Monday, October 18, 2004

More Compassionate Liberals

The Animal Liberation intellectual morons are continuing to promote violence and terror against their sworn enemies: Researchers who, generally, are trying to help humanity. But in this article from Daniel J. Flynn we get what is tantamount to the most racist thing you will ever hear and it's coming from the founder of this disgusting movement:

"Should one break in and free the animals?" Professor Singer asked in Animal Liberation. "That is illegal, but the obligation to obey the law is not absolute. It was justifiably broken by those who helped runaway slaves in the American South."

You see, he's trying to use the example of enslavement of blacks (and whites, Chinese, etc.) as a justification for their violent tactics. But while doing so he equating slaves with animals. Tsk, tsk, Mr. Singer. Oh sure, you might say he's just making an "analogy". Hmmm.... I wonder what Mr. Singer would say when asked. I'll bet you he thinks the same way these people, do.