Friday, May 06, 2005

Looks like Christine's been driving around with leaded gasoline

Jim Miller took a brave step today and attended a rally being held in honor of a bunch of some really crazy environmental mumbo-jumbo. But here's the kicker:
Our governor, having just signed a bill that will raise gas taxes by nine cents a gallon, thinks that gas prices are too high.
What Jim forgot to conclude is that Christine thinks gas prices are too high because it doesn't give the state legislature enough wiggle room to RAISE TAXES more than the 9.5-cents they just did.

But dang, it gets even worse for Christine. Looks like the signing of those bills today were all for NOT.

Sometimes you (and by you I mean I) have to learn the hard way

Don't snicker... don't do it. I finally switched to Firefox.

Hey, stop it!

Canada WHO?

From now on, if I ever see a headline that indicates some opinion or idea by a Canadian I'm going to skip over it. Why? I know this is going to be old news to many of you, but Canada doesn't matter? How do I know? Because Canada doesn't even think Canada matters. How do I know that?

In my line of work, during certain parts of the year, I get out of the office on a daily basis and head down to one of the very large piers sticking out into Elliot Bay here in the Puget Sound. Today, low and behold, there at the end of the pier are three Canadian Navy ships tied up. And guess what - I just drove right by them, right next to them, in a white van. No extra security. No one standing guard. No Guns. Nothing. Nope, instead, it looked like some poofters just standing around waiting for, well, nothing really.

I know, it's Canada, but don't you think if they were at least pretending to be some sort of military they'd at the very least have a butch dike standing there looking mean?

I'd feel more comfortable with Ireland's Navy backing us any day.

That's ALL I have to do? Blog?

Okay, so can some please explain to me if the TTLB Ranking System has any clout with the 'sphere (I'm hoping it does, btw)?

Why do I ask, you ask.

This blog has been fairly dormant for a few months (more than 3, I think) and I checked EiP's TTLB Rank yesterday and it was #791. Today? #272.

So all I have to do is throw up a couple of lazy-a** posts and I jump over 500 spots? Granted, back in the day, I cracked the top 100 a few times. Still, I'm blown away.

Anyone want to shed some light on this? Is anyone there? Hello?

More reason to hate education nazis

Yeah, that's right. You heard me - EDUCATION N-A-Z-I-S.

I can see the school's point... BUT GIVE ME A FIGGIN' BREAK! The boy was talking to his mother who was SERVING IN IRAQ. Talk about a power trip.

On a related note, it's been ages since I've linked to Cutie-Pie.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Okay, 3rd time's a charm...

Powerline's Hindrocket (John, now, I guess) notes there is something going on in Somalia. He doesn't say what's on his mind, but I think we can discern he's hinting towards OBL. Does that mean they've been having civilized conversations with ol' two-tone? Interesting, isn't it?

Just sayin's'all.


I know what you're trying but you are some serious dumb mofos. Come and get it, dips***s!

Gaydar (UPDATED)

Warning: Clicking on this link may cause you to catch the gay.

UPDATE! UPDATE! Apparently gettin the gay helps you catch f***ing terrorists. Who would have thought?

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Does anyone come by that isn't from google?

Jeremy is blogging about nothing. When you are blogging about nothing and you actually write about nothing you know you have a problem. Roger and company started the new PJ Media venture, but I'm thinking if there are anymore out there blogging about nothing because they feel lost if they are not blogging then maybe a good venture would be "blogging rehab". I have experience - as you may notice I've almost completely weaned myself of this blogging gig.

Yet, today, I feel the need to join Jeremy and blog about nothing.

Loews Cineplex announced they will begin publishing actual start times for the features. That's quite interesting, don't you think? Just this last Saturday I took the EiP Babe to see Kung Fu Hustle and we noticed the lights dimmed and the pre-feature crap began 8 minutes before the time published at Fandango AND at the ticket counter. It was kind of exciting. However, it threw a few late comers for a loop. A bunch of people normally accustomed to using the trailers as their safety net for a late arrival were a little dismayed to find themselves 5-minutes into the film. Ha! Ha!

I hope this becomes a trend.

See, now wasn't that an exciting post?