlier, AFTER it had already been manually changed before going to bed. So what does this mean? Missed church. That's a real bummer. I enjoyed sharing last week's sermon notes with you all and was looking forward to doing the same this week. I suppose I could grab notes from 2 weeks ago to cover. That's what I'll do... later.

In the meantime, maybe I'll go to the church's website and listen to a previously recorded sermon.

God bless,