Saturday, October 09, 2004

Fourteen minutes of lying...

... you know, if you were Michael Moore this would be 14 minutes of lying.

Via MooreWatch

UPDATE: I'm sorry, I should have been more clear. That's not only lying to Michael Moore, that is lying to anyone over at the DNC if your name is George W. Bush and you say the same things Clinton did in the video. But who's being picky?

Today's humor

I can't make myself go to John Kerry's website to see if they are actually touting this, but I just heard the funniest thing of the whole campaign so far. During the ABC news hourly news update on the radio the Kerry people were indicating their polls show Kerry won last night's debate by a slight margin, but even though that's funny in itself, that's not the funniest part. They said he scored strongly on... are you ready?... likeability.

Are we supposed to believe that? I'm starting to feel sorry for Kerry. He is clearly out of touch with reality - his "advisers" keep feeding him this information and he buys into it. I'm starting to think he sincerely believes he has a shot at being President. Oooohhh, how cute.

More POSSIBLE Great News

Powerline found this gem this morning... like they said, lets hope its true. Hoping, hoping, hoping.

UPDATE: Allah has more on the bad news day Osama's friends are having, today.

Good (no, GREAT) news from Down Unda'

The Coalition has won re-election! Thank you Australia. This is very good news to terrorist haters the World over and bad news for Islamofacist thugs - deal with, suckers!

Over in Afghanistan, looks like the Democracts sent their lawyers for a warm-up. I guess the reaction from the opponents means Karzai was going to win handily.

Friday, October 08, 2004

To see or not to see? I've been debating

Not anymore. I'm definitely going to see it, now!

Sean Penn - megadork!

Allah's debate reaction roundup...

Live bloggin'

That's right - this post is reserved for live blogging tonight's debate, but I just put on a cheese sandwich, so check back when it starts...

5:44: What's this? I click on CSPAN and Gibson's prepping the audience with a baseball story. But not everyone heard it, so he has to repeat the whole story with a hand held mic.

5:50: In our pajamas? Wouldn't you like to know.

5:55: Can you feel the tension in the hall? I wonder if the questioneers are getting nervous? I'm neverous just live blogging this thing.

5:58: 2 minutes to air, Mr. President.

By the way, N.Z. Bear and Reynolds have lists of other livin' this thing up!

6:02: Here we go!

6:05: First question - are you too wishy washy, Senator? A: No WMDs, No Child Left behind, lost jobs. Hmmm... does this answer the wishy washy? Now going off on tax breaks?!
President rebuttle: He is wishy washy - I can see why they think that, because he does. Oh, bringing up position change during Dem primaries. President looks good, confident and AWAKE.
6:09: Q: President, you admitted no WMD stockpiles. Do you believe what you said yesterday was a good enough justification for going to war? DANG, he's looking MUCH, MUCH better than last week... I tried diplomacy. WHOA, big guns early - going off on the OIL-FOR-WMD program! SWEET! He came to fight!
Kerry rebuttle: The president wishes I changed my mind? Memo to Kerry here. I would have brought other allies...
Bush gets a rebuttle, he better bring up France and Germany's memos this week.
Kerry: The sanctions worked!
Kerry is going to pay for that one.

6:15: Q: Would you go with the same plan in Iraq, Senator? A: You can't hold elections today with the Chaos. Talk down the situation, talking down elections. Reach out to allies (drink) - go for the jugular, Prez. Was there an effort to bring other allies? No. Uh, Senator, there was and there are allies at the table already.
Bush rebuttle: Iraq was optimist then listened to American media and was pessimistic. Join me in the wrong war, in the wrong place, at the wrong place. I know how these people think. They're not going to follow someone who says, "Follow me into a mistake."
Kerry: Tora Bora, blah, blah. I have a better plan, but i'm not tellin'.
Bush: The war on Terror is beyond Afghanistan.

6:20: Q: Shocked at intensity of anti-americanism, what will you do to repair relations. Bush: I recognize I made unpopular decisions to take Saddam out, but I did it for American security. Now going off on Arafat. My stance on Arafat was unpopular in Europe, but it was the right decision. Gawd, he's on a tear! I'm glad you had a cup of coffee, Mr. President. You don't want to join the international criminal court because you want to be popular.
Kerry: Reverting back to 9/10 thought... uh, Shinseki. Kerry's living in a dream world, now. Delusional. President rushed to war.
Bush: I asked the generals if they had what they want. I asked if we had the right plan and they said yes.
Kerry: Shinseki, Shinseki, Shinseki. Didn't, didn't, didn't.

6:25: Q: Iran has missles to hit Israel and Europe, what will you do? Kerry: He's said nothing so far.... still nothing... North Korea.... allies... lead the world to crack down on nuclear proliferation. Kerry's forgotten about the WoT, I think. Uh oh, he's talking about abandoning nuclear development programs again.
Bush: That answer almost made me want to scowl. What Kerry is suggesting is dangerous. Now, when we are doing what he says we should he says its wrong.

6:30 Q: How you will avoid the draft? Bush: NO DRAFT, PERIOD. It's a rumor. We're replacing manpower with technology. We don't need to put lives in danger when we can have more effective troops and we can have them here in the U.S. and keep an all volunteer Army. He's got the answers fast and is nailing them.
Kerry: I have support of Clinton generals. The understand our military is over extended. BACK DOOR DRAFT (DRINK!). I'm going to make people FEEL good.
OH S**T, BUSH IS PISSED!! He took control of the debate from Gibson.
Kerry: Not a "grand" coalition. My plan does a better job (except that it doesn't, right France?)

6:35: I'm enjoying this way too much! Q: Missed it. Kerry: I think I can go after terrorists more effectively because you have to have the most effective intelligence (which I voted to cut funding for). This President underfunded Homeland Security.
Bush: That's funny to say since we trippled the Homeland Security. Funny he talked about intel since he voted to cut. KAPOW! I don't see how you can win in Iraq when you don't believe we should be there.
Gibson: If or when? Kerry: The test isn't if you've added money, it's if you've done everything possible.
Bush: The best way is to spread freedom, not withdrawl.

6:40: Q: Prescription drugs... BORING. Sorry if this is of interest to you, but I'm not covering it. I haven't take a prescription drug in years, and i'm doing my best to stay away.

Kerry: Oil companies (DRINK!)

Kerry: Prescription drug rebuttle equals balance budget? WTF?

6:45: MOST AWESOME FRIGGIN' QUESTION EVER?!! You chose a trial lawyer!!!! OH. MY. GAWD!!!!!! So SWEET!

I'M CALLING THIS FOR BUSH ALREADY just with the help of that one question. Send that woman some flowers!

Kerry: The president is just scarrying people. Yeah, tell that to all the OBGYNs going outta business, Senator.

Kerry's on a class warfare stump... you're losing the young'uns, Senator.

6:59: Kerry: Those are not the numbers... What are the numbers then, Senator? He sure didn't offer them.

7:05: Bush is holding his own on the environment... oh crap, now Kerry was in Kyoto, TOO. Was that before or after Cambodia?

7:09 "I own a timber company? That's news to me."

7:10: Looks like the DUmmies got in. Nice question, DUDE!

7:16: Kerry did not just invoke Christopher Reeves? Oh, yes, he wants to see him walk again. Kerry is bombing on this question. Some will think otherwise, but he did not answer the woman's question.
Bush: I'm the first President to fund stem cell research. But we need to be carefull. Science is important, but so are ethics.
Kerry: Trying to use it as waffling... reaching.

7:20: Bush scoring with "I'll tell you what kind of person I wouldn't pick for supreme court justice."
Looks like Prez could be getting tired.... good thing there's only 10 minutes left. Nope, not tired, just thoughtful.
Kerry: I subscribe, blah, blah, blah. Now he's lecturing us - maybe he'll be able to join Prof. Gore, next year. Equal pay for women? A judge is going to take this up? Okay. Whatever.

I have to say Gibson has done a very, very, very fine job and picked some good questions. He's not perfect, but I'll give him credit.

7:25: Kerry: I'm a catholic, etc. Not answering question about TAX DOLLARS GOING TO ABORTIONS. HOLY CRAP! He's actually saying we should pay for abortions in other countries. LOSER answer. KERRY IS DONE!
Bush: I'm trying to decipher... Hey Prez, read above - Kerry thinks my tax dollars should pay for abortions in France and Africa. Thanks Senator!
Kerry: My position is not that simple, blah, blah, blah. It's never that simple of an answer.
Bush: You can run from your vote, but you can't hide. LOVE IT!

7:28: Final question... finally. Was that an CBS reporter who asked that question... mistakes?

What's a "true global coalition"? I can't wait to hear from Poland and Italy in the morning.

Oh, great, he's using skills learned from Pony boy - "You've got to ask yourself..."

Kerry: I talked about it wrongly. so friggin' weak, Senator.

7:34: Closing statemenst, or for Kerry, argument. Kerry I will go alone, but I won't.

My final statement: Thank you everyone for coming by and checking out the live blogging and other pages. I will call this one for Bush for a number of reasons, but the President was on and always had an answer and quickly rebutted Kerry and hit him hard a number of issues. Bush looked Presidential and like a normal guy at the same time. Kerry looked like the elitist he is. Bush just turned this ship around. Congrats, Prez.

"Go Senator!" Wow - that guy became undecided and enthusiastic about Kerry REAL fast.

MORE: What Glenn said - because the expectations were low Bush wins handily.

MORE AGAIN: Also, I want to thank Glenn for my first Instalanche (that's what you get when you answer the call, eh.) and N.Z. Bear for the nod. Cheers to both of you!

MORE: Looks like LaShawn gave us some coverage, too. Cheers to you, also!

MORE: S***ivan says it was a draw (Via Instapundit... don't expect a link to Andy, here.) Interpretaion: BUSH KICKED A**.


There is only one thing the President owes the American people tonight - to b***hslap John Kerry. John Kerry is now very dangerous to this nation, with his disingenuous arguments undermining the war effort. Kerry cares about one thing and one thing only - winning on Nov. 3rd, and he has made it very clear he's willing to do WHATEVER it takes. Because of it, his arguments are very shallow and are backed by zero substance. Like Joe Scarborough did with CBS's poll regarding the VP debate, President Bush must take Kerry's arguments tonight, crumple them up, toss them on the floor and crush them under his foot. Kerry must NOT survive after tonight. Kerry must be put on notice that the President will defend this country against enemies foreign and domestic. Kerry's words this last week have made him into an "Enemy Within". Go ahead - deride me for that. You can walk softly if you want, but I'm taking the gloves off. John Kerry has been and is an enemy of the American way of life, its values and its survival.

President Bush, we'll be watching. You owe us a knockout - bring Wilkes-Barre with you, tonight.


Kerry's words come back to bite him in the arse, again.

I sure hope the debate prep is including these kinds of facts and articles - seriously!

BREAKING! New Miniter book says Iran protecting OBL

Via EiP's DC Source....

Miniter says Iranians have seen OBL, alive and well (now that is serious bummer).

"According to these two sources, bin Laden no longer resembles the picture that the FBI has put on its wanted posters. He has trimmed his beard to fit the more traditional look of a Shi’ite cleric and he seemed to have put on weight, according to intelligence officials….” Miniter’s sources claim bin Laden is constantly on the move, “shuttling from Iranian safe houses controlled by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to areas of Afghanistan controlled by the Iranian-backed warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar."

You don't say?

UPDATE: Some quick excerpts from the free chaper 6: Bombs and Ballots
"Madrid was a wake-up call," one intelligence analyst told me. "It changed the ROE [ruels of engagement]."

Hmm... MADRID was the wake-up call? I hope this analyst means a wake-up call in regards to the serious threat of a terrorist attack prior to the election, and even then it is still a little disconcerning to suggest they needed a wake-up call.
"... the aftermath might resemble March 11: a government humiliated, as domestic political opponents and the MEDIA attempt to turn public opinion against the nation's leaders rather than against the terrorists."

Yep, that just about what the terrorists are hoping for - and don't think they wouldn't get help from their allies in the media.


In regards to the Spanish public's supportive reaction for Aznar after 3/11:
Then events departed from the September 11 script. The political opposition waged a careful campaign to undermine the prime minister, constantly questioning his honesty and alleging that he was using the tragedy for partisan advantage.

Sound familiar?

We're getting closer, yes?

More reason why my prediction who the Nobel PEACE Prize will go to could quite possibly come to fruition.

(via Powerline)

UPDATE: I guess they've already annouced the PEACE prize. My guy must have come in a second close to tree girl.

"America, stay the course..."

"...God, Decency, Honor, Hope and everything that is virtuous and right is on your side, beside the majority of the Iraqi people."

Thank God Allah is paying attention. Salaam is of course refereing to Duelfer and not Kay.

The Ring is really mad, now!

Geeze! Didn't anyone apologize?

JibJab - take two!

The Daily Recycler pointed us to the new JibJab video: It's good to be in D.C.

John Kerry: Whatever it takes

Symposium - take two! (updated: before you read, go follow the instructions here so you feeeeeel better. Trust me, you will.)

So, you want to know what John Kerry's world view is? Hey, beats me. If you figure it out, let me know, 'cause this guy is all over the world view map. What I do know is that which his message TELLS us his world view is: I'm smarter than you. I'm even smarter than myself, and that's why you should vote for me.

That's right. He's even smarter than himself or plainly put, he contradicts himself over and over and over... you get the point. He's willing to do WHATEVER it takes... to win the Presidency. Oh, you thought I meant to win the WoT? Sorry, not a chance from Kerry to do whatever it takes. Truman did whatever it took, but Sir, I never knew Harry Truman, yet I still know you're no Harry Truman. And that's all we need to know about John Kerry.

John Kerry's message is that Saddam Hussein was a threat before he wasn't a threat before he was a threat again, but that Saddam Hussein was a threat was not the issue. Did you follow that? That's essentially what John Kerry said a week ago yesterday during the first debate. So, can you decifer it? John Kerry claims to know what he says, but that's because he's smart enough to see the meaning behind it. Senator, I see the meaning behind it too - it's just another example of your willingness to do whatever it takes... to win the Presidency. Like that Saturday Night Live skit - you're not flip-flopping. You've been consistent. When you are in front of an anti-war audience you are anti-war. When you are in front of a pro-war audience you are pro-war.

His other message is this: YOU'RE STUPID! or in his words, "I've had one position, one consistent position..." That's all I need to know about John Kerry. He thinks I'm stupid. He thinks I might just buy into that line. Mr. Senator, you failed.

I've got to get some breakfast and coffee... developing...


Yesterday, before Hugh changed the Symposium topic I answered one of his question here. Perhaps the best indication of John Kerry's world view is that we are starting to come to the conclusion that John Kerry KNOWS what he is doing to the war effort. His WHOLE purpose at this point of the campaign is to undermine President Bush's plan to win the WoT and the progress that we have made. Have things been perfect? Have there been mistakes? If you are asking those questions reality is not an issue for you and whatever is written here more than likely will make no dent in you. Asking questions like those should be a clear sign that you need to put down the doobie and flush that THC out of your head, ASAP. WE. ARE. AT. WAR. The word "perfect" and the question "did we make mistakes" do not APPLY? And we are talking POST invasion here. John Kerry's arguement that President Bush made a mistake going to war has been eviscerated here, so that's not even a topic for discussion.

Developing... still. need. coffee.

Coffee kicking in...

If you say to me, "But we didn't have to go to war" you would be correct - we didn't. However, we were ATTACKED on 9-11-2004. Have you forgotten, Senator? Do you even care? John Kerry is not stupid. John Kerry knows Saddam had ties to terrorism. John Kerry knows Saddam was probably the weakest link in the "axis of evil", and John Kerry knows that you go after the achilles heel - or, at least if he's trying to be President, I hope he knows - when attacking an enemy. Oh, but John Kerry wants SO bad for you to believe Iraq had nothing to do with al-Qaeda. Make no mistake - John Kerry is the lyingest b*****d to have run for President. He knows it, most of you reading this post knows it, and it will eat him alive. The only good John Kerry can do now is 1) Cease and dissist his attacks against President Bush and stand steadfastly behind him, making it very clear to the terrorists this country is united in one goal and that is 100% victory 2) come to terms with the moral superiority of the United States over those we are at war with 3) after he is smacked down on Nov. 3, go on a national tour, visiting city after city, meeting with Vietnam Vets, taking the tongue lashing he deserves and apologize for his unjustified actions.

He won't do it, I know. That is what John Kerry's world view IS NOT. What his world view is and how it effects his character is anyone's guess. My guess is EVEN John Kerry does not have a steady enough grip on what his world view is.

Hugh, next topic, please.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Jihad this, (explative)! or Smashing Jihadis!

Yeah, I know, I've been on a (explative) tear with the implied language lately. Sure, its got to stop, 'cause it sure isn't very Christian of me, that's for dang sure. But I feel better, now - LOTS better, care of JunkYardBlog and Catalano. Do YOU want to feel better, too? Follow these instructions:

1) Visit Michele's frontpage. On the left you will see her "Radio Blog". Click on the button that says "Pop up" to make it a stand alone player and you can use your browser to navigate, while still playing with the Radio Blog. Turn up speakers. Click on the first track by the Smashing Pumpkins (a high school favorite of mine. Can you believe it's been 10 years? Do I care?). Make sure the music is playing before you proceed with next step.

2) Click on this link provided by JunkYardBlog. It is a .mpg file, so Windows Media should play it.

3) With the music from Michele and the .mpg playing simultaneously, ENJOY!

There, don't you feel better? I sure do. I'm going to repeat steps 1 & 2 three or more times, now.

Hugh, I'm afraid we're getting to the point where the answer is obviously "yes"

Hugh writes about another falsehood (I never used the harshest word... okay I will now)... er, LIE that John Kerry keeps asserting on the campaign trail. Then, he ends with this:

Does Kerry have any idea what he's doing to the democratization process there, or the encouragement he is giving to the terrorists?

I'm at the point where I am convinced he does know, and that is sKerry.

(Hugh has updated his post, and the above quote is not in the middle of the post and not at the end).

Tell me your name, chicken***t!

Yes, it's true folks, I have been called chicken***t. This is one comment I've been waiting for, but didn't expect it to come from a colmunist from the Seattle-PI (or maybe I did). You can catch his wonderful article here where he calls Karl Rove a Nazi by comparing him to Joseph Goebbels (hat tip: Jim Geraghty). That's right - if you point out a political opponent's own words you're a Nazi. Got that! Right, so you know what we're dealing with from the start.

Because this is the most widely used insult against W. and Rove and their supports I thought I would give Mr. Shapley a word of encouragement:

Mr. Shapley,
You certainly have made your point. Karl Rove = Joseph Goebbels. You do realize the Pajamahadeen feeds off this stuff, don't you? I mean, being "digital brown shirts" and all we love it when you compare our leader, Darth Rove, to a Nazi. Keep 'em coming 'cause you'll only give us more reason to mock you - that is what we live for. Oh, and putting puppies in blenders too. Don't forget to put that one in there. Oh yeah, and eating babies on stage. That'll really teach Republicans.

And I included this sound bite (hocked from LGF)

Apparently, Mr. Shapley thought I wanted to have a converstation with him. I don't know why - I was offering him some great ideas to include in his article. I mean, if you're going to call people Nazis you might as well make sure you include their feeding habbits, right?

Have the courage to tell me your name and then we'll talk.

Mr. Shapley was calling me an idiot, you see. But if he wanted to feed the monster machine I was happy to feast:

Mr. Shapley,
Like I would trust people who compare their political rivals to Nazis with my name. I know you already think I'm an idiot, but you don't have to be so blatant about it. By the way, I wasn't looking for a conversation - just offering encouragement. Keep it up! I'm hungry.

And being the classy paid columnist that he is he called me out:

So, you're a chickenshit?

Now, just so you know, I have written a few emails to PI columnists in the past, always using my real name and an email addresss that clearly paints my name. However, in Mr. Shapley's case, no friggin' way would I put a name in the hands of this hack. So, I replied with another smarta** comment, 'cause I was still a little unsatisfied with his reaction:

I'm sensing a re-occuring theme, here. Chicken***t, chickenhawk - I
even like the SeaChickens.

Again, the brilliant creativity of Mr. Shapley was at its best:

All I hear is "Cluck, cluck, cluck."

There you have it. If you don't agree with them you're a nazi, and if you don't tell them your name because you don't trust them with that information (due to their willingness to call people they don't agree with nazis) you're a chicken. I wonder if Mr. Shapley will ever figure out that trying to extract a name from someone is not most effective when you have already created a name for them and are willing to use it to try and extract a real name from them. Doubt it. Unfortunately for Mr. Shapley I am not as insecure with myself as he would like and will not fall for his "chicken" trick. I might, however, allow him to continue to fall for my trick. Everytime he replies he's fallen for it, again.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Oooooh, that's what it is.

I love reading Catalano. She's one of the reasons I started this joint and became a blogger, and it's GREAT to have her back after her self imposed sabatical from blogging that was to last to the election. But quite frankly, she can be on the cranky side sometimes - its one of her more endearing traits, really, I mean that. As a general rule, she's very open about what is behind her madness at any given moment, but one could always determine there was something more to it, something deeper and more constant. Now we know what that is - Candy suckage!

Who's reading EiP?

Did Kristol get the memo? Daily Recycler reports. You decided.

Golfing with the boss

I got the nod today - playing golf with a couple members of the management here in the office for the first time, including the one I report to directly. We generally get along quite well. So, here is the question: when they approached me to join them they already started making excuses for their game. Do I go Cheney on them and make them go away saying, "He mislead us! We never knew he could hit a golf ball," or do I go Bush on them and let them win, then in the next round clobber them? Oh, yeah, there are a couple of you who have played golf with me a number of times, will use my own words against me and say, "I hope you're being confident and not cocky." You know who you are - resist sending the email, because this is not a hailing of my golf game, but rather an indictment of theirs. And even after that, if you are still contemplating sending that email think about this - of the many times we've gone head to head what percentage have you been victorious, Radio Dial boy?! Oh, don't even go there! Error! Error!

And that's where things take a turn for the worse, 'cause of the many things I learned in Improv class (lets not talk about that) an inside joke isn't funny to the outsiders, of which there are many, many more of in the audience.

(bowing, leaving the stage).

My penance

Earlier today I attempted to explain it wasn't detrimental to this sites readership numbers that I did not pay attention and write a dissertation on the VP debates. Well, Dude Man's paternal guardian made clear they had my back, but perhaps some penance wouldn't hurt. He suggested maybe a summary of others' debate analysis. Good idea, but I'm going to go another direction for reparations.

Today, oil hit an all time high, but the market still gained 62+ points. Investors took kindly to the VP debate outcome - Cheney's clear victory. The Market usually reacts well to the strength of an incumbent administration and the likelihood of its re-inauguration in January - it certainly does not like change. Now, some moderate economists will try to make the argument the market is reacting well today because investors are now confident whoever wins in November there will be no great changes. I would not touch that argument with a 10-foot pole. Why? Because the focus was on the VP candidates last night, one being trial lawyer John Edwards. If you don't think there are any mortal economic enemies more at war with each other than investors and trial lawyers you're fooling yourself. So today, the investors made it clear, despite the rise in oil prices, which could ultimately cause some inflation, they were satisfied Edwards was put in his place last night.

Oh, the President's speech this morning didn't hurt, either. Actually, it probably had more to do with the market's gains today than I'm giving it credit.

I can't believe this isn't getting more attention from the MSM

Joking! I almost forgot to mention something about the draft bill being soundly defeat. Blogs for Bush cover it soundly.

Global-and-Elsewhere Test Demos to take place

In what Kerry Campaign spokesman Joe Lockhart calls an important demonstration of " what exactly the h*ll" Kerry was refering to during his debate with George W. Bush last Thursday and his additional comments that it is "not just in the globe, but elsewhere", the DNC took the dramatic step of creating a live demonstration of how this test would be administered.

Tucked deep into the mountainous region of an unspecified western state, satellites were trucked in to create "the friendliest environment to communicate with those elsewhere". Said Lockhart, "What you're going to be witnessing tonight is the lenghts in which this candidate, John Kerry, is willing to go to be President. And if that means going beyond the Milky Way, then that's what it means."

Shortly after 8pm a Seti users group was introduced who planned on carrying out the initial "contact" with the presumed "elsewhere". "Sure, we've never actually made conclusive contact with other living beings, but tonight COULD be the night", said one member of the group. Quickly, Lockhart added, "This isn't meant to demonstrate that we can make contact elsewhere, it is meant to demonstrate that we are willing to reach out as far as we can before going to war for a mistake. George Bush never even attempted what we are tonight, and he has the full resources of the federal government. John Kerry will never go to war without exhausting all possible avenues of peaceful negotiations. He was in Vietnam, you know."

It was speculated by the GOP the only reason this ridiculous and phony demonstration was organized was to pander to the newest and most widely used voter segment tag in this years election - the "George Noory Dads and Moms".

Note: The above picture is originally used here by the Seattle-PI.

I'm goin' down to the Pacific Ring of Fire

First quakes in California, then Volcanoes in Washington State and Mexico, now more quakes in Japan? We must have really pissed the Pacific Ring of Fire off. Quick, somebody apologize.

"Volcano may puff away for weeks, even years "

Oh, that's it! I can't take it anymore. The coverage on this Mt. St. Helens crap is getting extremely painful. It may go on for YEARS now? Ugh.


Did not watching and then covering the VP debate sink my blogareer? It seems the only 2 people who did NOT have something to say about last night's debate are myself and Dude Man, and my guess is he had a good excuse - something like, "I'm six and I have better things to do, like play chess." Well, that is a good excuse, because I'm sure Dude Man already knew what the outcome of the debate was going to be... at least in the eyes of the blogosphere where just about everyone is pointing out that the only 2 who think Edwards won are Spoons and a blogger who's name dare not be spoken or his site linked to here (oh, and it looks like Spoons has found some playmates).

It probably was a mistake not to watch the debate and then give a reaction, if you're talking about traffic. BUT if you're going to be doing this blogging simply for traffic, then you're in the wrong, uh, hobby. Yes, setting goals for traffice numbers is fun and finding interesting and new ways to attract traffic can be a productive experience, but lets face it.

Paul gave some great stats from a previous debate between Clinton and 41. I can attest to you because if you read the transcript from Thursday you would have clearly believed W. had cleaned up, but that wasn't the case.

... more later.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

FHype 9/11 Review cliff notes

  • Exquisitely shot! Great film stock and transfer!
  • Roughly edited - could have been fine tuned quite a bit
  • I would have done things different to create a more dramatic effect. That is this film's secret strength and greatest attribute - the creators did not fall into the same trap as MM.
  • The critics will go after Dick Morris for the most part by branding him disgruntled.
  • Zell Miller will be receiving a letter from PETA based on his comments regarding his run in with some copperheads.
  • Ann Coulter should star in MORE motion pictures - either docs or fictionall.
  • There was no pulling punches in when suggesting MM had cooperated with known terrorist groups.
  • The most damning bit for Michael Moore was the testimony from a soldier who had been featured in F9/11 - not a real happy camper w/MM.
  • A number of emotional spots during interviews with family(ies) of soldier who were killed in combat.
  • Quite a bit of rememberance of 9/11.
  • All in all, a must see, if for no other reason, to give those exploited by MM a forum to air their grievences.


Previously recorded blogging

So, tonight is the VP debate, but I'm not going to be live blogging the event. I'm not even going to be watching it. Instead, I had promised you a review of FahrenHYPE 9/11. You are going to get something a step farther - I'll blog it while watching it. So, if you are looking for live blogging of the debate there are a million blogs to choose from, but I suggest ASV's Michele guest blogging at the Command Post with others - that is where some of the more colorful commentary should be.

5:30 (PST): Check back in about 15 minutes...

5:36: Wait a second... what am I doing? This is insanity! I'd be giving the whole thing away. I'm an idiot. Look for review, tomorrow. I'm definitely a technical guy when it comes films so don't look for too many spoilers. I almost ruined it for you. I apologize.

UPDATE: See, this is why I didn't have to watch the VP debate - Allah rounded everyone else up.

Open a Swiss bank account...

Why not? Yasser did. And I followed the link to Aljazeera and there it is, right at the top of the page.

"No wonder we keep getting our ***** kicked."

Read all the way to the bottom of this post from Pajama Been Bloggin'!

Priceless quote from an admitted democrat newspaper employee.

FHype 9/11 update

1 for 2, so that means you'll be getting a review tomorrow (or maybe even tonight).

Teresa Roll

I just received this in the mail, so you might have seen it already.

"You say you're a what? Just keep smiling. I've overcome the Swifties - I can over come this."

Get 'em started early

Rick Brady already initiated his son into the club. I wonder if the lefties will call this child abuse?

Equal opportunity bashing: Brit "Conservatives" play like dissenting Democrats

I definitely do not agree with Tony Blair and his party on many, many, many... okay MOST issues, but I sure don't appreciate the Tories, British Conservative party, at the moment for what their strategy is going to be:

"In the run-up to the war, Tony Blair did not tell the truth. He did not give a truthful account of the intelligence he received. He did not behave as a British prime minister should,"

Where have we heard this before? Just as much as the Democratic party deserves reckoning for their disingenuous attacks so too do the Tories, today.

High Expectations

Ah ha - you think I'm going to write about tonight's Vice Presidential debate, and how I expect one of the two to whip on the other one. Well, you're wrong (still, I do expect Cheney to play with Pony boy like a cat does a half dead mouse). Instead, it is October 5, the release date of FahrenHYPE 9/11 and I'm expecting it in the mail today, considering I ordered it from 2 separate distributors. If in fact the mailman delivers you should expect to see a review here tomorrow.

UPDATE: btw, Moore says he was offered the Rathergate memos but refused them.

I'm losing my mind! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

Yeah, this is going to get some play time around the blogosphere today.

Just for the record, if I'd already received my absentee my mind would have been lost. As is so happens, I'm just in the process of losing it.

Next topic, please.

MORE: That is, Michelle (w/ two "l") has more...

And the Presidency goes to...

It's basically the conclusion I came to a couple minutes after the debate was over, but it's still relevant, nonetheless:

Kerry actually did win the debate, before he lost it!

...Democratic pundits right now are behaving like A’s and Giants fans who were ecstatic that their teams won yesterday even though they had already been eliminated from the playoffs.

Uh, yep.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Now is not the time...

... to get complacent. That's for dang sure! We're just getting started and I'm not talking about the long term, either.

UPDATE: N.Z. Bear has some thoughts about it. He's right and you know it.

Quick, somebody register her!

Sure, they may be memorializing her today, but somebody better get down to the Los Angeles County Courthouse and make sure she's not registering tomorrow.

Zombie Cartooning

Update: I had the actual cartoon up, but the image host is having some issues with it for some reason. Anyway, here is the actual link to the Bill Hobbs post.

Gay Beer (my words, not theirs)

Appeal to 20-somethings? What the heck are they talking about? I'm 20-something and this doesn't appeal to me in the least bit:

Anheuser-Busch trumpeted itself as the first major brewer to infuse beer with caffeine, ginseng and guarana, the latter a caffeine-bearing herb used in a popular Brazilian soft drink.

Wow - they trumpeted themselves about their new gay-beer. Too bad their trumpeting didn't do their stocks any good.

Anheuser-Busch shares fell 28 cents to close at $50.20 on Monday on the New York Stock Exchange.

Back to the drawing board, AB. I have a suggestion - maybe start by making a beer that actually taste like beer and not water. Just sayin' s'all.

Changing of the Guard

Today, in this post, I directed you to Froggy Ruminations' post here, where he rails against the usual suspects on OUR side; Bill Kristol, George Will, Robert Novak, etc. He did not hold back from the beginning:

All we have to represent us in the MSM are a bunch of gutless, pansy pundits that are so concerned with being liked by liberals, that they are stabbing the President in the back.

I did not see that much of Kristol's appearance from Sunday, but I saw enough to see in his face a desparation. DESPARATE for what?! Are these people so scared about John Kerry's "performance" from Thursday they did not pay attention to what was actually said? Robert Novak wrote today:

By 10:30 p.m. Thursday, the mood had changed abruptly. It was Republicans across the country who were depressed and panicky.

Memo to Novak: Get a f****** clue! You're old! Just because you have this depressed and panicky feeling doesn't mean the rest of us do. In fact, the only thing depressing us is that you still have a column to spew your nonsense from. You are irrlevant to those of us who have more than 20 years of life expectancy left. You think the game hasn't evolved, that the same rules applied to 4 years ago still apply today. Sorry, but there's a new team in town and we're just getting really comfortable in our PJs and slippers. You want to be relevant? Don't leave you computer - check what is being said online by the Pajamahadeen. That's where the real momentum is. It's not virtual or simulated - there's no dancing around the debate. No, instead, there is a serious disceting of ideas, mixed in with brilliant humor. We don't want you speaking for us, anymore. We don't want your cynical, arrogant, experienced going-through-the-motions commentary being used in the manner Froggy mentiond: "Even (fill in the blank) says that Bush looked like a retarded monkey."

Hey Novak, round up your buds, Kristol, Will and anyone else who you might have spoken to that had the same inclination you did and take a nice long vacation. Let some fresh, relevant, optimistic and realistic blood take your talking-head positions and see what they can do. You're just in the way. I have warned the dissenting Democrats to get out of the way of Victory in Iraq and the larger WoT or be demolished in November. Now I'm warning you all - get out of the way of Victory in November or you will be remembered as the types on the right who typically caved and gave life to a dead campaign, AGAIN.

Brilliant: TitaniKerry

Yep, it's official - the blogosphere kicked the MSM's bum in covering the election.

Exhibit A: TitaniKerry, by Hugh Hewitt producer Duane

Then Powerline points out that John Kerry is "phoning home".

First announced Nobel's go to locals!

Who would have thought that you could remember 10,000 separate odors? Anybody who's been to Pioneer Square, recently, that's who!

Sweet! Symposium Excerpts

Hugh's bud over at AmericanDigest created "The Symposium: One theme, many voices", a roundup of excerpts from Hugh's symposium admission call.

Desperate times call for desperate actions

Rats get really ugly when they are cornered.

Just for the record, even though I am a "digital brownshirt" I certainly am not a Nazi. But, I am a Rovetrooper!

This week's Featured Items

It's time to have a turnover on the sidebar and present to you this week's Featured items.

First, our Spotlight on Freedom Fighters will be: Froggy Ruminations; I mean with today's latest post, Punk A** Pundits, how could you NOT like him?

Next, we have our Featured Artist(s) of the week: Sevara Nazarkhan, of Uzbekistan. That first song on her Yol Bossin album is haunting. I purchased it from iTunes last night. Here is here offical site.

And last (and probably least) Feature Film of the Week: Memento. Nuff said.

You don't say? Saddam had ties to terrorists AND WMD's?

I'm shocked! Powerline brought this to our attention and they were tipped off by Laurie Mylroie. It is sad that we have to try and convince people of this, not that they are going to let the facts get in the way.

Why they are so frickin' pissed

On the way into the office this morning we (my assistant and I) were listening to a local radio talk show when a soldier, who is shipping out to Iraq in the next 24-hours, called in to repudiate a previous caller. He spoke about how he had given up an $80,000 a year engineering gig to join the military to defend this nation against our enemies. He was willing to put his own self in harms way to protect our freedoms and values and made it clear he knew what he was doing. Then it just hit me like an Australian road train! This is why the burned out red diaper babies are so pissed! They ARE still fighting Vietnam. They ARE still trying to take down the "establishment" and weaken the American defenses because they DO believe we are an evil empire. And how were they going to weaken the American defenses? Sure, they opposed and continue to oppose weapons programs, and they oppose any kind of just action taken by an administration whose priority is America's benefit and not passing a "global test", but their real strategy was to win in the hearts and minds of Americans, especially the elligible, able and patriotic young man who could serve this country in the most critical position possible. They wanted to, and still do, use Vietnam to try and plant fear and shame into those who might be thinking about serving in the military. They want us to think doing whatever it takes to defend our nation is a source of shame and injustice. They want that young man thinking about joining the military to think he could be a "baby killer" just like the "monsters" in Vietnam.

But they lost! And they are losing, big time. When they hear about soldiers as the one referenced at the beginning of this post they go nuts. It is more evidence they are not in the mainstream and they have lost the last battles of Vietnam. They've been so snooty for 30+ years, patting themselves on the back because "they did a good job" and changed the world. They defeated the arrogant American empire, hahaha.

Now they know they lost Vietnam and they are seething. I suppose that's why they nominated John Kerry - he is a folk hero to them. He's just another part of their reminicsing of the "good ol' days" when America was the bad guys. That's why the LOVE the fact the world is apparently upset with us.

I've got news for you, a*****, you LOST Vietnam. The young ones understand the struggle and shove your crap aside. You can kiss our royal American a**es. As I have warned in the past, get out of the way of victory or be demolished in November!

Sunday, October 03, 2004

So he took notes to the debate with him.

Yeah, by now, if you've come to this site you already know about this.

So now the question becomes WHAT was on the notes? Well, you've come to the right place 'cause I found out:
  1. Do you believe you could do a better job than President Bush in preventing another 9/11-type terrorist attack on the United States?
  2. New question, Mr. President, two minutes.
    Do you believe the election of Senator Kerry on November the 2nd would increase the chances of the U.S. being hit by another 9/11-type terrorist attack?
  3. New question, two minutes, Senator Kerry.
    “Colossal misjudgments.” What colossal misjudgments, in your opinion, has President Bush made in these areas?
  4. New question, Mr. President. Two minutes.
    What about Senator Kerry‘s point, the comparison he drew between the priorities of going after Osama bin Laden and going after Saddam Hussein?
  5. We‘ll come back to Iraq in a moment. But I want to come back to where I began, on homeland security. This is a two-minute new question, Senator Kerry.
    As president, what would you do, specifically, in addition to or differently to increase the homeland security of the United States than what President Bush is doing?
  6. New question, Mr. President. Two minutes.
    What criteria would you use to determine when to start bringing U.S. troops home from Iraq?
  7. All right, new question. Two minutes, Senator Kerry.
    Speaking of Vietnam, you spoke to Congress in 1971, after you came back from Vietnam, and you said, quote, “How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?”
    Are Americans now dying in Iraq for a mistake?
  8. New question, Mr. President, two minutes. You have said there was a, quote, “miscalculation,” of what the conditions would be in post-war Iraq. What was the miscalculation, and how did it happen?
  9. New question. Senator Kerry, two minutes. You just—you‘ve repeatedly accused President Bush—not here tonight, but elsewhere before—of not telling the truth about Iraq, essentially of lying to the American people about Iraq. Give us some examples of what you consider to be his not telling the truth.
  10. New question, Mr. President. Two minutes.
    Has the war in Iraq been worth the cost of American lives, 1,052 as of today?
  11. Speaking of your plan, new question, Senator Kerry. Two minutes.
    Can you give us specifics, in terms of a scenario, time lines, et cetera, for ending major U.S. military involvement in Iraq?
  12. Mr. President, new question. Two minutes. Does the Iraq experience make it more likely or less likely that you would take the United States into another preemptive military action?
  13. New question. Two minutes, Senator Kerry.
    What is your position on the whole concept of preemptive war?
  14. New question, Mr. President. Do you believe that diplomacy and sanctions can resolve the nuclear problems with North Korea and Iran? Take them in any order you would like.
  15. New question, two minutes. Senator Kerry, you mentioned Darfur, the Darfur region of Sudan. Fifty thousand people have already died in that area. More than a million are
    homeless. And it‘s been labeled an act of ongoing genocide. Yet neither
    one of you or anyone else connected with your campaigns or your
    administration that I can find has discussed the possibility of sending in
    troops. Why not?
  16. New question, President Bush. Clearly, as we have heard, major policy differences between the two of you. Are there also underlying character issues that you believe, that you believe are serious enough to deny Senator Kerry the job as commander in chief of the United States?
  17. New question, two minutes, Senator Kerry.
    If you are elected president, what will you take to that office thinking is the single most serious threat to the national security to the United States?
  18. All right. Mr. President, this is the last question. And two minutes. It‘s a new subject—new question, and it has to do with President Putin and Russia. Did you misjudge him or are you—do you feel that what he is doing in the name of antiterrorism by changing some democratic processes is OK?

There you have it - you heard it here first.

UPDATE: One of Reynolds readers came up with his best guess on what was on the notes:

10 Best Guesses as to what Kerry pulled out of his pocket.

10. Good luck note from Dan Rather.
9. Original Killian memo--on WordPerfect!
8. Directions to Cambodian Christmas party.
7. John Edwards' billable hours on campaign trail.
6. Appointment slip for next Botox treatment.
5. French to English dictionary.
4. Lucky CIA hat!
3. Commitment papers for Theresa.
2. Leaves of Grass.
1.One way ticket to Boston!!!!

Who's it gonna be this year?

So the Nobels will begin their awards announcement tomorrow with the physiology and medicine winners, but I don't care. I'm waiting to see who gets it the Nobel Peace Prize. Considering past winners like this guy and this guy my assumption is the winner will be this guy. Why not?

John Kerry: A candidate for EVERYONE

The troopers over at A Better Future (sweet blog name, btw) found this audio clip from Radio Blogger.

Why is that whatever Jack said is relevant today?

Our featured Freedom Fighter of the week, the Evangelical Outpost, has an excellent post that starts with a relevant quote from none other than C.S. Lewis. That guy is always speaking from the grave to me. I can read anything from Lewis at any given time and it continue to be relevant to me - it's almost as if he had divine inspiration, or something.