Monday, October 25, 2004

30 yards? 2000 lbs, 2200 lbs... what's the difference

Jim has found a couple whoppers today, to accompany with the Washington Times piece.

Could the NYT have used American tons instead of metric tonnes in their calculations? Oh, I'd be surprised if it had crossed anyone's mind over at the NYT to have used the correct metric tonne measurement, but that's how we measure things here at work, anyway, so the 2200 lb metric tonne is kind of a natural reaction to me.

And how far is the World Trade Center in Boston from first base at Shea Stadium in NY? Could it really only be 30 yards?

UPDATE: Well, wouldn't this just be a real shame if it did end up the NYT made quite a stupid mistake.

UPDATE: Jim has some perspective on the "missing" explosives. I think the missing explosives might be from a certain Democratic Presidential candidate's cranium.

UPDATE: Yeah, bummer for Kerry.