Friday, November 05, 2004

Living in Paradise

A number of us have been having problems with Blogger, lately. I'm not going to bad mouth it at the moment because my two attempts at choosing a webhost has been met with serious roadblocks.

At least it's nice to see third World dictators still have relative ease in accessing their Blogspot accounts.

I guess that's the reward you get for treating deserters with dignity. Hmm - I really do not feel sorry for the guy. He made a choice and it was the wrong choice.
"I longed to leave that place every day."
As do millions of North Koreans.
"Dresnock and myself had been given a small two-room house each, and our homes were relatively close to each other..."
Hey, all you socialists who think the government should supply just about everything for you I've got a great idea. Defect to NK. They'll even locate you amongst friends.
"The North Korean army often used Dresnock to beat the other three of us when we did wrong..."
And use your friends to beat you. Sounds like paradise, to me. What are you all waiting for? Get on those boats, NOW.
"If we didn't memorize enough, or were not able to recite portions of our studies on demand, we were then forced to study 16 hours a day on Sunday, which was our only day of rest," he said.
See, they even observe the Sabbath.
"In the end, I think we quietly hoped we would get caught and it would be done with," he said.
Yep, it's a sure sign you're living in paradise when you're hoping to be euthanized.

This man, as part of his punishment, should be forced to travel to schools around the Nation to inform them of the wonderful life living in a socialist utopia is.