Friday, November 05, 2004

Seattle in disarray

We just returned from viewing The Incredibles at Cinerama. It was... well... incre... GO. SEE. IT! I didn't care much for Shrek, yet I absolutely loved Shrek 2. The Incredibles? I'm not quite certain yet if I liked it better than Shrek 2, Buuuut... I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE INCREDIBLES 2. Seriously, everyone once in awhile Hollywood gets it right. Almost every little aspect of this film was perfect and IT WILL DO HUGE NUMBERS!!! Fahrenheit 9/11 what? During his review of the film today Michael Medved described it in a way I never expected to hear an animated PG film to be described - sexy. He was right. If you're a "red stater" and know the difference between sexy and sleazy, you're going to love this film. Yes, there was the usual stereotyping of corporate America (funny huh, considering Disney is one of the biggest corporations in the known universe), but other than that it was perfect.

Anyway, that was the best part of the night. We started out in the lounge of a very good Japanese restaurant where it was happy hour. So the micros and the appetizers were $2.50 each. We've been there before and let me tell you, the appetizers are out of this world. And since it is Japanese their appetizers are basically entree style dishes.

So we're sitting there eating and the lounge begins to fill up with the downtown crowd and finally a couple of them start the inevitable spew about their depression. I've never heard grown ups whine like that, ever. Then, when I didn't think it could get worse, the bartender started the most predictable line of thinking from these types and they all fell in line as if there was a chance to overturn what Jesusland (that Middle America to you chumps) had perpetrated against the "reality based community" - Bush stole the election. It was rigged!

Come on sorry a**es, can't you come up with some new material? This line of thinking was even amusing at one point - but now you people should seriously start thinking about checking into the nearest psych ward.