Saturday, November 20, 2004

Can you say, "Stockholm Syndrome"?

If you had not yet heard, the "Polish" woman who was being held hostage by "insurgents" in Iraq had been released.
She said she had been "well treated" during her three weeks in captivity.

"I was held in a small, very clean room, newly-painted. I was well fed, and I was given plenty of water and toiletries," she told reporters.
Maybe it's because she was already sympathetic to their cause.
Mrs Borcz Khalifa has lived in Iraq for 30 years and is married to an Iraqi.

Another sign of the Times

I do believe blogs have raced to the forefront of importance in sourcing information. The Seattle Times Sports section is calling for applications to join their blogging of the University of Washington basketball season:
Are you a fan of the men's basketball team? Are you hungry for more of Nate Robinson's dunks? And can you write?

If so, you may be a candidate to be a player on our blog team. The pay sucks (none), but the fame and envy you'll receive from your friends will be well worth your time.

Yeah, what else is new?

Friday, November 19, 2004

So much for that argument

Well, looks like Saddam set up the "insurgency". I guess that means he had ties to terrorists, uh, you know, guys like al-Zarqawi and others.
Officials said the Sunni insurgency was being directed from Syria. They said Saddam loyalists were receiving funding and orders from senior aides of the former Saddam regime based in Damascus, including ex-Vice President Izzet Ibrahim Al DouriYa don't say?

Darn, and we thought they were being directed from Paris. Speaking of things in Syria, I'd say these facts lend themselves to strengthening the theory some stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons were transported to Syria.
"The battle for Fallujah has become the test for Saddam loyalists," an Iraqi official said.
On a curve grading scale, I'd say the Saddam loyalists scored a big fat "F" on this test.

Not fit enough to lick the soles of their boots

Frank J. has some very special letters that were cc'd to Michael Moore. Go read.

Insurgency Of The Heart: A Healing Journey

I don't watch Oprah, but maybe I should start with guests like this. I'm wondering if his book was co-authored by Dr. Phil.

(via: Dr. Shackleford)

Thursday, November 18, 2004

To rid of Michael Moore?

Reynolds and Daniel Casey are making tongue-in-cheek comments asserting that Hardee's new Monster Thickburger is Karl Rove's genius evil plan to rid the planet and the GOP of its biggest nightmare. LOL, guys. Do you really expect us to think this is some sort of Republican conspiracy to get rid of Michael Moore? Right - as if Rove and company want to see their biggest base motivator to die early. He's still got F911 1/2 to make.

No, you know WHO is behind this one.

UPDATE: Speaking of genius evil plans, Glenn has just walked right into mine. That's right - I am here to shed light on the truth about his motivations. Why you might ask? For THIS! Bwahahahahaha...

So it's not JibJab...



Terrorism task force arrest 10 in Seattle for "immigration plot"!!!!

UPDATE: Apparently a number of those arrested are being charged with bank fraud. What was their motive for deposting bad checks?
The informant at times wore a wire to tape conversations with Assalaam. In one such conversation, Assalaam said he was raising funds not only for personal gain, but because, "You can't go to war broke." He said his "whole Muslim crew," was involved in the scheme.
Yeah, war.

John Edwards soon to be employed????

You might have heard recently that John Kerry hasn't shut the door on running again in 2008. Yes, we can all laugh, but I'm certain John Kerry is quite serious about it. However, he obviously realizes to have any sort of success he must neutralize his biggest obstacle - the Swifties. Yet, how might he go about doing so and "clearing his name"? Threats, of course. Threats to sue. Look what Page 6 at the NY Post started talking about:
Now, "the Kerry camp is thinking about filing a libel lawsuit against Regnery and O'Neill," a source close to the candidate's inner circle tells PAGE SIX. "I don't know if they will actually go forward, but consideration is serious. If Kerry plans on running again in 2008 — and I'm hearing he will — it would make sense that he'd file the suit."
Tah dah! Let these threats leak and if they don't work what do you do? Let the lawyers write really nasty letters filled with double talk and no substance.

So, who do you hire to do this? Maybe a certain former Senator from the great state of North Carolina - one John Edwards? Could it be? Would it be? Is he itchin' to do it?

HECK NO!!! John Edwards wants to be President. He's not going to help John Kerry's chances to win the nomination, again. Nor would he let himself get wrapped up in Kerry's web of chaos a second time - (Gollum voice) it's too risky. Remember this paragraph from Newsweek:
"[Edwards' aides] warned the veep candidate that the story was already out of control and about to get worse. Historian Douglas Brinkley, author of a wartime biography of Kerry, cautioned that Kerry's diary included mention of a meeting with some North Vietnamese terrorists in Paris. Edwards was flabbergasted. "Let me get this straight," the senator said. "He met with terrorists? Oh, that's good."
No, I think RadioBlogger nailed it on the head the Thursday following the election on who should be the most nervous people in America. Sucks to be them.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Quote of the day (and it is early)

"The problem... isn't that people eat fish. It's that they don't eat enough of it."

If PETA plans on protesting at seafood restaurants here in Seattle this holiday season I VOW to go to one of those restaurants, order some fish and eat it in front of them, enjoying EVERY little savoury bit of it. Anyone wanna take bets on whether they try to physically intimidate people?

UPDATE: I've got things all wrong. PETA just gained a whole lotta credibility with me. Why, you ask? Because Anna Nicole Smith is a spokesdummie for them. Yeah, THAT Anna Nicole Smith.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I'm so ronry

A few posts down Chrenkoff brought to our attention some happenings in North Korea. The NYT release an article in regards to the missing photos, but of course there is no conclusion. What is this the beginning of?


Okay, you might have heard about what Dick Cheney is packing. Now imagine if this would happen to him - we'd have an international incident on our hands.

Keep 'em coming

"The Americans have opened the gates of hell," Abdullah Janabi said Monday in Fallujah, a city U.S. commanders have said they control after a week of often fierce fighting. "The battle of Fallujah is the beginning of other battles."
You got that right, brotha'!

We are not fighting Iraqis in Fallujah or Mosul or anywhere else in Iraq for that matter - we are fighting those loyal to the Mullahs, whether they are from Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan or Lebanon. If they want to continue sending their people into Iraq to fight I say the more the merrier! BRING. IT. ON!

Animal Nazis

PETA has just made it personal!

The Fish Empathy Project?????
"Fish are so misunderstood because they're so far removed from our daily lives," said Karin Robertson, 24, the Empathy Project manager and daughter of an Indiana fisheries biologist. "They're such interesting, fascinating individuals, yet they're so incredibly abused."
Oh, I didn't know they had such great personalities. I know they taste great, but now I have another reason to enjoy EATING FISH - they are fascinating individuals.

In all seriousness, these people are dangerous. This kind of thinking is very unhealthy to the human race and on top of that these are the sorts of people who will burn down buildings to get their way.

Kevin Sites alternate ending

You have no doubt heard about the video that allegedly caught a Marine shooting a terrorist thug worthless piece of garbage "unarmed insurgent" in Fallujah. Yeah, whatever. For the record, let me make it very clear that not only do I think the Marine should not be charged with any sort of crime, but I believe he did the right thing. Now Kevin Sites and his cohorts at NBC want to make this into a "war crime" of course (they have not made that claim openly - I am making it for them since they are too pussy to do it), but that's because they are seditious. Let me offer an alternate ending:

Saturday November 13, 2004

FALLUJAH, Iraq - Today, in the war torn Iraqi city of Fallujah, a news organization's video camera and tape were recovered in what appeared to be a bloody scene inside a holy shrine of the peaceful religion of Islam. Both the cameraman and the report with him, Kevin Sites, were found dead near the recovered equipment.

What was on that tape suggests the camera crew had followed a group of Marines into a mosque that had been attacked and decimated a day earlier. Once inside they witness a gruesome sight of dead insurgents, bodies laying on the floor and against the walls.

At one point the Marines noticed what they thought was one of the bodies moving and breathing.

"He's (expletive) faking he's dead!"

"Yeah, he's breathing," another Marine is heard saying.

"He's faking he's (expletive) dead!" the first Marine says.

But there was some confusion as what to do.

"What should we do?"

"I don't know. Should we shoot him?"

"Beats me. He seems harmless enough."

"Yeah, I'll bet later on we can all sit down with him, have a beer and laugh over this whole thing."

The other Marines laughing agreed, but thought maybe they should check in with their command. While they were on the radio, the insurgent who was apparently still alive was able to pull out a couple grenades from under his clothing and pull their pins.

We at NBC are deeply disturbed by this clear lack of decision making on the part of the Marines and the consequences it has reaped. We have contacted Central Command for an explanation on why there is such incompetence within the ranks of the Marines. NBC does not take the loss of one of it's reporters lightly and we pledge to make sure whoever is responsible for providing proper training gets a nasty letter.

UPDATE: Rick Brady's got an interesting email from a Marine Vet (who happens to be the father of his wife) addressing this very issue.

North Korea power struggle?

Chrenkoff has some very, very interesting information regarding a possible power struggle in North Korea:
"As Japanese envoys tried to persuade the North Koreans last week to rejoin multinational talks, Mr Kim's absence from the scene led to speculation a debilitating power struggle might have paralysed the ruling group."
Well, Kim himself predicted it: "Comrades, these things come in threes."

Environmental Nazis

It's time to move out of Seattle. This may make some of you disgusted, but I never use recycle bins - they are a waste of time, energy and money, not to mention the harm mandatory compliance of this sort of nonsense by the government causes.

If at first you don't succeed...

... try, try, try, try, try, try, try again. Considering I have ZERO experience or even interest in pageant series I have no idea if this is very common, but you've got to hand it to her. THAT is determination. Especially since last year was supposed to be her FINAL attempt - guess she wanted the record.

Battle of the Award Shows

Well, looks like the VIBE awards couldn't let Anna Nicole Smith's American Music Award appearance out do their shindig.
A fight broke out near the stage at the Vibe awards ceremony as rapper Snoop Dogg and producer Quincy Jones were preparing to honor Dr. Dre., and one person was stabbed...
I happened to see video of this goodness this morning. Snoop Dog looked like a scared little kid watching from the stage. He was looking hard for his bodyguards.
Witness Frank Williams told KCAL-TV that Dr. Dre was involved in the brawl.
Take THAT, Anna Nicole!
"It's really important that we don't take a negative incident like this and do away with the awards," Suge Knight told reporters.
Uh, like anyone was going to watch in the first place. OBVIOUSLY, they ratings for the show will end up at least triple what they would have been prior to this. That's why they are publicizing it. Duh.

Monday, November 15, 2004

(Knock, knock, knock) Who is it?

... House cleaning.
The CIA's Deputy Director for Operations Stephen Kappes and his immediate deputy, Michael Sulick, told colleagues at a morning meeting that they are leaving the agency. It's unclear if they elected to depart or were asked to step down.
I'm guessing the latter, but who cares? BRING IN THE PANTS, THANK YOU SIR!
"It is very fair to say there is tremendous turmoil in the middle ranks of the clandestine service today," said Vince Cannistraro, former CIA counterterrorism chief. "There may be eight people pushed out."

Oh, poor babies. Y'all screwed up big time, not to mention a whole bunch of Clinton hold-over skirts.
To others, Goss' aides are employing a brusque management style that is alienating career officials ...

I wish they would try this management style in the public schools. Imagine the improvement.
A former senior intelligence official credited Kappes with being "principally responsible" for the operation that resulted in Libya's decision to get rid of its weapons of mass destruction.
LOL! Yeah, it had little to do with the show of force and resolve the President had in Afghanistan and Iraq. I'm sure there was some maneuvering by the CIA, but to say "principally responsible"? Again, people, I don't like being called an idiot indirectly.
Cannistraro said there is concern within the agency that Vice President Cheney is ordering changes to avenge leaks to the media indicating there was no connection between former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida.
Leaks? How 'bout LIES? Seriously, if there is still anyone out there who thinks there were no connections between Saddam Hussein's regime and al=Qaida and terrorists in general you should up your prescription doses. For anyone at the CIA to continue to push this nonsense is pathetic and an obvious attempt to undermine the current administration. Vengeance? No. A much needed shake-up at the CIA? You better frickin' believe it! If they did not have a single shred of evidence (which of course, they did) of the connection change is a must.

Fallujah is PWN3D (for the nerds out there)!

Remember that bridge (warning: graphic photos in link) in Fallujah used to string up the bodies of murdered American contractors?

Paybacks are a female dog. (via LGF)

When the name, er, fits...

I don't know why I'm going to link to this and don't even ask. It may or may not be safe for work. You decide.

Is that your .45, Mr. Vice President?

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Is the Vietnam "conflict" finally over?

I'm not in any position to make the definitive assessment, but it was always my opinion the Swifties had the opportunity to end "major combat operations" with this election. Seems a Vietnam Vet seems to think Vietnam is over.


Now that's poetry!