Saturday, October 23, 2004

"Kerry Stops in Texas Without Knowing It"

The above title is the actual healine of this story. It's not as bad as it sounds - any out of towner wouldn't have known either. Actually, the interesting part of the story is the following:
But their waitress and the police keeping watch outside the restaurant said it is in Anthony, Texas, not Anthony, N.M. An officer pointed to the Brown Derby Pub just up the street and said the line runs right through it.

He explained that many years ago, the pub had a dance floor on the New Mexico side, and the bar on the Texas side because the state's more lenient alcohol laws then allowed 18-year-olds to drink.

Now THAT is true bipartisanship.

More "Ring of Fire"

Seriously, somebody needs to apologize for whatever it did to upset the "Ring of Fire".

Baghdad Larry or Commical Lawrence

MORE: Here, here, here, here and don't forget here.



Now THIS is what I'm talking about. She takes up the fight against terror on her own and snatched one up. Here is a little tidbit about the one she caught (and scarry, really) - I went to high school with Mr. Anderson (who knows, maybe he took the red pill). I did not know him well at all, but when his picture was flashed on the news I recognized him immediately.

Funny thing, I have an fairly direct connection with this SECURITY MOM, too (more here and here).

Heros just doing their part in the war on terror. What are YOU doing? Yeah, I don't know what to do, either. Well, except for casting my vote for Bush, baby!

UPDATE: Quite a contrasting example over at Cutie Pie's place. Dang - which one would you prefer - the ladies referenced above or the whiny burden Kerry is trying to exploit?

Another one BITES the dust!

We're closing in fast, Zarqawi.
The U.S. military has arrested a "senior leader" in the network run by Jordanian terror mastermind Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, along with five others during overnight raids in the insurgent stronghold of Fallujah, officials said Saturday.

I cannot wait for the day when you become a martyr.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Let's play a game...

It's called, "Can you count how many times Lawrence O'Donnell calls John O'Neill a 'truth teller?"

It can't be put any better than what a commenter at The Daily Recycler had to say:

Somebody ignored his doctor's advice about mixing medications and alcohol.....

(via: Michelle Malkin)

UPDATE: It's the best I could do on short notice...

UPDATE: I've change the title from "Jakob" to "John". It would have been done last night, but I was running out of precious sleep time.
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HOT!!! STOLEN HONOR for FREE, now!!!!

Apparently, the producers have released Stolen Honor for FREE online, now. I LOVE THE INTERNET!!!

I implore you - go grab your liberal neighbors, brothers, sisters, whomever is in your vicinity and you are on speaking terms with, bring them to your computer (setup chairs, 'cause it's 45 minutes long) and click here.

I paid the $4.99 a few days ago to watch it and it's definitely worth it. So now you have NO excuses for not watching it, punk.

"Summa da time, summa you make-ah me mad as herr!"

No, that was not Kim Jong Il in Team America. That is a direct quote from my Vietnamese biology teacher in high school. She went off on a diatribe about how she had to miss the pep assembly and chaperone those who did not want to go to the pep assembly to the cafeteria so they could study instead.

That, however, is not what one of Al-Sistani's top aides had to say about "herr", according to Mohammad at Iraq the Model. Seems the clerics in Iraq are taking this democracy thing serious:

Today, Ahmed Al Safi, a senior aide of Ayatollah Sistani announced (link in Arabic) that “Those who don’t participate in the elections will end up in hell” and he added in his speech “we must bear the responsibility and we must all participate in the elections because it’s a patriotic duty and not doing so is like treason”

Why is it these muslim clerics seem to get it and about 50% of the eligible Americans choose not to? That's right, punk! You CHOOSE not to vote. I certainly do not assert we should go the route of other nations and impose a fine on those who do not vote, but I think you should choose to GET IT, PUNK! You choose not to educate yourself and make an informed decision. At least those who are part of the World's newest democracy GET IT - that means our soldiers' bloodshed is not in vain. As for you, punka** mofo, get a clue.

Kerry's plan to WIN THE PEACE

Yesterday, in Minnesota, John Kerry was introduced to a waiting crowd by the widow of Christopher Reeve, Dana Reeve. But that's not where their association ends. In an exclusive story from EiP comes the details of John Kerry's dramatic plan (Secret word! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!) to win the peace in the Middle East and reduce terrorism to a nuisance.

We sat down with the grieving Mrs. Reeve and John Kerry in the spacious, chilly mansion the Reeves shared with their children. Dana was unable to speak most of the time, but the Senator was there to take command of the situation and spell out in great detail the secret plan the two had devised together - the plan that will bring the World together and create an atmosphere of joy and cooperation amongst long time enemies.

"Two words," said Kerry. "Stem cells. Stem cells are our only hope. They will transform our foreign policy forever."

Kerry contends that once all bans on stem cell research have been released it will only be a matter of weeks before cures for cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes and even starvation will have been discovered. This technology and knowledge would then be exported to all nations of the world through a United Nations program, ensuring the interest of the third world nations.

"This isn't JUST a plan", Kerry said, "this is the answer the World has been waiting for, maybe for everything, and it's been right under our noses all along." He argues the only reason the quagmire in Iraq continues is the President's stubbornness and refusal to lift the ban on embryonic stem cell research. When we confronted the Senator with the fact there is no ban on the research, but simply a limit of Federal funding for such programs the Senator replied, "The Federal government not funding a program is essentially a ban. I believe that precedent was set decades ago in the former Soviet Republics."

It was clear both Kerry and Mrs. Reeve were excited about this plan. This was the missing link to end all wars and misunderstanding between Warring nations forever. However, it seemed their reasons for joy were completely separate. Mrs. Reeve's excitement seemed to stem from the possibility the efforts of her husband could ultimately lead to the elusive "World Peace." Yet Kerry took another, more nuanced approach. "Do you know what this mean? It means I really do have a plan now. Something that I can tout in front of crowds and adoring journalists. Soon, I will win this election... Oh, and end war forever, too."

As we were leaving the two to themselves they were sitting down to a dinner prepared by Reeve. It seemed the two were a match made in Heaven - one with commendable ideals and the other with self-interests. It was a match Kerry was happy to nurture and parade for our cameras.

Said Mrs. Reeve, "To Chris." "To Chris," repeated the Senator. "And to Teresa," she continued. "Yeah, whatever. Been there. Done that," mumbled Kerry.

UPDATE: Wizbang commenters are on the story!

Yeah, but, he didn't ask for the endorsement

Dr. Shackleford discovered a document where terrorists are praising... John Kerry? Is this Apocalypse Redux? What more could you ask for? You're hailed as a hero in a Communist Vietnamese war museum, you get the endorsements of dictators around the world and now you win the praise of terrorists the world over, showing you CAN bring everyone together. The only thing left is winning the election, doing whatever it takes... Power to the people!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

2 'Hawks and then some...

... put themselves on the line. Hmm... How many points do those whom have these players on their fantasy teams get? Really, I don't give much credence to this kind of stuff, but it's nice to see these individuals comfortable enough with themselves to take a stand that can cause a backlash of sorts.

The Rebel Alliance has gained strength!

UPDATE: Uh oh, looks like the Empire has some competition. Wizbang has the details - EVERYBODY WANTS TO RURE DA WOO'D.


You might have heard the audio by now, but have you seen the video? The Daily Recycler brings it to us:


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Bush is SCREWED!!!

The newest attack ad against President Bush is set to doom his re-election:


(via: Frank "sellout" J.)

You don't want to say stoooooopid things or...

I might just do this to you....
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IT'S ENDLESS, JIMMY! Everytime you open your mouth with items like you did here, I will do my best to work the pshop magic - and I WILL get better.

UPDATE: Powerline has a dissertation on Jhimmi's stupid remarks. And don't forget to take a look at "The Patriot".

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Greyhawk witnessed the mess from Baghdad.

Hooks for terrorists!

Are you a jihadi? Have you lost your hands to an apparent land-mine in Afghanistan? Then come to Great Britain and we'll fix you up nicely! All that is required of you is issue directives to your followers to murder Brits and other westerners wherever they may be. We'll even pick you up and transport you to the hosptial for your appointments.

They don't call us GREAT Britain, for nothing!

Cheers, Mate!

I'm just a lowly peanut fammah...

You might have heard about Jimmah Ca'tah's latest admission. The American Revolution was pretty much a waste. You can read about it here and here. No wonder he was President - he sure had OUR best interests in mind. Gawd, you idiots of the '70s - what the (bleep) were you thinking?

UPDATE: Kevin @ Wizbang snatched an interview with a REAL patriot - John O'Neill.

$600 billion less in revenue and spending through the roof

That's what an internal Senate report obtained by Humen Events says about John Kerry's proposed policies.

Do you want to see a scary number? $3.5 Trillion (that's 3,500,000,000,000) increase in Federal spending.

Human Events has the report up here (.pdf).

UPDATE: I asked EiP's DC Source about this report obtained by Human Events Online. DCS tells me reports like these occur from time to time, but rarely are they as politically powerful and convincing as this one - especially during the final days of a presidential campaign.

It was also emphasized that one of the very important things about the leaked report is that it was created by the Budget Committee whose main sources for analysis and estimates were the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT). Both the CBO and the JCT are official estimators for spending and revenues for Congress - in other words, both Republicans and Democrats in Congress use their numbers.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Conservatives' month at the Theater

Wow! What a couple of weekends this is going to be. First, this last weekend marked the opening of Team America: World Police. Now, Celsius 41.11 just annouced a wide release starting THIS weekend and it's playing here in Seattle! Sweet!

I just sent my copy of FahrenHYPE 9/11 home with my parents, so I'll need a fix by Saturday. It was quenched a bit when I viewed Stolen Honor online this evening for $4.99 (and you can watch it multiple times).

I've been practicing

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Live blogging my VOTE!!!

In what may be a first (cannot confirm it) I am going to live blog my Election 2004 Vote, starting... now.

5:17.54 (PST): First up, STATE MEASURES...I-872: NO; I - 884: NO; I - 892: YES; RM - 55: APPROVED; I - 297: NO (key words: allow for "citize lawsuits")

5:23.48 (Yes, I take my time to vote): FEDERAL... President & Vice President: (R) George W. Bush/Dick Cheney (oh that felt sooooooo good - read it and weep, moonbats); U.S. Senate: (R) George R. Nethercutt, Jr.

Skipping congressional for the moment...

5:26.32: STATE... Governor: (R) Dino Rossi...

And that's where the public show will end...

5:33.42: I have finished the remainder of my ballot, placed it in the secrecy envelope, then the mailing envelope, signed and sealed! It will be post marked and put in the mail in the morning!

What a relief!

Fortune for the schizophrenic in your life

I took my girlfriend out to Thai for lunch today and this was the fortune in her cookie:

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I guess those fortune writers want to include everyone, including the schizophrenics. Unfortunately, this one found the wrong person. I think this is whom it was meant for.

(ht for link: Right Thoughts)

Very interesting

Yep. Said it here.

I have come to the conclusion that the one thing the Memogate fiasco and lack of a Dan Rather firing/forced retirement has shown us is that the nightly news for the big networks is an even bigger loss-leader than we previously thought. With the cheap capabilities of bloggers and the web it's only going to be a bigger loss-leader and will eventually become abandoned.

This sounds fun...

N.Z. Bear has put out the call to the "Justice Blogs of America". Sometimes my brain gets hurty from doing all this thinking.

So here is my offering...

My ficticious hero is Gordon Shumway, more widely known as ALF. With quotes like this, how could he not be:

Willie: Some people are so blinded by the thirst for money, that it causes them to lose their values, and do things they shouldn't do.
ALF: Well, that explains Ghostbusters II.

So, what does ALF have to say about his support for President Bush?

Alf here, Ha! No, seriously, I'd like to talk to you from the bottom of my 8th stomach about why I support President Bush's re-election bid. I've lived over 250 years, longer than the entire span of your nation's existence. I've seen many things in my lifetime, mostly in a separate solar system, but that is besides the point.

On today's Earth we face a much different threat - terrorism - than we did 18 years ago - being over run by cats because of social adversion in America to eating them. That's why I'm standing as tall as I can beside the President. My home, planet Melmac, has been a strong ally of the President's offensive plan to combat this terror threat. Why you might ask?

Do you remember the first debate between the two candidates? John Kerry mumbled something about a "global test" the United States would have to pass in order to take militaristic action. Then when he was asked to to explain his comment by a journalist ***cough, cough***... hairball, sorry... when he was asked to explain it he responded by saying, " I can do a better job of protecting America's security because the test that I was talking about was a test of legitimacy, not just in the globe, but elsewhere."

Ladies and gentlemen of the United States, I have seen that "elsewhere" test. How do you think I ended up here? If the "global test" is anything like the "elsewhere" test cats will be covering your neighborhood like a house of a 72 year old, never married woman in Detroit. And worse, the terrorists will be here, too.

I say NO to cats, unless they are in the oven, and NO to an "elsewhere" test. Vote Melmacian - Vote for BUSH! HA!

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More Irony...

Last night I commented about Algore's launching of an attack on the President's faith. I noted that it is a telling sign regarding how the campaigns see this election playing out, as far as voter turn out is concerned and where Kerry is really lacking. Today, David Limbaugh rips apart that coordinated attack, focusing on Ron Suskind's bloody attempt to belittle the President in the NY Times.
And Suskind tells of a conversation he had in 2002 with longtime Bush adviser Mark McKinnon. McKinnon reportedly told Suskind he wasn't worried about "intellectuals" who think Bush is "an idiot," because there are more people in fly-over country who do like him and "don't like you" -- meaning the elitist types.

From this, Suskind surmised, "In this instance the final 'you,' of course, meant the entire reality-based community." Can you see the sneering condescension in Suskind's suggestion that middle Americans do not belong to the "reality-based community".

Pathetic, really. Obviously, Mr. Suskind is operating in an alternate-based community, but of course, to be siding with John Kerry, it's a pre-requisite.

I'll let you read Limbaugh for yourself, but I want to highlight what is a brilliantly articulated section of the last paragraph:
What's clear is that secularists like Suskind don't believe that strong, committed Christians are well suited for governance. It's also clear they don't worry about John Kerry in this regard, which speaks volumes about their assessment of the sincerity of Kerry's professions of faith.

By going after Bush's faith and not worrying about John Kerry's faith they Democrat faithful are virtually exposing the phoniness of John Kerry. Advantage Bush! On to victory!

Some quickies!

First, I just received a note from the guys over at indicating the site has been generating some traffic for the Truth for Troops site. For all of you who have clicked on the banners in the sidebar a hearty thank you to you. And for those of you who have proceeded with contributing to the cause, congratulations for understanding the importance of the effort!

Second, you might have heard Washington State Republican headquarters had been broken into a few weeks ago: This must have been what they found. (if you don't know the background some DNC operatives had been offering crack to some individuals who were registering people, and they also have a "pre-emptive" strategy to accuse Republicans of disenfranchisement).

We've been here before

Greyhawk sends dispatch via the Blogger Express from the Wild, Wild East.

Just spend three minutes with...

If you have any question about what he's made of, just spend three minutes with the stylists who served with him in the green rooms and wait by his side now. They'll tell you, "John Edwards does his own hair."

Irony of all ironies

How long is it going to be before CARE and MoveOn.orgy and Michael Moore and Al Gore blame President Bush for this kidnapping? I'm sure if I looked hard enough it's already out there.

Monday, October 18, 2004

When "W" comes around

Charles over at LGF posted this tonight and I suspect it will makes its way around the blogosphere tomorrow. Even if 1,000,000 bloggers post it I'll be proud to be 1,000,0001.

The Johnny Cash album the soundtrack comes from is in my car's CD changer. I loved the song already, but now it is just that much sweeter.

Kerry sends out the "troops"

Image Hosted by

For some reason, the Democrats think Al Gore is sane, or at least they think you think he is sane. Unfortunately, once he opens his mouth things happen to come out of it:

"The essential cruelty of Bush's game is that he takes an astonishingly selfish and greedy collection of economic and political proposals and then cloaks them with a phony moral authority, thus misleading many Americans ... who have a deep and genuine desire to do good in the world,"
Hmm... I'm not a psychologist, but this looks like the kettle calling the pot black.

"I'm convinced that most of the president's frequent departures from fact-based analysis have much more to do with right-wing political and economic ideology than with the Bible,"
In recent days the Kerry campaign and their Democrat allies have done their best to highlight John Kerry's phony faith. Now, they're trying to belittle the President's faith. What does it mean? Kerry is tanking - BIG TIME, as Hugh would say - and the internal polls are showing that a LARGE portion of the 4 million evangelicals who skipped the last election are turning out on Nov 2 (and before, in early voting and absentee). This emphasis on "religion" and faith the Democrats have focused on in the last week is a telling sign. It started during the VP debate and then in the 3rd Presidential debate, when Kerry decided to make a point that Dick Cheney's daughter was a lesbian. There was only one reason for it and that was to hurt the President's support amongst Christians. I am heartened to see this focus because is does fortell who they are expecting to come to the polls. As well, it shows a shift in the black vote, who are extermely social conservative. Kerry is in trouble and the actions of both campaigns are showing it.

UPDATE 11/19: This morning, Hindrocket has some thoughts about Gore's speech yesterday, too. I did not cover it from the angle he does because someone else was going to. Hindrocket is correct - the speech was absolutely incoherent. But what was said is not the point - it's why he made the comments, and that is the reason I took the route I did. Hindrocket covers my back by getting down to the nitty gritty.

MORE: Told you so. Check out what headline was originally and then how they came about the real story.


Mike Wilson, creator of Michael Moore Hates America, announced last week that his home town is getting a wide release of the film. He's got a new trailer up and it is the best one yet.

More Compassionate Liberals

The Animal Liberation intellectual morons are continuing to promote violence and terror against their sworn enemies: Researchers who, generally, are trying to help humanity. But in this article from Daniel J. Flynn we get what is tantamount to the most racist thing you will ever hear and it's coming from the founder of this disgusting movement:

"Should one break in and free the animals?" Professor Singer asked in Animal Liberation. "That is illegal, but the obligation to obey the law is not absolute. It was justifiably broken by those who helped runaway slaves in the American South."

You see, he's trying to use the example of enslavement of blacks (and whites, Chinese, etc.) as a justification for their violent tactics. But while doing so he equating slaves with animals. Tsk, tsk, Mr. Singer. Oh sure, you might say he's just making an "analogy". Hmmm.... I wonder what Mr. Singer would say when asked. I'll bet you he thinks the same way these people, do.

That's interesting...

Large shipments of materials were transported from Iraq to Syria in the days leading up to the war? You don't say. This is the first I've heard of that, Mr. Duelfer.

I wonder if any of these "materials" had the following words stamped on them:

Fabrique en France
Gemacht in Deutschland
сделанный в России

What's the "December Surprise" going to be?

President Bush is taking the gloves off and calling a spade a spade in this article.

Yet, the most disturbing part of the article is yet another reference by the Kerry campaign to a "surprise". First, it was October surprise (Unveiling Osama from the deep freezers in Texax). Then it was the November surprise (stealing elections, you know, again). Now, they have the January surprise (taking away social security from all the helpless senior citizens; and I'm sure my grandparents will fall for it). So, my question is, what is the December surprise? Did they forget a month, or do surprises take December off because it's so hectic and all with Christmas coming up?

This is the best they can come up with? Surprises?

I am taking submissions as to what the December surprise is going to be (as well as February, March, April, etc.).

My December Surprise: President Bush will issue an arrest warrant for Saint Nicolaus (aka, Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Pere Noel) - Not because Santa had done anything wrong, but because President Bush hates children and wants the children of the World to suffer.

Send your admissions to: pajamahadeen -at-

Waiting for the punchline

I really could careless about this article Drudge linked to except for hoping to some kind of response to it from TH-Kerry. Oh, that would be soooo sweet!

Sunday, October 17, 2004

More blatant hypocracy

Hindrocket brings us more of Kerry's sermon notes, and then spells it out VERY simply that if President Bush was to "preach" at a church that church would be in trouble. At my place of worship they take that responsibility seriously and follow the laws to remain tax exempt. This church where Kerry was today should face the same consequences... but it won't.

It's a NEW beginning

And Alan gave a great speech on how blogs, as well as the internet in general, have played a role in that new beginning. This is most telling:

How fast are we?

...When Edwards was selected as the Vice Presidential nominee, our first post was up at 7:43 a.m., citing a red banner on Then at 7:54 a.m. I posted, from my hotel room, that NPR had made the announcement official, and sent out a breaking news alert, one which preceded the CNN breaking news alert by almost three hours.

And here’s the kicker … we weren’t even first. The story had first broken overnight on an aviation enthusiast web site, where one of the authors had noticed the Kerry campaign jet at Pittsburgh International now read “Kerry/Edwards” … a great example of the law of the flow AND the law of the fast...

Nothing is sacred (so to speak) anymore. The "flow" of information is not restricted and any aware citizen can break the story on his/her blog or website. My guess is that part of the speech was the most frightening to the establishment media. Was it because these guys knew before the media? I doubt it. It is more likely a number of journalists had the information and were waiting to announce it as requested by the campaign. What is frightening to these people is they NO LONGER can control information. They know their power lies in their ability to decide WHEN and/or IF that information is distributed. Not anymore.

UPDATE: And now Reynolds just decided to show what the next level of blogging is going to be. Yeah, it's not going to be too long before the networks abandon their news divisions.

MORE: Jeff Jarvis sees the future right around the corner, too. (via Reyonolds, of course)

Another reason I believe in "peace through superior fire power"

I first brought you word of an organization who decided to send their "apology" and "forgive us" photos to Iraqis late, late Friday night (early Saturday morning). Now Tim Blair took a deeper look into these people and found something very disturbing: The most miserable looking group of people I have ever seen. I think the prisoners at Abu Ghraib looked less miserable than these people. But why? In my original post I was aiming to explain exactly that.

These people are NOT sorry for the war. They are NOT sorry about our governments' (yes, that's multilateral) decision to use military force to change the regime in Iraq. And these people are NOT saddened by the death and destruction that was caused by 1000 lb bombs. What the signs in these pictures are really saying is they are sorry they have not yet been able to hand over our nation to communism. That they have failed, so far, to bring capitalism to its knees in America and "expose it for the fraud it is". They are not apologizing to the Iraqi people, they are apologizing to Marx and Mao for not delivering the United States from its binds of personal liberty and convinced the majority that the common good is more important than the individual sovereignty of a human being.

If there are any "Iraqis" they are apologizing to it is to the remnants of the Baathist party, to those sitting in jails cells, Saddam Hussein and his most responsible advisors and military leaders. It is to the Iranian insurgents who have even now turned on their one time ally in the rebellion against the new Iraqi government. Just change the signs to say, "We're apologize to you Workers of the World Party members that we have failed to bring our nation under its true destiny of socialism." Then you will start to fully understand why these people look so miserable. If you had chosen to dedicate yourself to the propagation of communism wouldn't you be miserable, too?

I'm not worried this will have much of an effect in Iraq, except for maybe some laughs. Remember this sign: Go home human shields you U.S. wankers! Sorry, wankers, but you LOST!

UPDATE: Greyhawk has some thoughts and some classic photoshops of Les Mis types. A MUST SEE!!!

UPDATE II: I've decided to get in on the action, myself.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Hey, I'm new to this photoshopping, so I'm concentrating more on the technical aspects than the cleaverness of the photoshop, itself.

MORE: Hey, this is getting kinda fun...

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

UPDATE: Wizbang is getting into it, too!

And Sean Gleason bangs 'em out.

MORE: Okay, this just about wraps up the whole idiocy of these circus freaks.

Hard times for JFK

You know that U.N. body John Kerry loves so much? Well, seems they don't care for him that much. In fact, they are putting partial responsibility of 50 deaths in Haiti on him. Michelle Malkin has the details.

I'm not sure things could get much worse for John Kerry's foreign policy promises. Both France and Germany have flat out said they will not supply troops for Iraq and when Germany's stance had been attempted to be spun Germany reiterated its position. (let me make it clear, however, that I do not hope for Germany's and France's stubborness to continue so it hurts Kerry; I prefer them to stay out of the situation since they have made it clear they are NOT our allies. Whatever help they may offer the cause must be viewed with skepticism.)