Friday, October 22, 2004

"Summa da time, summa you make-ah me mad as herr!"

No, that was not Kim Jong Il in Team America. That is a direct quote from my Vietnamese biology teacher in high school. She went off on a diatribe about how she had to miss the pep assembly and chaperone those who did not want to go to the pep assembly to the cafeteria so they could study instead.

That, however, is not what one of Al-Sistani's top aides had to say about "herr", according to Mohammad at Iraq the Model. Seems the clerics in Iraq are taking this democracy thing serious:

Today, Ahmed Al Safi, a senior aide of Ayatollah Sistani announced (link in Arabic) that “Those who don’t participate in the elections will end up in hell” and he added in his speech “we must bear the responsibility and we must all participate in the elections because it’s a patriotic duty and not doing so is like treason”

Why is it these muslim clerics seem to get it and about 50% of the eligible Americans choose not to? That's right, punk! You CHOOSE not to vote. I certainly do not assert we should go the route of other nations and impose a fine on those who do not vote, but I think you should choose to GET IT, PUNK! You choose not to educate yourself and make an informed decision. At least those who are part of the World's newest democracy GET IT - that means our soldiers' bloodshed is not in vain. As for you, punka** mofo, get a clue.