Tuesday, October 19, 2004

More Irony...

Last night I commented about Algore's launching of an attack on the President's faith. I noted that it is a telling sign regarding how the campaigns see this election playing out, as far as voter turn out is concerned and where Kerry is really lacking. Today, David Limbaugh rips apart that coordinated attack, focusing on Ron Suskind's bloody attempt to belittle the President in the NY Times.
And Suskind tells of a conversation he had in 2002 with longtime Bush adviser Mark McKinnon. McKinnon reportedly told Suskind he wasn't worried about "intellectuals" who think Bush is "an idiot," because there are more people in fly-over country who do like him and "don't like you" -- meaning the elitist types.

From this, Suskind surmised, "In this instance the final 'you,' of course, meant the entire reality-based community." Can you see the sneering condescension in Suskind's suggestion that middle Americans do not belong to the "reality-based community".

Pathetic, really. Obviously, Mr. Suskind is operating in an alternate-based community, but of course, to be siding with John Kerry, it's a pre-requisite.

I'll let you read Limbaugh for yourself, but I want to highlight what is a brilliantly articulated section of the last paragraph:
What's clear is that secularists like Suskind don't believe that strong, committed Christians are well suited for governance. It's also clear they don't worry about John Kerry in this regard, which speaks volumes about their assessment of the sincerity of Kerry's professions of faith.

By going after Bush's faith and not worrying about John Kerry's faith they Democrat faithful are virtually exposing the phoniness of John Kerry. Advantage Bush! On to victory!