Sunday, October 17, 2004

Another reason I believe in "peace through superior fire power"

I first brought you word of an organization who decided to send their "apology" and "forgive us" photos to Iraqis late, late Friday night (early Saturday morning). Now Tim Blair took a deeper look into these people and found something very disturbing: The most miserable looking group of people I have ever seen. I think the prisoners at Abu Ghraib looked less miserable than these people. But why? In my original post I was aiming to explain exactly that.

These people are NOT sorry for the war. They are NOT sorry about our governments' (yes, that's multilateral) decision to use military force to change the regime in Iraq. And these people are NOT saddened by the death and destruction that was caused by 1000 lb bombs. What the signs in these pictures are really saying is they are sorry they have not yet been able to hand over our nation to communism. That they have failed, so far, to bring capitalism to its knees in America and "expose it for the fraud it is". They are not apologizing to the Iraqi people, they are apologizing to Marx and Mao for not delivering the United States from its binds of personal liberty and convinced the majority that the common good is more important than the individual sovereignty of a human being.

If there are any "Iraqis" they are apologizing to it is to the remnants of the Baathist party, to those sitting in jails cells, Saddam Hussein and his most responsible advisors and military leaders. It is to the Iranian insurgents who have even now turned on their one time ally in the rebellion against the new Iraqi government. Just change the signs to say, "We're apologize to you Workers of the World Party members that we have failed to bring our nation under its true destiny of socialism." Then you will start to fully understand why these people look so miserable. If you had chosen to dedicate yourself to the propagation of communism wouldn't you be miserable, too?

I'm not worried this will have much of an effect in Iraq, except for maybe some laughs. Remember this sign: Go home human shields you U.S. wankers! Sorry, wankers, but you LOST!

UPDATE: Greyhawk has some thoughts and some classic photoshops of Les Mis types. A MUST SEE!!!

UPDATE II: I've decided to get in on the action, myself.

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Hey, I'm new to this photoshopping, so I'm concentrating more on the technical aspects than the cleaverness of the photoshop, itself.

MORE: Hey, this is getting kinda fun...

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