Tuesday, October 26, 2004

No denial anymore

I have, for the most part, done my best to keep from saying or even believing John Kerry is communist at heart, and maybe even very consciously. Of course, I broke from that tradition a couple nights ago with this pshop. Why? Because there is just too much evidence against the contrary. I had recently finished reading Unfit for Command and never in my wildest dreams had I imagined they would outright make the case for his communist sympathies and leanings, but not only did they make the case they backed it up.

Now, comes this story with more damaging evidence.

Admission time: I HATE COMMIES!!!

UPDATE: Wizbang has more, so does Right on Red, and Frank J..

UPDATE: Dr. Shackelford has the round-up.

Also, some of you might be wondering WHY I had been reluctant in the past to comment on any communist sympathies Kerry might have. Because without any conclusive evidence it would just be irresponsible rhetoric, but if these documents pan out to be true it would be just as irresponsible, if not more so, to ignore them.